Vol 4 Prologue


Our wedding ended well. The next day, I woke up without much motivation.

Crook and Silva visited our house prior to dinner.

As the two people passed through our living room, my wives, as if knowing what to do, went and prepared dinner. Recently, Ellie has also been giving a helping hand. Later I’ll appreciate her cooking skills. But that’ll need to wait. For a long time.

“It’s really been a while. Are you doing well?”

“Yeah, I was really surprised to hear that Masaru san already got himself married, but the you now doesn’t look any different.”

Crook shifted his position slightly, and said such thing to me.

“Just how did you do it, Masaru san?”

“No, that’s not it. We can’t even deny the fact that you married all these 4 girls at once. Masaru san, no, please let me call you Masaru aniki.”

Silva nodded.

“What are you guys saying? We’re friends, no? Didn’t we already confirm our friendship a long time ago?”

“What friends. You’re far beyond us.”

Silva also nodded.

“Oi, stop it. I’m just your everyday friend, Masaru. I don’t care even if you call me Masaru chan, for Pete’s sake.”

“No, we won’t go as far as to call you Masaru chan.”

“Yea, no way.”

As usual, Silva retort such. This son of a bitch.

“I see. Now I regret saying that.”

“Well, jokes aside, congratulations on your wedding. The monsters in my heart whisper that I should kill you, but I will bless you for today.”

“Congratulations, Masaru.”

“Ah, this is kind of a surprise, but thanks, both of you. Even so, it’s been a long time now since I last saw you guys.”

“We accepted a long-term escort mission. Our client went to the Empire.”

“Ho, that’s nice. I’ve never been to an Imperial city before.”

I have never even been to the capital of the kingdom. Since I’ve come to this world, the only places I’ve been to are here and Gorbas Fortress.

“The mission wasn’t so good you know.”

“Why? It’s an easy escort mission. Compared to you guys, my situation at the fortress was much more dire.”

“Too easy.”

“Isn’t that a nice thing?”

“We heard about Gorbas Fortress and the urgent mission just one day after our departure.”

“We don’t know if the timing was good or bad.”

Perhaps the timing was really good. Of all days, it occurred during the Harpie raids last time. These guys, maybe they have some special ability to avoid dangers towards themselves. I really want to make them my slaves, and examine this skill thoroughly…

“It was bad timing, really. Lazard san was super pissed.”


“He wanted us to help in the rescue mission. Since we were in the middle of our escort mission, there’s no way we could abandon it halfway, right?”

“That’s true.”

“That’s why I desperately tried to persuade him to let us go. But if we deliberately abandoned the quest halfway, then the penalties imposed would be freaking heavy. Even though lots of adventurers were participating in the relief mission, our strongest leader, Lazard san was unable to.”

“So, that’s the reason for his bad mood…”

“That’s not all. On the way to the Imperial city, we saw the army troops. Of course, they were the Kingdom troops and the Imperial troops.”


“Seeing that the kingdom was sending their troops to the fortress really helped me calm down my nerves. Besides, there are no more monsters on a road that the army has passed through.”

“That’s why we were so relaxed.”

“There really was nothing. Even when night comes, there was no sign of monsters approaching whatsoever. Our client, the merchant even said, [If I’d have known this from the start, then I wouldn’t have hired escorts!] something like that.”


“Without Reed san’s interference, the head merchant’s head might have been chopped off flying already. He didn’t even notice when he was in a situation where he might die at any moment.”


“We were really scared you know!”

Silva too, showed an exaggerated move to emphasize their story.

“I see. You guys also faced some difficulties on your end.”

“How is the situation at your side? We only came back today and I only heard a little about the fortress.”

“Ah, on that day, we―――“

I begin with our first day, when we were on the journey towards the fortress. Then continue about what happened at the Pioneer Village, as I heard it from the people of the Order, and then about what happened inside the fortress.

We continue talking while eating our dinner. Ellie also chimed in from time to time. Since Ellie had been dispatched earlier to Pioneer Village for a quest, she is more knowledgeable about the whole situation than me.

Both of them excuse themselves after dinner.

“We don’t want to disturb you guys, you newlyweds.”

“I see. I really want to talk more with you guys.”

“If so, come to the guild training ground tomorrow morning. We can continue there.”

“…just talking?”

“Of course. There’s no way I’m thinking of killing you in disguise of training now, right?”


“Just kidding. Well, half kidding at least.”

“Whatever, I just felt a chill down my spine. If you’re fine, I can be your partner(sparring) you know.”

“Ho―. Then, see you tomorrow.”

“Oi, don’t you even dare to call out Lazard san.”

“――It’s okay, I won’t call him, I promise!!――“

It goes without saying that next day, I beat them both ragged with the bokken (wooden sword).

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    • Kuraudia says:

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