Vol 3 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 ~ High Priest and Angela, Elizabeth’s situation, Tilika’s master

I want to invite Crook and Silva to my wedding, but unfortunately they are nowhere to be found. Although the details for their mission are not public due to confidentiality, it seems that they are on a mission far away from town. When I think about it, they were not at Gorbas Fortress last time either. For that time during the Harpy raid, I wonder if it was good timing or bad timing. Probably the latter.

It’s for the best, though. I’m sure that once they find out about this they will burn with jealousy, making the situation more complicated.


As soon as we arrived at the city, Ann straightaway went to meet High Priest and ask him to host our ceremony, but the thing about me being an apostle was a top priority. This is what Ann told me about what happened.


“State your business, Sister Angela.”

“Actually, for the time being, I’ve decided to marry Masaru. That’s why I’m reporting it to High Priest first.”

” Oh, your relationship has gone that far. Congratulations. You have my blessing.”

“Thank you very much. With that said, I would like to use our shrine for our wedding.”

“Sure, of course you can. I’ll have the organizer arrange it for you. So, there are two other girls beside you. Ah, they’re those kids.”

During this time, I didn’t know that Tilika was another candidate, hence the number.

“Lately, even in our shrine, there is a faction that demands to break the monogamy doctrine.”

There are various people within the shrine. At the moment, there is no one other than High Priest managing the whole shrine’s welfare.

“There is one more thing that I would like permission from you.”

“What is it?”

“I want to enter Masaru’s party as an adventurer, I think.”

“…regarding the matter that we discussed about Masaru before, any progress? Is he the ‘one’ after all?”

“Err, umm, about that…”

“Don’t tell me!? Is that the truth?”

I’ve barely started giving my excuses, yet he has managed to grasp almost everything. High Priest sama is amazing as usual.

“Um! High Priest sama, regarding that!”

High Priest looks at Ann.

“I’m sorry, High Priest. Since I’ve been transferred here, I know how much effort that you’ve spent raising us. I didn’t remember much about my father, but I always thought that if I had one, then it would be a person like you. But…”

“Yes, I’ve always thought of you as my own daughter. So does my wife. Opening a topic about us being a family now is dodging the question.”

“I don’t want to tell a lie to High Priest. But, I don’t want to cause problems for Masaru either…”

“I understand. I’ll not press this matter anymore. I’ll keep it in my heart. This is what Masaru wants too, right?”

“Yes. Please forgive me, High Priest…”

“It’s fine. You’re going to be a married woman from now on. Please keep protecting Masaru as an emissary of the shrine, and also for my sake.”

“Yes, High Priest.”

“Please don’t make that teary face now. Besides, I would like to hear about your recent stories with him. Can you tell me? I want to hear about your adventure together with him at the fortress.”

After that, as if we’re avoiding the topic of an apostle, we keep on talking about ordinary things and get my application to join Masaru’s party accepted.

When we’re ready, then we better tell High Priest the truth together.


I also heard about Ellie’s current family circumstances back at home.

It was at night, on the bed after our first time.

When I think back it was the same for Ann too, so I take it that the women in this world like to bring up important stuff during bed talk.

This is going to be the third girl that I’m going to handle on my bed, therefore I’m able to keep a calm demeanor. But it’s a different case for Ellie. She knows that this is her first time, but she still acts like she wants to take the lead, which makes her 10 times cuter than normal. I was struggling just to suppress myself from finishing fast due to overexcitement.

“Are you okay? Let’s stop it tonight, we can always continue this next time…”

“He, hey, I’m still okay! It’s not like it hurts or anything, you hear! No-now, continue it quickly!”

Ellie is currently in her skimpy underwear, facing me on the bed. She just got out from the bath and her movement is all fidgety, plus her moist hair makes her looks much sexier.

I had already messed around together with Sati in the bath beforehand, while Ann asked me to do it gently at first, you know, with her cute squeaking voice. But this kind of response from Ellie is new, so it kind of elicits a fresh mood.


