Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 ~ Thunder on a Sunny Day

We called our party Samurai, but actually we’re specialized in long range combat.

Our party consists of a Magic Swordsman specialized with spells, a warrior wielding both bow and sword, a shrine priest who can use [Recovery Magic] and attack magic, a bonafide magician and a [Devil Eye] user who can use attack magic and [Summoning Magic].

Even though there is plenty of firepower, our party is still unbalanced. For the time being, I’d planned to the use Golem to tank during battle. Normally both Sati and myself will act as the vanguard. But, in times of need we can still rely on byakko san.

During our vacation, we were discussing about our next plans. Ellie insisted for us to hunt the Demons as fast as possible. Then I argued saying that it’ll do us best to familiarize ourselves with the surroundings first.

In this case, Ann will be the one who gives the final decision.

Sati always agrees with my opinion and naturally Tilika will be fine with whatever Sati has decided. If we’re going for majority rule, then getting both of them at my side will lead me to a situation where my opinion will always succeed.

I think both Tilika and Sati are really expressing their opinions. But since they will always agree with me, their vote is not considered. That’s why the only vote that will be counted are Ellie’s, mine and Angela.

“If it’s about ‘firepower’, then we have enough, albeit all if it is magic spells. It’s better to raise the level and learn new skills.”

“Then isn’t it fine to level up around this area? We have Ann and Tilika who are unfamiliar with combat here, it won’t hurt to progress carefully.” pg. 55

“Here is totally different compared to our earning from the Demons. Plus, our surplus money has decreased a lot during our wedding.”

“Life is more important than money.”

“Demons really are scary. For the time being let’s do it nearby here.”

Ann’s last words gave a conclusion to our argument.

Even if she agreed to hunt the Demon, there’s no way one will appear this early on the day.

Currently, both me and Sati are still C rank, Elizabeth is B rank and both Angela and Tilika is E rank until they made an achievement as an adventurer. Although we have a B rank in our party, we’ve yet to produce any result. According to Sergeant dono evaluation, our party is equivalent to C rank.

Actually, if we mapped all our party members’ ability and considered it as a team, then it’s not surprising that our party is C rank. Ellie however, is shocked since she is aiming to become S rank. It took me everything I had to calm her down. If you asked me, then I’ll absolutely be fine with this since I hate to be needlessly conspicuous.

Ellie finally decided to let go of her Space Magic level 5. Her skill list right now is like this:

Elizabeth Level 15 0P

Magic Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 2 Magical Power Enhancement level 4
MP Recovery level 4 MP Usage Reduction level 2 Recovery Magic level 1
Space Magic Level 4 Fire Magic level 1 Water Magic level 1
Wind Magic level 5 Earth Magic level 2


Wind Magic

  1. Wind Bullet
  2. Wind Blades, Wind Wall
  3. Lightning, Windstorm, Flight
  4. Stronger Lightning, Destruction Gale
  5. Stormy weather, Thunderclap

Space Magic

  1. Create Item Box
  2. Short Range Transfer
  3. Long Range Transfer
  4. Unlock Team Transfer

Even though a user of [Space Magic] is rare, we can still see a few Space mages every now and then. That’s why it should be okay. However, we have reached an agreement that the usage of ‘transfer’ will be held off for now to avoid problem. Seems like if someone manages to catch wind that Ellie has mastered it till this level, then many troublesome things will happen.

Team transfer will allow us to transfer the whole party at once. In order to use it, we still need to register the destinations, just like long range transfer. As the level increases, it’s possible that the destinations limit can be increased to 4 or more. Since we can’t transfer unless we have registered the site, the only place that we can go right now is only this house.

After trying to invoke it, we found out that although possible, the burden that comes along with the ‘Item Box’ is just too immense. Surprisingly, my own Item Box is not considered.

“This is unfair!”

Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry.

But this is not my fault in the first place. Please don’t make a fuss out of it.

Seems like my ‘Item Box’ is considered as something other than [Space Magic], that’s why it doesn’t affect the transfer spell.

In the first place, ordinary ‘Item Box’ has some sort of weight limitation to it, but mine doesn’t have it. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t it already set to be unlimited form the get go? Like always, I can’t seem to grasp what God is thinking. Well, it can be awkward if somehow ‘transfer’ can’t be done because of my ‘Item Box’.

Thus, it’s decided that I’ll the one to carry everyone’s baggage. The limit for each type of item is 100, but if I were to shove everything in a box, then it will still be treated as one. This is rather convenient, since it’s kind of flexible.

