Volume 4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 ~ Family

After much discussion, we decided to put Ellie’s skill upgrade on hold. In order to increase her Spatial magic to the highest level, an amount of 48P will be required. Right now, she has 65P, but she said that she is going to think it over first.

After that Tilika declares this.

“I’m going to enter Masaru’s party too.”

“How about your job?”

Ann asked Tilika. a Truth Official job’s scale is not that small that she can spend some time on adventurer quests.

“I quit.”

“You said quit, but it’s not like it’s an easy thing to do, no?”

“I just need to tell my master. Plus, he is still at this town.”

“But why so suddenly?”

I asked her. I wonder if it’s because she is envious that everyone else has become an adventurer or maybe, she just wants to find a reason to release her Summoning magic. Surely, she doesn’t want to be the one left at home while all of us went to do quests.

“Because Masaru is an apostle.”

“So, you’re going to enter my party, just because I might be an apostle, right?”

Tilika gave a nod.

“Long time ago, there used to be a Truth Official that has joined the Hero’s party.”

Together with the Hero and another party members, they went through many adventures together. However, in the end, he didn’t manage to follow the hero during their final confrontation with the Demon King.

As for the reason why he didn’t follow the hero during their final battle, nobody has the exact details. He regretted his action, so much that he passed out an unwritten law stating that once the next Hero appeared, there must be a representative from the Truth Official’s to accompany him. It is said that until now the law is still uphold.

“I’m not a hero, you know.”

“Even so, if there is a slight possibility for you to be one, it’s fine. Right, Tilika-chan?”

“It’s sufficient. If everyone knows that I’ve missed this opportunity, they will surely get mad at me.”

“Then don’t be disappointed if I remained as an apostle.”

“Don’t worry. That won’t happen.”

Later on, together with Tilika, we went and met with Tilika’s scary master.



“Master, I have a request.”

Tilika cuts to the chase as soon as we get seated.

Right now, we’re in an ordinary looking room. In fact, even this inn can be said to be on an average level. I heard that he is some kind of bigshot, so why choose this plain place?


“I want you to call off my duty as a Truth Official responsible for this town.”

“Why now?”

“Because I’m going to become an adventurer and enter Masaru’s party.”

“Why? You ‘re going to get a large amount of reparation for abandoning your job without any reasonable reasons. You should know that already, right?”

“This situation can be regarded as the 3rd clause of special notes. Accordingly, the headquarters must send replacement for me.”

What is this 3rd clause of special notes?

I got worried because Tilika suddenly became silent.

“Hoho! I see, this must be a serious thing if you mentioned 3rd clause. Are there any reasons for it?”

“I can’t say it, rather, this is not the correct time to say it yet.”

It’s not like she can’t say anything, she just chose not to.

If the question is pursued any further, then the organization known as Truth Official office will collapse due to being oversuspicious.

To order to maintain harmony within the organization, a law was passed up to avoid internal interrogation.  Pg. 41

Me too, even while talking to Ann, there are still things that I’d prefer not say.

“What should I tell the headquarters if you can’t give me the reason?”

“It’s bad to inform the headquarters about the 3rd clause. I hope that master can keep this just between us.”

“Is it because of that man?”

“I can’t say that.”

“Then are you tired with this line of work?”

“A bit. But trust me, I’m only doing this to fulfill my duty as a Truth official.”

“Fulfill your duty?”

“To some extent, yes, for now. However, if I’m proven wrong, then you can take my life when that happens.”

“…Understood. Just do whatever you want. I’m going to request replacement from headquarters. For now, I’ll act as the substitute.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“But you, over there. Just what do you have enough to make Tilika wager her life, I wonder?”

“Perhaps this is a wrong thing to do. I think that for Tilika to bet her life on something like this is an outrageous thing.”

It’s not like I’m worth that much, perhaps she is concerned about the oncoming destruction of the world.

“Tilika said that she is willing to bet her life. Can you do the same?”

“I’m willing.”

