Vol 3 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 ~ Marriage

On the day of the wedding, I’m fidgeting myself while waiting for the ceremony. Pg. 276

In the end, the onee chan that was on good term with Sati during her time at the slavery shop came. Not only her, even the 4th girl, whose price was the highest at that time, also came too. Together with them, there were 2 more people, who I thought were their guardians or something.


“Selma san!”

The two of them run and hug each other. I watched it alongside the 4th girl. The 4th girl is wearing a very beautiful and elegant dress. Well, that means whoever took her is treating her very well.

Sati and Selma go to the corner of the room and talk. They also brewed tea and put it on the table.

“Hey, um?”

For the time being, Sati is having conversation with Selma san, so I tried to initiate one with the 4th girl, too.

“It’s Adelia. I came together with Selma, together with our attendant.”

“Both of you are from the same place?”

“Yes. We’re currently in big industry. Selma is doing the internal affairs, and I’m attending the shop.”

Now that they said it, I remember that both of them have complete educations.

“What kind of shop is that?”

“We handle everything. It may be groceries, miscellaneous goods, or chemicals as weapons. You’re an adventurer, right? You can also hire someone from us to help your work.”

“No thanks, I don’t need one at the moment.”

“Isn’t business interesting? We always have big deals coming our way. I think this suits me very well. My husband also trusts me. That’s why I’m going to meet his expectation, and expand his shop!”

I’m glad that I didn’t follow my desire and buy this girl last time.

Even though it’s just after 2 months, she said that she loves doing managerial work a lot. I don’t think that she would like to be a wife to an adventurer like me. That’s why I’m glad that I chose Sati.

“But good for her. She always said that she is going to do her best, never would I have thought that she would get liberated.”

“All 4 of us are going to get married, don’t you think that it’s pitiful if one of them is still a slave?”

“4 people!? Does that mean you’re marrying 3 girls at once?”

“No, actually there are 4 brides.”

“*stupefied* I don’t know about this mister, you don’t even look that reliable. I heard that you’re a wizard, perhaps you are a good one? Or maybe you’re rich?”

“My ability as a wizard is so-so. As for money, well, I just have as much as what other adventurers have. Truthfully, even I’ve had trouble getting it around my head as to why 4 girls want to marry me at once.”

“Somehow, I get it, vaguely.”

“Sorry, we’ve gone way off topic. How is life like for Selma san and Adelia san?”

“Now that you ask, our life is not bad, I think? His wife is currently sick. For now, we’ve pretty much replaced her job. Selma is doing chores and she also acts as a nanny for madam’s child. He is still 2 years old, but it seems that he is a bright child.”

She told me how wonderful her life is, but seeing that she is a slave isn’t there a possibility that she is hiding something?

As much as I want to like this child, she seems like a headstrong girl. If you were to ask me, her personality is close to that of Ellie. I’m glad that I didn’t submit to my impulse back then and get this child.


Sati and Selma’s talk seems to have been finished too.

Before she went out, she said stuff like [Congratulations on your wedding] [I’m wishing for your happiness] and so on. Sati asked Selma about her whereabouts, which means we can go visit her whenever we want.

“That’s right, I wonder if it’s fine for her to meet you personally next time. My husband and Madam are not that strict.”

“Thank you, Adelia san. Onee chan, I’m sure that we will meet again.”

“Yes. Then both of us will depart now.”

Both me and Sati see them of.

“Aren’t you glad that she came?”

“Yes. I’m glad that she is in fine health too.”

After all the 4 brides come together inside, I was taken breathless for a moment and trembling in excitement.

“Everyone…looks very beautiful…”

I already saw it many times before at the tailor shop, but to see it now inside the chapel makes them look even more stunning and leaves me speechless.

“Thank you, Masaru.”

Ann, who is nearest to me, gives her thanks with a beaming face.

“Now, let’s go.”

Ann urges us. The plan is for our group first, followed suit by Olba san and Nania san. Right in front of the shrine we are to give our pledges in front of the Gods.

“Hey, you done preparing?”

Nania san came over to Ellie and Ann’s side.

“I-I’m still readying my heart…”

“Give it up, Masaru. We’re going to start.”

I was told so by Tilika.

“Deep in their heart, humans really are weak…”

Right now, we’re at the section of the shrine hall. Right now, the hall is already filled with our guests. If I were to go out now, their focus will be immediately on me. This will be just like that time, during treatment.

“Hey, what are you turning into a chicken for. Just go out normally you hear, normally.”

Ellie scolds me right after I activate Stealth.

Both of my sides are held down now by them, while Sati and Tilika follow from behind.

Cheers rise in the air.

I can hear the background music starting. I see, it’s the wedding march.

Last time when I went to the other town, I met this bard at the lodging. He taught me various things when it came to celebrating the wedding ceremony.

The marching songs are Pachelbel: Canon; Bach: Air on a G String. I can’t quite hear it clearly because it was overwhelming for me just to get it by MimiCopy, but I pretty much get the main notes and it really soothes my ears. The organizer invited five of them to come as an orchestral team. This is because there is no orchestra or choir in the shrine.

I finally realized as I heard the familiar songs that I’m actually a married guy now.

Life really is unpredictable. Back when I was shut in my room, I never once thought that I’ll go this far.