But even though Ellie is a fine 17 years old, she is still your average everyday girl. I better start it gently, for her sake.

It a shame that we can’t do it with the light turned on.


It was dark inside the room now, so my approach kind of surprised her. The cute moans are nice to hear though.

“Do you want this room to be brighter?”

“N-no, that’s not it. I just thought that it’s kind of quite dark now…”

That’s right. There is a lamp at the bedside. I don’t want to move away from Ellie’s body warmth now, but thinking that I’m going to be able to see her expressions after lighting the lamp up, I disengage from her for a while.

Ellie’s face now is quite visible with the presence of the light. It looks like she has calmed down a bit too.

“N-now, let us continue.”

She said that she is prepared, but from her quivering voice I think she is not quite yet.

“Then, lets start with kissing.”

“Eh? T-that’s right. We start from kissing first, o-of course.”

What, why so scared? I’m not going to attack you or anything, you know. What a terrible misunderstanding. As a gentleman, there is no way that I’m going to stoop so low and initiate that kind of act. As a matter of fact, I will carefully take care of you, step by step, until you’re ready. Very carefully.


We have the whole night to savor this. I’ll start from a kiss!


Elizabeth’s family is middle class nobility of the Empire. Although they’re not a family specialized in magic, they are still quite strong, with a force not to be underestimated. That’s why they were in charge of security at the border, in the fortress that’s always in conflict with the demons.

There are still some skirmishes nearby, initiated by the monsters. Although it’s said that they are relatively small, it seems that there were a number of villages and towns that were destroyed if they were built at unprotected places. But the fortress where Ellie ‘s father was stationed had sufficient defense, to the degree that it would have been impossible to fall. But Ellie’s father, for some reason mobilized the troops from the fortress.

Not long after, the fortress fell.

To recapture back the fortress, he received help from the knight corps and the army from the allied adjacent territory. However, many of the demons who broke through the fortress had already invaded the Empire’s land, and the surrounding area was ravaged.

While recapturing the fortress, Ellie and Nania’s dads found their demise. At that time, Nania san also participated in the battle.

Elizabeth’s brother succeeded their father’s position. But, as the head of the family, the blame was pinned on him for disembarking the troops from the fortress. As punishment, they are now assigned to a smaller territory. Not only that, their status was also lowered from Earl to Baron.

“The whole situation happened because of a dirty lie. Our family was set up. It was all the fault of that pig lord!”

Apparently, the pig lord is the commander of the adjacent troops at that time.

He came to the family fortress and met with a knight, relaying this message, [The nearby border line is likely to be broken into monsters. Give me relief.]. The knight was charged with the defense of the fortress at that time.

We had a bad relationship with the pig lord, but that was not a reason to doubt what the knight Order says. Although the Order is technically under the Kingdom’s control, strictly speaking there is no command above them, seeing that their position is at the top of our army.

But the fort was emptied. The head of the Order said that he never issued an order like that. Both Ellie’s dad and his confidants died. There are a few soldiers that vaguely know the real situation, but their statements are just fragmented at best, and some of them were silenced, since they are just grunts. This story was confirmed by Ellie herself, but it’s nothing more than a guess based on the situation and the fragments of the information.

There is suspicion that the Head of the Order and the pig lord are in this together.

The timing when both of them came together to strike at the demons was too good to be believable.

“Somehow or another, I managed to pretty much unearth the plan of that demon. But, further than that, I don’t have any idea on what to do. I can’t prove it either. Even if I said that this whole farce was planned from the start, there’s no way they will hear us out since both the pig lord and the Head of the Order are in this together. Because of that our family was not immune to the imminent crush.”

Proof and evidence is necessary to start a trial against a noble with a higher status. These nobles are protected, which is why the Truth Officials are unable to take action. Moreover, if you cannot prove their wrongdoings even after dispatching the Truth Official, you will incur even bigger punishment.

Even the pig lord would be cautious with movement from the Palace Truth Official. We can sniff around all we want, but the possibility to find the evidence is close to nil.