Ellie will benefit lots from this too. That’s why I hope you will stop throwing tantrums soon.

I have her try [Wind Magic] level 4 and 5 too. It can be concluded that ‘Destruction Gale’ is an advanced version of ‘Windstorm’.

The destruction it brought is immense, suitable for its level.

The amount of MP used is no joke either. Just to be safe, we went to a place double the distance than the time when I was testing out Fire Magic level 5. Even so, the effect should be visible even from the town. It seems that the weather has been distorted enough to reach the town gate. I’m worried if those gatekeepers are okay.

Just like that, one week has passed since our wedding. All the equipment that I’ve ordered beforehand are completed too.

Tilika’s equipment is a leather made armor, with a magician hood. Once she put on the hood, she no longer looked like a Truth Official.

The hood looks a little off, so I asked Sati to sew an additional cat ears to it. Good, now it looks much cuter. Tilika is fine with it too, since it resembles Sati.

Then comes the day before we are leaving to the forest.

Early in the morning, I went to the guild, wondering if there is any other good quest at the moment. I went and asked the guild vice leader about it. Pg. 58

It seems that there are survivors among the Harpies that raided the town last time. They have built a nest at the northern part of the forest from the town. There is a demand to reconnoiter the place, and if possible eliminate it.

I heard that this is not going to turn into a dangerous situation, so I asked if it’s ever going to be put on request board.

As expected, they will never attack the town again, even if they wanted to. It was said that there is no sighting of them approaching the town direction at all. Still, they will turn troublesome once they have started breeding in their nest.

Harpies nests’ are usually hard to destroy by normal adventurer’s bow because they built it up high on the trees. That’s one of the factor that needs to be considered if one wants to accept the quest. As for us, we already have a specialized long range attack user here in our party.

This is a good opportunity to enact our revenge against those monsters. For our current party, we should be skillful enough to take them down. Yes, this quest is good to go.

“Oh, it states here that there are no real rewards. Why don’t you increase the subjugation rewards by double then?”

“Oi, oi. Why do you want double?”

“Oho. I heard that when they raided the town before, the subjugation rewards were doubled too.”

“That’s because it was an emergency situation.”

“Aren’t they the survivor from that time? Then the same amount of rewards should be fine.”

She might be making an unreasonable demand, but that is only because she is confident with our new party line up.

“Alright, then let’s do it this way. The reward will only be doubled if you manage to destroy the whole nest. If even one of them escapes, then you will only get normal rate subjugation rewards.”

The guild vice leader might be thinking that it’s impossible to annihilate every each of them. But it’s definitely possible for us.


It is up to us to deliver the subjugation report, but a huge fine will be imposed if we’re found guilty of handing out a false report. If by any chance the Truth Official found out about it, then I’ll get dirt poor in one-shot.

For the request this time, we can expect lots of rewards.

Ellie is totally dependable!



“How is it?”

“Umm. For now, I can’t see anything yet.”

Currently, we’re at the edge of the forest. Tilika is responsible for scouting. She is currently using Hawk to do reconnaissance.

While being wary of the surrounding, we slowly march through the narrow trail inside the forest. We already walked for half a day, so right now is about afternoon.

Regardless of Ellie who is already a veteran, Ann and Tilika are following us without uttering any complaints. It was quite uneventful this time, except for the one Orc we encountered just now. While trying to approached us, it became the prey for Ann and Tilika’s magic attack. After that I stored its body inside my Item Box. Pg. 60

Suddenly, Tilika halted and gave a stern look.

“I saw a Harpy. Hawk is in pursuit.”

“Escape once you have identified the place. We will take over from here.”

Ellie gave the command to Tilika. It’s better to let the more experienced Ellie for command. At least she is doing her job better than me.

“3 Harpies confirmed. Hawk is still faster.”

“Try not to increase your speed too much while maintaining the pursuit.

“Understood. Start guiding.”

We are ready. We went a little deeper inside the forest. Finally, we settle at the place with just enough space.

“Make Golem!” (tl note: Masaru speaking in English)

3 golems with 3-meter height each created. They will be used as a shield. Behind one of the Golem is Tilika and Sati. Behind another Golem is Ellie and Ann. The last one is placed at the rear.

“Ready? I want both Ann and Tilika to perform a sweep attack. The rest will do a follow up attack. Sati, you got it, right?”

“Yes. By targeting their wing, I’ll try to attract as much as possible.”

We need to create a situation where Ann and Tilika can easily collect experience points.

“Here it comes.”