Although it is difficult to get by in this foreign world, I’ve got no complaints now that I’ve got 4 cute brides. It’s regrettable because I can’t introduce them to mom and dad. If I were to live here forever then, won’t I someday get grandchildren too…? Ah, I really went ahead of myself just now.

“What’s wrong?”

Ann noticed that I’m tearing up and asked.

“I really wish to show all this to my parents back at my hometown.”


But, it’s not like my parents are the only ones absent in our marriage, everyone else’s are too.

Ann and the others too, are separated from their parents. Today, after this, I’ll write in the diary, asking for the god to contact my parents. I don’t know if it is possible, but if they were to hear about this anyways, there’s no way for them to believe it. At least they would know that I’m happy here.

Of course, I’m not planning on dying anytime soon.

Aside of that, right now I’m being too nervous in the hall filled with our guests. Even now, there is nothing that I can do except follow Ann and Ellie’s guidance.

Well, in every wedding the groom is nothing more than an extra.

Everyone’s true purpose is to see the brides.


Fortunately, the process of this wedding ceremony was simple.

All 5 of us were urged to get on the stage like actors, but there were neither ring exchanges or kisses.

High Priest sama asked all of us to pray and give our thanks to God for our ceremony. It’s not like I remember much, but that’s pretty much what we did.


After that we gave our pledges in front of High Priest.

Firstly, Ellie said the words of oath and I reply that I swear.

No, in this case, isn’t this more helpful? In short, it seems that verifying what we want to do for marriage is enough. We just need to swear our love to God. There is a Truth Official around too, because in this world it’s common for people to marry for political reasons or some other excuse.

Of course, it seems to be a standard pledge of love just like any other wedding.

As a member of Empire nobility, and also as a mage, Ellie didn’t do anything that would bring shame to either.

Ann believes in the teachings of God and practices it and spreads it, even after being married.

Tilika is the light of the truth that shines on us all.

And there is Sati.

“I-I’m with…t-together with Masaru sama…”

Not good, Sati doesn’t seem to hear my voice now.

We’ve practice our vows beforehand, but it’s not like I’m able to memorize it all you know? In this case, I can use that. I think I saw this scene in a classic movie somewhere before…

“In sickness and in health. Come on Sati, same line.”

“In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.”

Sati began repeating after me.

“Either in pleasure or sorrow.”

“During happiness or sadness.”

“When we’re rich or poor.”

“When we’re rich or poor.”

“I will love you and honour you.”

“I will love you and honour you.”

“This person comfort, this person help, I swear to do my best as long as there is life in me.”

“This person comfort, this person help, I swear to do my best as long as there is life in me…I swear…I swear. Forever, and ever…”

“Yes, that’s right. Forever.”

“You’ve made a great oath. Your marriage was approved in front of God and in front of many friends. Congratulations.”

Finally, the priest officially acknowledges the marriage, and the cheers are raised again.

Sati shed tears and clung towards me. Tilika too, holds her tears and hugs Sati tightly.

I also cried a bit.

I never ever thought that I will shed tears during a wedding ceremony, but now I gladly do it without feeling embarrassed, even when in front of a crowd. Even Ann and Ellie teared up too.


A couple of hours that seemed like eternity ended, and I was finally released. I sat down at the orphanage dining hall.

Even after the oath ceremony is over, the wedding still hasn’t ended yet.

Even in this world there is the concept of a wedding reception.

We already prepared a party style reception in the courtyard of the shrine. As for us, we are sitting in a gallery, higher than the ground, and we exchange greetings with those who arrive.

I just have a few acquaintances, but since I’m the groom the bride’s guests also came and greet me.

I don’t even know their names, but it seems like they know mine.

I don’t know what to do, so I’m just left with, “Thank you for coming. Thank you.” I just keep repeating that.

Honestly, I just want to leave that place for good, but since I’m monitored tightly by Ann and Ellie, I can’t do it. Because I can’t escape, I spend most of my time holed up inside the monastery toilet, waiting for it to end.


“Good work, Masaru.”

“It’s not that bad, this kind of thing.”

Both Ellie and Ann came to me.

I already took off my suit and am currently wearing my casual shirt and pants.

Although I can’t appreciate the beauty of their wedding dresses now, naturally I will ask them to wear it again at home.

Only for me alone.

“I’m not good with it you know, this kinda thing.”

I really can’t stand being in a place with many people, like a wedding ceremony.

I wonder if it is impossible to have a solemn atmosphere.

This time in particular, being in the lead really churned my stomach hard.

I can feel it malfunctioning already.

This is it.

“Are you okay, Masaru sama?”

“Let’s go home and take a rest, Masaru. I am tired too.”

Sati and Tilika are worried for me too.

Anne, Sati, Ellie and Tilika. Looking at all the girls’ faces, I’ve come to a realization.

My wives.

They are all my brides.

Really, this is way too amazing.

“That’s right. I’m already pooped for today.”

The weddings are done for now, but there are still many things that I need to do.

There are still some things that I need to tell them.

“Let’s go home. There are things that I would like for everyone to hear.”

I’ll tell everyone about my hometown in Japan first.

A story about Hello Work, the place that brought me to this world in the first place.




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