An interrogation can only be made if she somehow gains evidences that the pig lord has deceived Ellie’s father, or if she found witnesses. She failed to get either one, so there’s nothing that can be done.

No matter what, the fact that Ellie’s dad brought out the armies is a truth that can’t be denied. They will wonder, who is the person that is responsible for bringing down Elizabeth’s family and trying to overtake their territory, who is a person responsible for allowing the fort to be emptied and causing lots of death, and who is the person that truly saved the fortress?

Not many people are willing to cooperate because they are afraid of the impeding danger.

Ellie’s family seat was moved to the other settlement.

The new place requires the use of magic, so it seems that the territorial management comes hard.

That’s why Ellie and Nania san has been sending most of their reward money as adventurers back to their hometown.

“Nania will stop sending her reward money soon. So, I hope that Masaru can help me from now on.”

“Okay, I’m fine with that.”

I don’t know how much money that they need, but I can say confidently now that earning money is not a big problem for me. Even the dragon that we fought earlier can be easily beaten by me now.

“That’s one of the reasons Nania became an adventurer. To become an S rank, to become famous, to become strong. After that, she wants to kill the pig lord and regain our old territory.”

After becoming adventurers for a while, Ellie’s group met Olba and then they joined his Dawn’s Battle Axe after a year or so.

“After I become an adventurer, I realized a lot of thing that I didn’t before, the reality. To return back our family’s administrating right in the old territory is impossible. The management at our new territory is running smooth too, now. But as for that pig lord, I’ll definitely take his head one day.”

I too hope that you will successfully kill that pig lord one day, Ellie.


When I woke up the next morning, I checked the status menu and Ellie’s status is now available. As expected, the loyalty points will only rise up after I’ve done her alright. Or maybe it’s because of the story that she had told me last night.

While thinking about such things, I turned over and was presented with Ellie in her nude glory, sleeping ever so peacefully. Crap, I’m getting into the mood again. However, if I were ever to touch her body during her sleep without permission, then her mood will likely worsen. No, she will definitely get angry, rather than be in good mood.

Should I wake her up for another round? Nobody is at home today so there’s nothing that can interrupt us.

I try to, but Ellie is awake and scolds me for it, saying that she’s not in the mood. But then we still have our fun during our morning bath. This is tsundere!


Tilika’s master came on the day before our ceremony. He is a first-class Truth Official of the Empire. He seems to be quite a good person. I invite him inside, and together the three of us have a talk.

Tilika’s circumstances are also quite bad. This is the story that I heard from her, just before our wedding ceremony.

“I had a parent. But I no longer have connection with them. Master is the only person that I have now.”

“You had?”

“I was sold when I was still a kid. That’s why my parental bond no longer exists.”

Tilika’s household was poor in the first place, then she was sold over to Truth Officials after they had discovered her magical talent. She is not a slave, but that doesn’t change the fact that she was sold over.

“At that time, I was taught that my parents don’t exist, and that my teacher is the one doing the parenting. Since I’ve come there, Drain had taken care of me.”

In the training place, they said that family and ordinary life are obstacles when practicing the morality and discipline required as a Truth Official. It is said that they abandon everything in pursuit of absolute truth.

“Is it okay to be married?”

“It is in my interest to get a child as soon as possible.”

“I’m sure that the child born from Masaru sama and Tilika chan will be cute!” Sati chimed in.

“…I wonder.”

No, it’s not like I’m infertile.

“I still have work as an adventurer for the time being, so…”

“I get it.”


Right now, the grand master of Tilika in front of me is an old man with stern expressions.

“Alright, I’m…”

When I tried to introduce myself, I was caught by the hand. “Is this guy really fine?”


Tilika chan lightly answered her master’s question with one word.

“Won’t you be able to find better?”

Hey, what do you mean by better…

“No need.”

“If you insist.”

After that, he turns toward me to ask some more questions.

“You’ll treat Tilika fairly, right?”

“Of course, but…”

What’s with this exchange? It is totally different from what I thought.

