Vol 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ~ Wild Rabbit and Sacred Treasure

There are problems that can’t be set aside.  Pg. 14

The matter of skills, matter of apostles.

When I was discussing it with Ann regarding the best method that will leave me safe at living room, Tilika came over.

I wonder why, she is sewing together with Sati just a while ago.

Tilika was already in close relation with Sati since before our marriage, but since then she has opened up with Ann and Ellie too. Well, I still have lots of thing to do, so it’s really good that all of them can get along together.

“What’s wrong?”

Tilika tilt her head when she saw us stopped talking.

As expected of Tilika who is a professional. Ann answered that it was not anything, I thought that it was dangerous at a moment there.

“That’s a lie. What are you guys discussing?”

Ann and me face each other. Hey, isn’t this bad?

“Fufufu. It seems that the time has come for me to reveal my secret!”

“What are you saying now…”

“Masaru’s secret?”

“That’s right. My secret. Can you help me call Ellie and Sati? I want everyone to listen to what I’m going to say now.”

“I got it. I’m calling them now.”

Both of us look at Tilika who left the living room just a while ago.

“I’m sorry, I let it slip again.”

“Well, sooner or later you will have to tell everyone anyway.”

“Uuh. Even the High Priest has found it out earlier, I’m really bad at this…”

“Not really, it just can’t be helped. This is not Ann fault.”

It was already proven that human mouth is very loose on information control, thus resulting leak of information. No matter how meticulously we tried to hide something, it will be exposed sooner or later. Plus, it is really bad when people who can easily see through the secret like High Priest and Tilika exist.


“Yes, yes. Let’s get ready, everyone is coming now. I hope that Ann will help me a little, since Ellie can be scary once she is angry.”

“Understood, I’ll help you.”

The living room is warm due to the fire from the fireplace.

We have two sofas in front of the fireplace, enough to seat everyone at one time.

Soon after, Sati came. And then Tilika point to the stair, telling us that Ellie has descended from 2nd floor. She seems to be taking a nap. She looks damn sleepy at the moment. Isn’t this a good chance? Let’s do this, while Ellie is still muddled by her sleep.

“Everyone, I have something important to tell you guys tonight.”

“This is really sudden, this important thingy.” (need revision pg. 16)

Ellie give a big yawn and asked so.

“Last time, I tell you guys that I came from some distant countries. But actually, I’m a resident from different world.”


What? Their reactions are kind of mild somehow…

Here how it should go; [What the hell!?], is what I expected form them.

“You’re from some distant place somewhere. Yeah, I’ve heard of it before.” pg. 16

Is it because my words didn’t properly reach them? Is it normal to just assume it as a ‘faraway’ place like that?

“It’s not some faraway country you know, it’s a totally different world.”

“Masaru sama, where is different world?”


Where is it? The only thing that I know is that I was brought here by God.

“Ann, you understand, right? about different world.”

“That is…somewhere very far from here…?”

Then, you didn’t even understand what is the situation now, isn’t it! I wonder if it was because my explanation up to now was too vague for her…

Sigh, is there any way for me to properly convey the explanation to these people here, whose knowledge is only up to par with that of Medieval Age?

“Umm you see. There is another world which doesn’t exist in this universe.”

“Universe? What is the connection between this matter with the star at the sky?”

No way, this can’t be. Should I explain them from the basic? Even if I do explain to them about the theory of universe, the residents of this world are not even in the other planet of my galaxy, Milky Way. If I explain to them about the parallel world theory or something, will it be possible for them to understand it more?

But wait…this world resembling a miniature garden, is it a planet in a first place?

Since my arrival, I always thought that this world resembles Earth a lot, but in this world, God and magic exist. It is a fantasy world. It is highly possible that this world is just a miniature garden.

If it is so, then the theory of the universe is totally useless.

“Th-then, try to imagine it like this. There is a world where demons and magics don’t exist.”

“The world without any demons might be peaceful, but without magic too? Human civilization will collapse that way you know.” pg. 17

“The world over there is not affected by magic you know.”

“You said there is no magic, but isn’t Masaru capable of magic right now?”

Ah, now that you said it. I only realized it after Ellie pointed it out.

“Simply said, that kind of world exist. Parallel world. No magic, no demon. Such is my hometown. Ok?”

“Aa, un. Somewhere in this world there exist Masaru hometown. I understand.”

Bad. They still think that it’s just some distant country.

“Another world…what do you think about it, Tilika?”

“I can just tell that he is not lying.”

“Is that so? Then that really is the case. I thought he is going to tell us about my ring. Is this the only thing that you want to say?”