Sati who is getting ready to shoot her bow alerts us. As usual, her range of sight is really wide.

Hawk, who is leading around the Harpies, finally reach us.

“Start chanting, Ann”

She is preparing for level 2 Ice Bullet spell. Because the chanting takes a bit of time, it is important to watch the timing and signals.


I unsheathe my sword, and make sure that my Golems are ready to intercept anytime. It is possible to make it go autopilot to some extent, but right now I think it’s better if I’m directly controlling it.

We heard a flapping sound approaching, Hawk starts to fly in low altitude from the sky and comes toward us from the narrow path of the woods. In the meantime, the Harpies showed themselves.

Hawk passed through the Golems.

Noticing us on the ground, the Harpies tried to change their trajectory towards the sky, but it’s already too late.

The inertia that was brought along during their dive can’t be stopped that easily. Their flight speed drastically dropped, and their abdomen were exposed due to them trying to change direction.

“Ice shot!”

Ann’s Ice Bullet pierced through the Harpy’s torso, and it fell down. As for Tilika, she managed to land a hit onto the fallen Harpy which was shot down by Sati.

Tilika stabbed the fallen Harpy till it stopped moving.

“It’s not dead yet.”

The Harpy that was shot down by Ann is still moving slightly, albeit dying. She won’t get any experience value if she didn’t deliver the final blow properly. This is the part where she needs to steel her heart.

Contrary to my expectation, Ann slowly marched toward the Harpy, and delivered a devastating blow using her mace at its head.

At first, I thought she will feel hesitant to kill, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Even if the opponent is a demon, one needs to kill it with all his/her might. Such is the rule of this world. While thinking about such thing, I stored the carcasses inside my ‘Item Box’.

“Our first attack went well. Especially Tilika, you’ve done a very good job.”

Ellie crouches a bit and gave Hawk who is currently on top of Tilika’s shoulder a pat. Tilika’s [Summoning Magic] is more useful than I thought.

“Still, what to do now? Seems like the nest is quite nearby.”

“Let’s do a reconnaissance again. We have to check the size of the nest.”

“This is my specialty. Just leave it to me for this one.”

It’s true that scouting by using the summoned beast is safe, but by visual alone, it’s hard to determine the enemy’s overall battle prowess.

“Please stop praising yourself. Still, I’ll leave it to you.” pg. 62

It’s just a joke to ease the tension in the battlefield!

I asked Tilika to summon out her mouse, Pani and put it on my shoulder. I’m going to use it to communicate with Tilika, since her summoned beasts are connected with her. This flexibility will help a lot during this operation.

“Be careful.”

“Um, I’m going. Sati, guard everyone, I’m counting on you.”

Of course, I can’t escape from getting scared, but I don’t want to worry them, especially Ann.

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

Although I’ve prepared Golems for them, when I’m not around, they are nothing but a scarecrow itself. Well, it can still function as a shield.

I slowly advanced towards the directions that Tilika gave me. There are no viable options left for me, except for the beast’s trails. The gap between the trees are rather wide, so there is no actual trouble for me to walk. Still, I’m making a little bit of noise. Currently, my [Stealthy Step] is level 2. Maybe I should increase it after this.

Soon after, I found the nest.

On top of the tree, something like a bird nest was built by some tree branches.

According to my [Presence Detection], there are approximately 20 Harpy inside that. The nests look like it was hardened by extra material. Plus, it is quite large. Destroying this nest will be difficult. I report the information to Tilika through the mouse.

After my report is over, the mouse jumps off my shoulder and circle around the way I came from. Time to go back, I guess.

I pick up the mouse, and return to everyone.

“The sun will set soon. All of them will return because they have a very bad night vision. At that time, we will deliver the final blow.”

“Who is going to deliver the final blow, me or Ellie?”

“Me. Your Fire Magic is dangerous deep inside this forest.”

“I think your level 5 Wind Magic is dangerous too.”

“It will be okay if I adjusted the range and firepower beforehand. Or do any of you have any better idea?”

Both Ann and Sati shake their head. I, myself  don’t have any better idea, but isn’t it reckless to use level 5 magic on them?

“It’s decided then! Time is running short, so let’s move now. It will turn troublesome once it become darker.”

Ellie looks so happy. Though I can understand her feeling. The desire to release the strongest magic you have is not that easy to suppress after all.

After returning the Golem to earth, I followed Ellie who is our vanguard. The other 3 are keeping their distance.