“Can you protect Tilika?”

“I’ll do my best to protect her with my utmost ability.”

“That’s good enough. Tilika, I’ll be in this town for a while. If there’s anything, then you can find me.”

“I understand, master.”

After he said so, he excused himself and left our house. I’m still puzzled though, so I just watch him go, dazzled.

“Is that all? He has no more to say?”

“My master already grasps your true intention, Masaru. I also pretty much know about it. That’s why it’s enough.”

I still don’t know what Tilika chan’s master’s name is yet. We’ve had no more than 3 exchanges. Will he really grasp my true intention that way?

Anyway, I’m glad that we manage to get blessings from Tilika chan’s master safely.


That night was Tilika’s turn. She said she’s ready now, after getting the permission from her master.

Tilika chan had taken the bath first, ahead of me, so when I got out of bath I found that she’s already ready and waiting, at the edge of the bed. I sit beside her as we face each other.

I consulted Ann beforehand, asking if this is really the condition to unlock someone’s status and she said that this might be the easiest way. Truthfully, I’m not convinced that this is the true condition, but since it appears to be correct for my time with Ellie, then it seems that Ann is correct.

As a matter of fact, Ellie and Ann’s opinions can’t be taken lightly, seeing how they’ve never make a mistake so far.

“Plus, it’s only fair if you do this to everyone.”

In other words, it seems that the women’s consensus is that all people can love equally. Well, we’re going to get married and all, but for a Japanese such as me there is a difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’. Thus, the question comes to my mind, [Does this child really love me?].

She did mention that she likes me a lot, but it’s still unknown to me just how deep her ‘like’ is.

“I like you the most after onee chan. Is it not okay with Masaru?”

If she really likes me, then it’s fine to make her my 2nd or my 3rd and we can get married. Although it’s Tilika who first gave the green light for our marriage, if she’s not willing then there’s always another way.

“I’m jealous that onee chan only gives her affections to you, Masaru. I’m also jealous that onee chan is being loved so much by Masaru. I know that this is just an excuse, but I’m okay being in the middle.”

I see. So, you’re envious whenever I’m flirting around with Sati. Even though I’m okay if you want to join us whenever you want.

“Plus, both of you are weird, not being afraid of a Truth Official like me.”

Actually, I’m not capable of reading the hearts of real people, unlike the girls in Japanese anime. You’ll naturally know how the world works once you’re an adult.

“Well, your previous fiancée, that noble boy also doesn’t seems to be afraid.”

“He just wants to get the title of Truth Official. I’m just a bonus.”

I agree, it’s not like he has a weird fetish towards Tilika’s body or something…

“Till now, I feel that Masaru is awesome, for knocking that guy out.”


“I want you to love me, just like how you love onee chan.”

She threw the straight ball, huh. Makes me *dokidoki* for a moment.

But I always do it intensely with Sati though…

“I’ll accept all of you, so it’s okay.”

That seals it! There’s no turning back now!

But for her to say this now, don’t tell me, my latest development with Ellie has been widespread…?

“Of course I’ve known about it. I’m supposed to report it to them too after this.”

Although I once wished that someday a bunch of girls will do this about me, hearing it right out of someone mouth really makes me confused in my mind. Then will you report what’s my favourite to the others too? Didn’t all of you know it firsthand already, girls…?

“Shouldn’t I do it?”

I’m making a troubled face, which makes her ask me.

No, it’s okay. I guess that’s a given, when we’re married and living together.

There’s no way I can last long, if I want to hide each and every thing that I’ve done.

“This kind of came as a shock to me, but it’s not like I mind it, you know.”

After thinking for a while, this is the answer that I came out with.

“I’m glad.”

But wait. This might come out as an advantage for me, right? I mean, if they’ve known everything, then I can do whatever I want without reserve.

I turn toward Tilika, and gently hold her.

Tilika too, turns to face me, and gives me a full hug. It really feels wonderful. Tilika feels so soft in my embrace and she fits nicely in my hug.