Tilika is part of my family now, betting my life is nothing.

“Fine. Officer Tilika, don’t ever forget your roots as a Truth Official. Always fulfill your duty.”

“Understood. Let’s go, Masaru.”

And that ends our conversation. Now that I think back, I forgot to ask that person’s name again.



Next is the Adventurer Guild. This time I need to report this to the guild vice leader.

“Just now, the 3rd clause that you guys were talking about, what is it?”

“The third clause is the provision when faced with the situation related to the world trend.” pg. 43

Truth Officials has a strict chain of command, that’s why there is not much leeway during their duty. When some major situation occurred, an exceptional action can be made according to the 3rd clause.

Well, her master said this won’t turn out into something big.

“Honestly, saying that appearances of an apostle will change the world trend is a bit of an overstatement.”

“That ability of yours. Why do you think God give Masaru such power?”

“That is because he wants me to test out various skills.”

God himself said so.

“Why do you need to test them first?”

So that I would be prepared when the push comes to shove, I guess.

“So that I’ll be prepared enough when the situations comes to it, is what I think God had in mind. There shouldn’t be anything else.”

It is only logical. There is no need to use the [Devil Eye] to confirm it.

“Are you trying to say that the Demon King might be resurrected, and I might be the Chosen One?”

“I don’t know. But no matter what, there is no doubt that Masaru is a Hero material. With the power you have then it’s easy for you to become one.”

I see. This argument put it into a new perspective for me.

One way or another, I think Sati will suit as a Hero more than myself.

Well, there is no reason for Sati to turn into one in the first place.

“My [Devil Eye] is useful during a journey. I’m also capable of [Summoning Magic]. I’ll protect Masaru. Besides, there is also nee-chan, Ann and Ellie. No matter what happens, it will be okay.”

“Yeah. Thank you, Tilika.”

I said that and stroked Tilika’s head.

That’s right. There’s no need for me to do everything myself. I don’t want to end this lifestyle yet, that’s why I kept silent. But maybe, maybe I should tell them everything properly, and ask for their cooperation.

This world will be destroyed after 20 years. Just a little bit more, there will be no harm if I enjoyed this kind of life for a little bit more…

We arrived at the guild and straightaway went to the vice leader’s room. He is currently free from work now.

“Oh, isn’t it Masaru and Tilika. Today is a day off. Don’t tell me, you guys went to visit just to see my face!”

The guild vice leader gave a hearty laugh.

“Today I came to tell you that I quit.”

“O-oh? Don’t tell me, you’re already expecting…?”

As usual, Tilika’s lack of explanation is a problem. But the vice leader too, why must he think of that, off all things? Just how would one get a child in a short period of time is beyond me. Plus, I’m doing it properly too, I mean the contraception.

“That’s not it. This time, Tilika will be joining my party too.”

“Fuun. It’s not like I’m not okay with it, but how about your job here?”

“Master will come to explain. He will prepare a substitute too.”

“Is that so? Then Masaru’s party is consisted of 5 people now? What is the name of your party?”

“Eh? Name…what should it be?”

I look at Tilika.

“Don’t know.”

That’s right. I’ve never thought about it before.

“Since you’re going to register you better give it some thought.”

When it was just Sati with me, I didn’t need to think about this kind of thing. But now that our party has grown, I need to decide on one.

“No matter what you must decide on one. Take care of it properly, Masaru.”

“Hmm, I’m always around in this town. You can always see me.”

“Drain has always taken care of us. Thank you.”

“It’s alright, for now. It was really serious back then. I think there shouldn’t be anyone like them anymore. Still, Masaru, be careful always. After she quits her job at the Guild, there will be no more escorts assigned to her.”

During the first time Tilika was here, she had fought against the criminal and corruption in this town with her [Devil Eye]. There were a lot of offenders back then. That was really a while back, so nowadays the counts are not as numerous as before. But that doesn’t mean that they can be relaxed yet.

“That’s alright now. We already prepared several countermeasures.”