That’s it! Explaining about another world to them will be difficult, so I will put it aside for now. The most important thing right now is about me being an apostle.

“Ah, no. I’m still not finished yet. There are still some others that I need to tell you guys too.”

“Oh? Is it about the ring?”

“Yes. That ring, I got it from God.”

“God? You mean the God, as in that God?”

“I don’t know which God is in your mind, but that God. He asked me to address him as Itou-kami.”

Do you mean Itōūsura sama? He is like, one of the Major God.”

Last time, I already told Ann regarding my abilities to temper skills, still, I haven’t talk about the matter regarding God with her yet.

“I don’t know. When I asked his name, he introduced himself as Itou. But I think his face resemble that of the shrine God.”

“How is it, Tilika.”

“He didn’t tell a lie.”

“This thing, rather than a legendary-class item…isn’t it a sacred treasure?  Just how did you managed to get this?”

Huh? You really want to know it? This is one of my black history, that’s why I don’t want to talk much about it.

“I tried to hunt Wild Rabbit before, but…”


“You said Wild Rabbit? Is it about the story that has been circulated in the Guild for a while?”

I never talked about it, but it seems like Ann already knows. Well that place is really famous within this town after all…

“Aa, yea. That’s the story.”

“Wild rabbit? Meaning?”

Should I really tell all the details? Given the situation, I have not much choice, isn’t it…?

“When I first came here, I went to hunt the Wild Rabbit.”

“You really like them, those Wild Rabbits.” -Ann

I will hunt at the meadow whenever I’m on the way back home. Wild rabbit meat is lined up every day in my dish.

“After hunting for the whole day, my strength was sapped. I had also overused my magic power.”

“Did you run out of magical power?” -Ellie

“Un. At that time, I managed to knock down the rabbit, but in the end, I fell down. Some people carried me to the town because I passed out near the highway.”

“No way, you must be kidding? Against the Wild Rabbit?”

Ellie showed an unamused face full with disappointment.

“I wish I could say so …”

“Sigh~. This is really unexpected, how come, against the Wild Rabbit…”  -Ann

Why are you sighing now? It’s not like I want tell this!

“After that it became a famous rumor as a man who fought desperately with a Wild Rabbit and forcing me to be holed up several days inside Inn room.”

“Masaru is pretty bad.” -Tilika

That is some harsh comment, Tilika…however, I managed to reenact sweet revenge against them later on you know.

“You’re wrong! After that, I went to hunt the Wild Rabbit again, and properly become a Wild Rabbit Hunter, both in name and achievement! I never lose to Wild Rabbit anymore!”

“I have never heard someone lost to Wild Rabbit 1v1 before! I’ve never been this ashamed!”

“Urgh, I’m sorry…’

“Then? How is this story related to the ring?”

“You see, later on I write it in the diary which I always used to report to God. After I wrote up a log about what is happening with the hare, I got a reply from God, saying that it’s amusing. Thus, the ring.”

“Isn’t that just too pitiful!?”

If you asked me, even I wholeheartedly agree.

“Sacred treasure…just for Wild Rabbit, the Sacred treasure…This thing feels like it worth less now…”

“Sorry. That’s all to it.”

“I-it’s okay! Masaru sama is strong and cool!”

Sati, thank you…you’re the only one who is always strangely kind towards me.

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  1. you forgot to tell them that it was because you upgraded your swords skill to lvl 4 in 1 go with out having the necessary stamina and got knock out because it drained your little stamina in 1 go xd


    • seregosa says:

      “I have never heard someone lost to Wild Rabbit 1v1 before! I’ve never been this ashamed!”

      No, forgot to tell them something even more important. there was OVER TWENTY RABBITS, the hell is up with everyone acting as if he got defeated in a 1v1 fight against one rabbit? His fight back then, after using up all his power, was like saying someone got into a draw with a wild rabbit while being deadly sick, being pretty much unable to even lift a finger. How is that shameful? I fail to see how the author makes this into joke material. If he fought 1v1 at full stamina and got into a draw, I’d drop this novel, but he didn’t. He defeated five rabbits in a row as soon as he got to that world, sigh…


  2. sukanime says:

    Thanks for the chapter… ^_^


  3. Kojiro_S says:

    Ahaha, 3 volumes later the shame cames back.


  4. @workingneet I don`t know if it`s of any use for you but I ocr-ed the scanned raws and uploaded it on mega 😉 maybe it`s easier to look for unknown kanji


  5. Jajajajajaja me mato este capítulo, me imagino al pobre masaru llorando en un rincón


  6. que pasa con el capitulo 2? por que ya empieza el 3?


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