Vol 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ~ Divine Protection, Transfer and Summoning Magic

“God, you say. Is it the truth, Tilika?”

Ellie asked Tilika. She went and asked for confirmation right away. Pg. 21

“He is not telling lies.”

“Alright. But why are you writing a diary to God and reporting it?”

“I was looking for a job. You know, over “there” exists some organization that will help you look for any job placement…”

After going to Hello Work to find a job, I was told to join the Guild in this town. Of course, I was told about the Skills too.

“Hey Masaru?”


“Last time, didn’t you always go on and on about how you’re not only a genius, but you practiced a lot too?”

“Ah, that is, you see…there is no way I can simply tell you the truth, regarding the God, right?”

I don’t know if they will make a ruckus if I simply tell them the truth right away, but I don’t doubt that they will treat me like some sort of strange person afterwards.

“I guess you’re right. Even if I were told about it before, there is no way I’ll take it seriously.”

“This is a good news for you Ellie. You can learn the skills that you want with the power of God.”

“Eh? Seriously?”

“Yea. I want to talk about it today too.”

I check the status menu. Hmm, Tilika is currently level 4. Let’s see Elizabeth one.

Actually, I already asked God before, regarding Ellie level being too low. It’s too low for an active adventurer in duty for 4 years. Unexpectedly, the answer arrived.

My experience value and the rise in status were boosted by God ‘s help. In other words, if you’re just a regular adventurer, even if you actively fight against the demon, getting into B rank after 4 years is still an accomplishment. Her status is also quite low. This is one tough world…

“I already improved Sati and Ann’s basic stats. You guys can think of it as some sort of Divine Protection.”

“For Sati, I can understand. Ann and myself, what kind of relation will enable you to ‘bless’ us?”

“You see, that thing. The love degree, or affection level. For your information, if your degree of affection towards me isn’t high enough, then it’s impossible for me to raise your ability.”

I don’t like the term loyalty level, that’s why I explained it to them in terms of feeling of love or affection level.

“Right, right. Truthfully, all of you are already eligible for Divine Protection even before our wedding ceremony. But I didn’t tell you guys yet that time to avoid confusion. I just wanted to have this talk slowly, over time.”

“Am I eligible for one?”

“Of course you are, Tilika.”

I write mine, Sati and Ann’s current skills on the paper and show it to them.

Masaru Level 21 Skill 1P

Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2
Presence Detection level 4 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Physical Reinforcement level 2 Shield level 3 Evasion level 3
Martial Art level 1 Archery level 3 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Magical Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 5
Common Magic Life Magic Recovery Magic level 5
Fire Magic level 5 Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3
Earth Magic level 4


Sati Level 24 Skill 13P

Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 3 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Mind’s Eye Physical Reinforcement level 4 Agility level 4
Evasion level 4 Shield level 2 Swordsmanship level 5
Archery level 5




Angela Level 4 Skill 2P

Cooking Level 3 Housework Level 2 Cudgel Martial Art level 1
Magical Sensing Level 1 Recovery Magic Level 4 Water Magic Level 2
Magical Power Enhancement level 2 MP Usage Reduction level 2  

I’m going to explain about the points as well as the skills.

Elizabeth has 75P left. Tilika has 20P.

“I want Space Magic!”

As expected.

“…please think carefully before making your choice. The lost point can’t be returned back.”

“How about Masaru Skill Reset?”

“That skill is exclusive for me alone. I tried it on Sati before, it didn’t work.”

“Fuun…It must be Space Magic after all, there is no other way!”

Elizabeth Level 15 Skills 75P pg. 25

Magic Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 1 Recovery Magic level 1
Space Magic Level 1 Fire Magic level 1 Water Magic level 1
Wind Magic level 4 Earth Magic level 2


I check through Elizabeth’s skills.

She is amazing. Including the Recovery magic, she is compatible with many other attributes. She already has High Speed Chanting skill too. If I were to use all 75P, then I’m sure she will turn into an outstanding wizard.

“Alright then. I’ll select that.”

For the time being, I increased her Space Magic by 2 level. From level 1 to level 2 consumed 4P, and from level 2 to level 3 consumed 6P. Overall consumption are 10P, so there are 65P left. The consumption is twice as much as the standard elemental magic. To unlock it requires 10P. increasing it to level 2 requires 4P, then 6P, 8P and 40P consecutively. Still, 40P for the highest level is still too much… Pg. 25

“Eh? Already? That’s all?”