Now that Tilika is capable of summoning beasts in addition to her magic, she is not an opponent that a mere thug can defeat. Of course, I’m not planning to leave Tilika alone at all times.

“Okay. Tell me if you need anything. I’ll try to help with the best I can.”

The next moment the vice guild leader said so, he made an exasperated voice and Tilika halted.

“W, w, wh, wha…”

The vice guild leader’s eyes were hooked on the tiger, who suddenly appeared inside this narrow office. Oh shit!

“Calm down. This is my guard. Its Name is Tiger.”

I think that it is bad if you do that without notifying others first.

“Guard? This tiger? Just where did you get it?”

“Oi, is it okay for you to show it?”

I shouted at Tilika.

“It’s alright. Drain can be trusted. Drain, don’t ever tell anyone about this.”

“O-okay. I understand. Then, is this a product of magic?”

“Yes, something like that. Usually I kept it hidden, but I can summon it at any time.”

“Oh~. He seems strong.”

“Strong and cute.”

“I agree. If he is acting as your guard, then I don’t need to be worried. But this ability…Beast Tamer? …Wrong, is it summoned?”


“Ok, it’s a secret, I understand.”

Feeling relieved, he finally let Tilika join my party.

Since then, Tilika’s master has appeared at the guild. Because he has a certain intimidation aura with him, a lot of adventurers issued many pleas asking for Tilika’s return.



There is another problem remaining. I have to speak with the Head Priest. She said that he will keep silent for now, but I just wanted to make sure.

I already told Ann yesterday that I’m going to talk to him today.

As soon as we arrived at the shrine, we were greeted by the Head Priest and was guided toward a small room. I faced the Head Priest while sitting side by side with Ann. Pg.47

“I heard you have something that you would like to say today.”

“Yes. First of all, I wanted to thank you for our wedding ceremony the other day. Thank you for lending us the shrine ground and acting as our sponsor.”

“It’s okay. Sister Angela is already like my own daughter. Besides, Masaru too has helped a lot of times at our clinic before. Just consider it that we’re even now.”

Alright now to the main point.

“It’s that thing. I think you have caught a glimpse of it from your conversation with Angela before…”

“About that matter I’ve swore to keep it towards myself. There’s no need for you to worry.”

“Yes. But I think that I should tell you all about it honestly.”

“If you’re willing to talk, then I’ll gladly listen to you.”

“Please keep it confidential, everything that you’re about to hear.”

“Of course. I’ll never spill anything.”

“I think you’re already aware that I’m an apostle.”

“Ehh, vaguely.”

“The story began when I was looking for a job…”

I repeat the story that I already told everyone.

Of course, I didn’t include the upcoming demise of this world, only up to the part where I arrived at this town.

“I see. To test the skill, is it.”

“There might be a possibility to fight against the Demon King after all. That’s why it will be troublesome if the existence of the apostle is exposed and their movement is restricted. Besides I hate being conspicuous in the first place.”

“I believe what you’re saying. I’ll never let this information out. Nevertheless, Sister Angela.”

“A, yes sir.”

“Didn’t your Healing skills suddenly improve a lot nowadays?”

As expected, this guy is so sharp, he even noticed this. If I were to tell him that she improved a lot during our time at the fortress, will he ever buy it? Nah, no way.

“I strengthen Angela magic by using my ability. I call it Divine Protection.”

“Can you give that protection to anyone else?”

“No. Things like degree of affection, those things must be a certain level first.”

“Aah. I see. So, there is something like that. Then, how about Masaru-dono’s other wives?”

“Yes. Everyone already has the Divine Protection.”

“But this ability is really wonderful. It’s not unreasonable to call it Divine Protection.”

“Can you please keep this confidential too?”

“Of course, since it is the request from the apostle himself. I’ll definitely keep it myself. Just…”

Head Priest smiling face suddenly become clouded.

“The story of the masked travelling priest has reemerged again.”


“Wasn’t there a lot of people who saw you in action at the fortress? We’ve got inquiry asking about you over here as well. Of course, the information has not been passed down unless it’s the involved personnel.”

