Chapter 16 Translation

Hey guys, I’m currently done with this chapter translation. However, our good friend Mr. Alan offered himself to edit some of my mistakes. I’ll only post it here once he is done with that.

I know this is late, but for our Chinese friends, Happy New Year!🎉🎉

Edit 1: There is a problem with NU, so please read chapter 16 here.

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10 Responses to Chapter 16 Translation

  1. silvarion says:

    thank you!


  2. Lugh says:

    Where’s the link?

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  3. mecharos says:

    Thank you for the Chapter!
    Can’t wait to read it~~


  4. ahkot says:

    Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!


  5. gehenna2305 says:

    Thank you for the wish~!


  6. theone320 says:

    novelupdates is trolling ^^

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  7. nero raregroove says:

    Next time. Don’t use chapter bla bla bla for update report. You can use “translation progress” as post title to tell us when you will post/how much the translation delayed if thats the case for prevent nu autoposting show update notice here , and only show your translated chapter… but well its you 😉


  8. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


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