It will turn bad now if we are discovered by the Harpies first. Initially, I was afraid of Ellie who doesn’t have [Spy] or [Stealthy Step]. Contrary to my expectation, she did manage to walk through her way without making much noises. Maybe the skills naturally come to her through her perilous years of journey.

Like this, we can arrive at the nest safely.

“We’ve arrived. There, you can see several nests up there.”


“The center of the nest is over there. The end is over there. So, it’s from there to there.”

I explained the structure of the nest. When I looked back at Ellie, I found that she is pretending to listen to me somewhat, her face distant.

“Oi, I’m counting on you. The nests area is quite wide, but there is still possibility for us to get caught up.”

“I know already. Still, you’re right. Maybe we should get back a little.”


This girl, she seriously wants to release her spells at full power! Clearly, she is dissatisfied from having to limit her spell during our training last time.

“It’s easy to eliminate all the enemy once I’ve adjusted my spell power.  Alright, this place is good.”

There is no reason to oppose her idea or anything, just that I’m afraid of her spell’s firepower.

Ellie spread her arms upward. Just to be safe, I take out a large shield out of my Item Box.

Since her spell is basically a lightning attack, there are still possibility for it to target here since we’re near the trees. My shield was already adorned with anti-lightning treatment. Ellie’s robe too, should have a good property.

She starts chanting 【Thunderclap】, and dark clouds quickly gathered around us.

Several Harpies seem to notice the phenomenon and came out of their nests.

But the spell is already at the final stage.

Thunderclouds start appearing on top of their nests. Occasionally, lightning stripes can be seen seeping out of the clouds.

The sight of the spell activating is really something else. The magnitude of it is much different than when we tested it before. All of Ellie’s concentrated magical power is going to get released.



“Come, come. The strongest strike which shatters all, Thunder God, roar and strike the enemies from heaven! Tera Thunder!”

Right after the casting is done, our senses were flooded with blinding light and thunderous roar.

This is serious, we’re completely overwhelmed with the spell.

The spell is more powerful than I expected. My ears hurt. Only after I crouched under the shield’s shadow that I started to see slightly. I tried to check by using Presence Detection, and it seems that all the enemies have been eliminated. There is no movement from the Harpy side.


Sati approached me from behind. My ears are still ringing so I can’t hear very well. Only when I vaguely heard 【Heal】that my hearing returnd to normal. When I looked around, I saw Ellie has nearly fainted, dangling at Ann’s arm. I quickly left the shield and rushed towards Ellie’s side.

“Hehehe. How is it? That is my strongest spell…”

In her case, she only has magic power deficiency . She is smiling widely, giving a satisfied face.

“There is no doubt that your spell is strong, in fact, too strong.”

“I don’t have enough magical power. Please give me some, Masaru.”

“Yes, yes.”

But first thing first, how is the situation? I have not detected any movements of those Harpies, but we still need to check thoroughly first.

“I already scouted it beforehand. There are no survivors.”

“Agreed. As far as I can detect, there are no sign of Harpies too.”

“That is to be expected. I did put out all my magical power earlier.”

Ellie stood up supported by Ann.

“It’s not a bad thing to do your best, but next time I hope you will think about the consequences first.”

Using all her magic power like that, what if she were attacked by the surviving Harpy. This is no joke.

“Calm down. All the enemies were exterminated nicely. All’s well that ends well definition.”

Ann comes to Ellie’s defense.

“Elizabeth-sama is really amazing!”

“I’m sorry. However, I believe that it’s important to know the full extent of this spell power. I can only do it today because our opponent is not that strong. Next time I swear I will have a better control.”

I recharged Ellie’s magical power using [Miracle Light].

“This is a very convenient magic. Like this, I can shoot all my magic with confidence. Thank you, Masaru.”

“From now on make sure to control your magical power properly. It’s bad for my heart if you are to suddenly collapsed in the middle of battle like this.”

“That’s why I’m sorry. Come, let’s collect all the Harpies’ carcasses.”

It starting to get really dark. If we don’t move fast, then by the time we finish, it will already be night.

After clearing the fallen trees, both me and Ellie use ‘Levitation’ to look around the surrounding. I thought that their body will get charred, but actually they are still in good condition. Like this we can sell it with high price. Ellie’s thunder didn’t produce any fire on the trees either.

Is it because the Thunderclap is different from natural lightning strike?

“I’m opening the gate now. Everyone, please step closer.”

Ellie invoked the transfer magic and we returned home. The transfer room was already set to my room. We’re going to report it to guild tomorrow.

After that, the only thing left to do is dinner, bath and to sleep soundly.

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