“W-will this be alright?”

The situation was dire enough that time, that’s why I used quite a bit of Recovery Magic.

“Bishop-sama of the fort is also cooperating in keeping this secret. That’s why Masaru-dono’s name has not appeared during the investigation. Although it seems that the identities of the inquirers have not been confirmed yet…”

I’m worried if I’m going to get exposed. What if I get exposed, what should I do?

“What will you do if I get exposed?”

“It’s in our Shrine interest to not make this messier than it already is. The matter related to the apostle’s will never be exposed. However, it can be clearly seen that the people above are interested with this matter. It’s not surprising if they started investigating all the adventurers.”

If that happens, will it be alright? It’s not like I’m fine with it, but I think that there will be no problem unless the story about me being an apostle is leaked.

“There is nothing that I can do about it. As usual, I’m relying on you.” pg. 50

“But this is making me jealous. You said that you’re capable of increasing the abilities of someone you favored. What kind of skills does Sister Angela have now?”

“Higher level [Recovery Magic]. I also increased her overall magical power, and also usage of her magic power. She should have twice the amount of magical power than usual right now.”

“That’s amazing. So, this shows that the trust level between you and Sister Angela are mutual?”

“No. Only for Angela.”

“In other word, if somehow my confidence towards you increased more, then is it possible for me to gain the protection too?”


“Oh. Like this, my dream may be achievable. If that happens, then please.”

“Err, well it’s not like I can’t do it…”

There shouldn’t be any problem.

“Thank you, Masaru dono. Ah, how about we have a meal together after this?”

“No thanks. The meals are already prepared at my house.”

“Oh, please forgive me. You’re still a newlywed. I shouldn’t disturb you.”

“Sorry. If we’ve another chance, then.”

Head Priest is giving off a bright smile.

“Divine Protection, huh…then, maybe I too…fufufu…”

“Ah, with this I’m finished. Let’s go, Ann.”

“O-okay. Please excuse me, Head Priest.”

“Yes. Please come and visit whenever you’re free. You’re always welcome here.”

After we left the shrine, Ann takes a look back.

“I’ve never seen the Head Priest act like that before.”

I bet he is happy to know about the Divine Protection.



After much thought, we decided to name our party 『Samurai』. Ellie suggested the name 『Black Clothes of the Round Table』, but the opinion was dismissed since she is the only one who wears black.

“This is the name of the proud warrior of my hometown. They are the same with the knight class. Usually they’re responsible for domestic affair, but during war, they will fight till the last drop of their blood. It was said that the invaders from other nations will tremble once they heard about the Samurai.”

“Why not, since Masaru is our leader from now on.”

“That’s right. It doesn’t sound so bad too.”

“Samurai! What a nice name!”

Tilika is leaning backwards while watching us, as if everything doesn’t matter. Seriously, show some interest please.

We’ve decided on our party name. We also received all the equipment that we have ordered before. Next is some level grinding.

I’m worried for Ann and Tilika, since they have the lowest level and less skills. Plus, Ellie too, even if her level is high, her status is still too poor. To all members, strengthening is important.

Oh yeah, I’ve decided to use my surname for name, Yamano. It sounds like someone from countryside though.

They don’t originally have surname, so Ellie said that using my surname for our family name is better.

From now on our family will be known as Yamano.

Me and Sati, plus the newly added Ann, Ellie and Tilika, our journey of new life starts now.

There is no concept of honeymoon in this world. Although we’re taking a week break after our wedding, half of it was dedicated for preparations and strategy meeting for the upcoming battle. After that will be the life of hunting the bloody demons.

But everyone else seems to think that our upcoming battle is something that to be a matter of course, which I’m actually feeling thankful for. Still, I would like to consummate our newlywed’s life a little bit more, and I hope I won’t get punished for it.

That’s why tonight, I’ll ask everyone to wear their wedding dress one more time, and enjoy myself to the fullest!

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