“The how-to of the Spatial Magic should already be in your head now.”

After selecting the desired skill, the knowledge should already be inside our head.

【Spatial magic】 ① Create item box ② Short range teleportation ③ Long distance transfer

“This…this is it…”

Suddenly Elizabeth stood up and started chanting.

“Ah, oi, stop it!”

I managed to restrict Ellie on time and let her sit down.

“What’s your deal!? I’m trying to chant Teleportation just now!”

“No can do. You’ve yet to put out all the contents inside your Item Box first.”


“You might faint, you know…” pg. 26

During the teleportation, the overall mass will be considered, proportional to magic consumption. We’re lucky because this fact was told by Sergeant dono last time.

All the items inside the Item Box will be considered too. It was said that if one were to chant Teleportation while Item Box is loaded with goods, then there is a high probability that the mage will deplete all his/her magic power reserve, and collapse.

“Th-that’s right. I’m sorry. I got carried away in a moment just now. Thank you, Masaru.”

I asked her to unload all her items in her room. As soon as I said that, she went out.

“I want Summoning Magic.” – Tilika

I wonder why she chose such a rare magic…

“If you’re using such rare magic in public, then won’t you stand out a lot?”

“It’s okay. I always wanted to try Summoning Magic.”

Hmm. If she insists that much, then it can’t be helped. I hope this won’t cause a commotion or something.

Tilika Level 4 Skill 20P


Cooking level 1 Evil Eyes of Truth or Lies Magical Sense level 1
Water Magic level 3


Tilika’s skillset is unexpectedly simple.

Besides cooking skill which she just achieved recently, the only other skills that she has are Evil Eyes, low level Magical Sense and Water magic. Personally, I think that for her to achieve level 3 Water magic is quite an amazing feat.

“I’ll unlock Summoning Magic level 1 for the time being. Alright, it’s done.”

This skill consumes 10P. Only 10P remaining now.

“…I got it now.”

Just when she wants to try it, Ellie comes back from her room.

“Masaru! Help me keep this fried chicken! It’s going to get cold!”

“Ah, that’s right. it won’t be tasty anymore if it gets cold.”

Ellie’s addiction towards fried chicken has really turned towards an unhealthy level now.

I tried to offer deep-fried potatoes, cutlets, fried fish, tempura, and many other fried foods, but she seems to like this best. Erie’s item box is always filled with fried chicken.

I’m worried. I hope she won’t get fat.

The fried chickens were already stored inside an incubator, so I just stored it inside my Item Box.

Isn’t this a bit too much? I wonder if she’ll refill her stocks after we get back.

“Then, I present to you guys my first ever short distance teleportation!”

Ooh *claps* *claps*. Everyone starts applauding.

With a slight fried chicken smell on the air, Ellie starts chanting.


Her figure disappeared, and then reappeared at the corner of the room.

“How is it!”

“That’s incredible, Elizabeth-san!”

“But if it requires the Item Box to be empty first, then won’t this spell be unusable for a regular adventurer?”

It should be possible if the caster has a large reserved of magical power. Even so, considering the usual amount of goods in the Item Box to total MP ratio, it’ll still remain as an inhuman feat.

“Th-that’s not true! I’m sure that this spell has it owns use! Plus, my Item Box is bigger now, and now I’m capable of chanting Long Range Transfer too!” pg. 28

“Then for the long-range transfer, you think you can do it?”

“I can go to the places that I have been and registered before. The max are just 3 places for now. I wonder if the maximum limit can be increased if I practice it more.”

So, this spell requires me to at least be at the destination at least once and it requires marking. Furthermore, the total destination that I can transfer to is limited by 3 places only. This spell is more inconvenient than I thought.

“Because the magical power consumption is high with this one, I can’t do it without a moment’s notice.”

For now, she is registering this house as a destination. As for the other one, she is considering to register Olba-san’s hometown village.

“I’m sure that Nania will get surprised to find me suddenly at her house. Fufufu…”

While Ellie is grinning, suddenly my sleeve was pulled by Sati.

“Masaru sama, please look over here! This girl is so cute!”

There is a white mouse on top of Tilika’s palm. It’s a beautiful mouse.

“I summoned it.”

Everyone gathered around Tilika to see the mouse.

“Isn’t it cute.”

“I agree. But with its size being so small, what can it do?”

“It’s useful once you’re familiar with it.”