“Tell me, just how did they teach you to handle me in bed, hmn, Tilika?”

I caress her head gently, and whisper that question in her ear.


That’s right. I’ve never done that to Tilika before.

I loosen our bodies, and savor Tilika’s cute lip thoroughly.

I can’t wait anymore, so forgive me for starting it with French kiss right off the bat.

“Feels good?”

Feeling content, I ask her.

“That feels nice.”

That little voice is really cute, plus her moist eyes and overall expression makes her look so sweet.

“Then, can I…?”

“Um, please…like onee chan…”

I pushed Tilika down. I can see a shade of pink from her cheeks, but she still insists how she wants to be done.

I see, I see. She wants it like that, huh. There’s no way for me to know exactly if she’s being too vague.

Next time, I hope that the other 3 will join us in bed.

But first I’ll satisfy Tilika, who is with me at the moment. As you wish, I’ll entertain you, just the way you like it.

Later on that day, Tilika’s status menu finally appeared. Shows that she is really satisfied with my companionship. Me too, it feels good so I’m satisfied enough.

She said that she wants Sati to join us the next time we are together. It’s quite a wonderful idea, if you ask me.


We still had time before our wedding, so I took Sati outside to test my large Golem spells.

It’s a 20-meter-tall Golem, used in my previous battle. The size is very big, giving it a menacing look. Last time, there was an instance where the Golem looked like it was peeled off, but in reality there’s nothing much to be scared of. George might be surprised if he heard about this.

I already made a 20-meter giant Golem, so I’d like to try to move it a bit. I’m afraid that its feet will collapse halfway through, though. Somehow, it’s shape doesn’t deform until I deactivate the magic. I wonder if this applies to real battle too?

Either way, 20 meters is the maximum size that I can build. I guess in real battle I’ll reduce the size a bit and make a few of them.

I also tested Meteor and Flare. Just for safety, I only unleashed it after traveling 1 hour out of town. Meteor is a consecutive widespread magical attack. Flare is a fireball with an ultra-hot temperature for single use. Both have enough firepower to be the most powerful magic in the Fire element. If it’s a battle between the 1st wall and the 2nd wall, then using Meteor would be a bad idea. Instead, use Flare. All and all, it’s a nice testing experience.

On the way home, we went hunting for some Wild Rabbit. When we arrive, the gate keeper is already waiting for us. Did he find out about me practicing? I was scolded for it.

It seems that he heard the sound of Meteor and Flare, even from the gate. He didn’t think that the sound came from a particularly large magic, so he didn’t say much about it.

I’m worried that they all want to share rooms, but in the end both Ellie and Ann have their own rooms. The master bedroom will be occupied by me, Sati, and Tilika. Once in a while I’ll stay at the other two rooms too, based on the order. I don’t know how long my body can hold. There’s this skill called ‘Peerless’, but I’m in a bind whether to master that skill or not.

Apart from going looking for rings, I left almost everything about wedding arrangements to Anne and Ellie, and I was killing time with other things. Sati and Tilika are useless in this regard. Tilika was doing half a day of work, but Sati was only doing housework, and the rest going out with my errands and killing time.

Tilika is inviting only her master to our wedding. As for Ellie, her family territory is far in the south of the Empire, so it will take a long time for them to receive the letter. I promised her that I’ll go greet her mother someday. I got in touch with the slave owner, and he said that he will come. Sati’s family seems to be in the Kingdom, but of course I’m not inviting them.

Whenever I talked to her about her family, she will always turn sad. That’s why I’ll never bring it up again.


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  1. 2 deflowering in one chapter. Nice moves, Masaru. Your bros will get you for that. lewls.
    Elizabeth is the legal wife as they agreed upon but why does she have her room seperated from her hubby while the concubines, being 3rd and 4th shares the master’s bedroom w/ Masaru? ain’t it supposed to be the other way around? I’m confused w/ how they do things…yeah, he can visit the other rooms but his things are on the master’s bedroom.


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