As Tilika said so, the mouse jumped out from the palm and went out of the living room.

“It can share visual and auditory perception.”

“This guy must be convenient for reconnaissance jobs.”

Soon the mouse came back with a small spoon.

“Tilika-chan, amazing!”

Sati is happy to receive a spoon from the mouse.

Tilika shows a slightly happy expression after being praised by Sati. Her face is usually expressionless, but nowadays I realize that she has quite a variety of expressions too at times.

“This child is a spirit manifested by magical power. Although it seems like it doesn’t have any personality…”

The mouse fades away, and reappears back.

“It can be freely summoned and re-summoned.”

“Are there any other thing that you can summon?”

“For now, I can only call this child. Given time, I might be able to summon others.”

Ellie and Ann is fascinated with the mouse running freely on top of Sati’s hand.

“If you want, I can increase your summoning level by 2 more. Do you want to?”

“I want to raise it.”

“Alright, I’m raising your Summoning Magic level now. Alright, it’s done.”

Tilika nodded. With this all her point is used up.

“Go ahead, try it out.”

Tilika makes the mouse appear and disappear again.

“What are you going to call next?”

“What should I do? The size should be as big as Wild Rabbit.”

“Why don’t you get a hawk?”

Ann gives her thought. A hawk is also good for reconnaissance.


I wonder how big is the size for level 2 Summoned being, might be a suitable one to be in combat.

“I’m going to try.”

Tilika started chanting.

“Hawk, hawk, come. A cute one.”

Such a chant, will it be okay?

Contrary to my expectation, the chant completed successfully, and the hawk appeared within the circle of light in front of Tilika. It screeches, and widen it wings. When you look carefully at it eyes and its head tilt, it’s actually quite cute too.

“Soo cute! Hey, name it. Let’s give it a name!”

“Don’t tell me you named the previous mouse too.”

“Yes! I already name it Pani!”

I don’t get it at all…

“How about we call it Hawk (ホーク)?”

That’s a good name. The name ‘Hawk’ is pronounced in English, unlike local language.


Sati tilts her head at the unfamiliar word.

“Hawk, Hawk, come over here.”

Tilika seems to like the name. She tried to reach out to it by her hand.

“It hurts.”

He hopped away quickly, and gave a cry, as if apologizing.

“Ah, you’re bleeding. Here, 【Heal】”

“Be careful. Its claw is sharp, you might get scratched.”

“I understand. Hawk, come here.”

She pointed to the back of the chair. Hawk flapped its wings and flies on top of it.

Everyone surrounds Hawk.

“This guy is pretty cute too. Can I touch it without getting scratched?”

“It’s okay. Safe.”

“It’s fluffy!”

“Right. It feels nice to touch.”

I tried to touch it and it feels nice like they said.

“Masaru. Bad.”

“Huh? What’s wrong, Tilika?”

“I don’t have enough magical power to try out level 3 summoning. What should I do?”

Tilika looks over with sad eyes.

“Ah, no problem. I can help you replenish your magical power.”

“Wait a minute. Just now, you said something that I can’t overlook. Supplementing magic power you said?”

“It’s a Magical Power Supplement. I unlock this skill alongside Recovery Magic level 5. Ann should know about this right?”

“Don’t know.”

“But this information was told to me by Bishop sama from the fortress you know.”

“Hmm, as far as I can tell you, such information doesn’t exist within our shrine.”

“Is that so? Anyway, it’s possible to recover magical power with recovery magic.”

I turn to face Tilika.

“Then do it.”

Start chanting 【Light of miracle】―― there is no need to recover physical strength. I’m cutting the range, focusing in magical power only…

Miraculous light is activated and Tilika is wrapped in a blurry light for a moment. I checked her menu, the MP was full.

“Your magical power is full now.”

“Thank you, Masaru. I love you.”

Tilika hugged me tightly.

“Y-yeah. I’ll do this anytime for you.”

“Wait a moment. You never done this to me before. Care to explain?”

“Ah, I still haven’t mastered it yet during our time at the fortress. If I’m not mistaken, I only remembered it during after the Kingdom troops arrive? At that time, there is no longer any need to use it anymore.”

“Ah, I see. My bad.”

“Besides, there is no way that I can’t help Ellie, who I love so much, right? If it’s you, then I’ll gladly do it, even until my magic power is depleted!”

Tonight is Ellie’s turn. By doing this, I can help raise her mood.

Of course, whatever I said is my honest thought.

“R-really? Of course it is. I believe you.”

“Not only that, didn’t I give the ring to you too last time.”

I hold Ellie’s hand.

“Un. That ring is very important to you, right?”

Ah, I was reluctant to give it actually. Well, what’s done is done.

While I’m flirting around with Ellie, the third summoning has ended.

Ellie’s complexion suddenly changed, and I heard some kind of growling at my back. When I turned around I saw a large white tiger.

“I-it’s very big…”

“Y-you’re right…”

Facing a large tiger inside this small living room makes me feel kind of scared myself. Even if I know that this beast was summoned by Tilika, the horrible feeling won’t fade away.

“H-hey, is this fine?”

Ann’s voice is shaking a little.

“It’s okay. Come here.”

The white tiger went to Tilika and rubbed its head.

“This child feels nice to touch too!”

“Its name…What should I do?”

Tilika looks at me. I start thinking again.

“It’s a tiger, so why don’t you name it ‘Tiger’?”

They are fine with ‘Hawk’, therefore I think this one will be accepted too.

“Tiger. Tiger.”

She decided on it quickly. This naming sense can be considered amazing though, coming from another world resident perspective as myself. A tiger is a ‘Tiger”. Hawk is ‘Hawk’. I wonder if these guys are interested with the language of my world.

Ann and Ellie are afraid to touch it. I tried to touch it, this one is fluffy too.

“If it’s this big then won’t you be able to ride on it?”

“Get on.”

Tiger let Tilika straddle on it after she gave it her command.


She keeps circling around the living room.

“Tilika-chan, me too! Me too!”

In the end, everyone gave it a try. This tiger has a good personality.

“So, which part did I stop at last just now?”

After we’re satisfied playing with Tiger, we sit back and rest on the living room sofa.

It lied down besides Tilika. Even if it is left alone, it seems that there won’t be any extra consumption during running periods. Pg. 37

“Left about Masaru being a Hero.”

“No, no you’re wrong. I already told you that I’m just an apostle.”

“A hero is an apostle too. There are no differences.”

“You’re being unreasonable, Ellie…”

“Isn’t it a waste? You have that much ability, won’t it be good to use it for the sake of the people and the world?”

“That is still doable, but being a hero is a bit too much. Do you think it’s possible for me to go to the Demon Realm and defeat all the Devil?”

“…yup, impossible.”

Ellie too, has read the story of the Hero. That’s why she should know what is the qualities that a hero must possess to overcome all difficulties.

“Right? In the first place, God said I can do whatever I want in this world.”

“Then why don’t you just become a hero? If you asked me, then I’d say you fulfill all the basic requirements.”

“Even if someone asks you to?”

“I know. Masaru stomach will get his stomach burst open.” (tl note: Might be a Japanese idiom, I don’t know)

“It’s not only left with hole in my stomach. I’ll die!”

“Alright, alright. I’ll absolutely keep it a secret from the others.”

“I wonder who is the one with a loose enough mouth that let Head Priest know?”

“Urgh. At least Head Priest already give his word that he will keep silent.”

“Stop teasing Ann, Ellie. He is like Ann’s family member already, it’s not surprising that he can read her like the back of his hand. I was suspected as an apostle in the first place anyway.”

“If Masaru said so, then it’s okay. But what are you going to do if the Demon Lord really gets resurrected?”

“If that happens, then I’ll try to think of something. No matter what, there is no way to confirm myself as a hero. Maybe while we’re talking, another hero was born elsewhere?”

God said that this world will face destruction after 20 years. It’s not like I’m going to turn a blind eye toward this matter, just that I won’t focus on it for now.

Of course, if my family is involved somehow, then I’ll step in, otherwise it will be stupid of me not to. Even though I refuse to become a hero, I’ll still do something when the time comes. I hope that God can find someone else to replace me though, I really don’t want to work as a hero, too risky.

I want to live peacefully with my wives. That’s all I’ll ever ask for.

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  1. thediabolicalgenius says:

    Thanks for the translation.
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    Now he showed them magic power transfer magic, I get the feeling him and his big magic reserve will get turning into a walking refuelling station.

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    • zupermad says:

      Rather than greedy, Masaru is too idiot to not tell his wives in detail first about skill grinding..

      For me, mp enhancement>mp usage reduction(because I don’t still not sure how those miracle light work) > physical enhancement (they are an adventurers) > evasion (increase safety) > then space magic
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