Vol 3 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 ~ Liberation

All the people surrounding are being a nuisance, so I chase them all out. After that, I planned to return back the gigantic golem to the ground and brilliantly fix the training ground using the construction technique that I’ve cultivated from the fort. Then I’m going to claim my reward for the previous relief mission.

Elizabeth immediately send the rewards money to her parent house, and Sati’s reward is there too.

As for Sati, she didn’t get much rewards, so I give it all to her as her pocket money. This time, she has managed to gain much herself.

By the way, the guild will handle all the remittances applied by the guild members. Basically, they will tell the other branch of the amounts to be deposited or if necessary, they will send it themselves. Of course, in that case there will be an additional delivery charges. In Elizabeth case, her place is near the demon realm so it’s near to the other guild branch, so extra fees for commission are not necessary.

After my business with the guild is done, I dropped by at the Armor shop.

My armor is tattered all over now due to the continuous battles. Well, it was mainly due to Nania san though. I’m thinking of repairing it before, but after much thought, I rather increase it defensive power.

Instead of the current leather based armor, I change the torso part to plate mail, and reinforce the join in the arm and foot with iron.

Like this, it will become a half plate armor like Nania san.

I decided to upgrade Sati and Ann armors as well.

I’m strengthening Sati’s armor just like mine. As for Ann, she is going to get one set from the Order of The Shrine.

I was told by Ann that it was heavy, but since I can increase her physical strength through skill, so it’s okay.

Since the armor need to be tailored to suit the body shape, it will take at least one week to be done. We’re going to stick around for quite some time now, so it’s okay.

I need to replenish my arrows stock too, since I’m out of them at the moment. All the arrows that Sati used at the fortress battle were for defenses, so the Guild will totally reimburse it for me. Furthermore, they are going to pay me double for it. Quite a large sum really.

I order a lot of them, as a preparation for the upcoming battle. I’ve a little to no amount of them now in my inventory, so it might take weeks to get it to normal count.

“Wait Ann, aren’t Ellie going to come back soon?”

“That’s right. See, Ellie is here.”

“Wait. We’re are going together.”

“I get it. No need to pull my hand so much.”

I saw Ann is pulling Ellie’s hand.

“I’m going to buy you some gift. Let’s go, Sati.”

I hold Sati’s hand and walk.

“Yes. But is it really fine? I’m fine the way I’m right now.”

“It’s not like its matter, no?”


Sati looks like she is thinking something.

“Why don’t you get something same like Ann, Ellie and Tilika chan? I’m sure that you would like it too.”

“That’s right. This way, everyone will get a matching set!”

“True, true. You should change the way you call me too. Why don’t you call me just Masaru?”

“Ma, Masaru…”

Sati face down, with a hint of rose at her cheeks.

This feels nice somehow. Show some guts.

“Masaru kun, Masaru san. Ma kun?”

“Masaru kun, Masaru san. Ma kun…”

“Which one is good?”

“As expected, only Masaru sama is acceptable.”

“You sure?”


“Ah, we’ve arrive.’

We stopped in front of the slave trader shop where I got Sati from. Sati look up at the shop with an uneasy face.

“Um…if I’m no longer a slave…will you keep the promise, being with me together for 20 years?” pg. 251

Everything that she has while being my slave will all be taken away. I wonder if that’s how she is feeling right now.

“Be ease, nothing will happen. Well, you see, I’m going to marry everyone, so that all of us can go back to our home together. Un, I can promise you that. Sati would never go anywhere else. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Masaru sama. It’s a promise.”

Till now I still think about Japan.

Truthfully, it’s not a bad idea to live all my life here in this world. I already have 4 brides now as well. Perhaps right now is the peaks of my life. I’ve encountered many frightful and painful thing in my life before, but now I dare to say…

I have no regret in my life anymore!!

NO, I’ve yet to do it with Ellie and Tilika chan yet. I’ll only declare it officially after I’ve done everything properly.

Sati scratched her head, and then tighten her fist, showing her resolve.

*breath* Calm yourself. I come here today to stripped Sati off her slave status.

“Alright, I’m going in.”

I said as I’m walking through the door. I already spent too much time standing outside the door. Inside, there is the usual middle-age bald man.

“Oh, it’s you. And the one beside you is, umm~”


“Oh yeah, Sati. Are you doing fine?”

“Yes. I’m in fine health.”

“Is that so. Come in. So, what kind of service are you looking for today?”

“I’m thinking of releasing this girl.”

“I see. Good timing. The crest master came here a while back too. We can start right away.”

After that he left the room. By the way, I never think that I ever use the crest before.

I’m going to release it!  I already come today so if I ‘ve done nothing, then I’ll become a lesser human by tomorrow.

After a while the bald man comes back, bringing along him a guy wearing a pair of dark glove and a gray robe.

“The service to release a slave is 800 gold each. Is that fine?” pg. 252

I don’t know if the fee is appropriate for the service, but it’s okay since I’m quite loaded at the moment. I give him 8 pieces of silver coins.

“Please bring your arm out.”

He orders Sati.

“Alright. This is what I’m going to do. Her release can be done immediately. But I need to do it at another room. I don’t want others to see this technique.”

Although it is not an easy spell, there is still a possibility for it to be copied if the other mage concentrate on the process. It’s very dangerous for those who are not qualified to knows the spell to bind and release the slaves. Our society might get confused if slaves are made and freed all the time without permission. Pg. 253

“Come here.”

After he said that, he took Sati’s hand and left the room.

“It’ll be okay. I’ve been conducting business with him for a long time now. You can entrust him with this stuff.”

I wonder if my anxiety is that apparent on my face.

“That’s fine then. I’ll wait here quietly.”

It was when I take a sip of tea that I remembered.

“That’s right. About the older girl that I’ve asked before, have you managed to contact her yet?”

I promised to tell her when I’m going to marry Sati. When we’re talking about this, Sati returned.

“This girl is free now.”

The crest master said.

“Congratulation Sati. You must be happy that the man that bought you is going to marry you.”


“So, you’re going to get married. Then allow me congratulate you.”

“Thank you.”

I take a look at Sati’s hand. Although the Slave Crest was engraved like a tattoo, it’s surprising that it can be taken out, without leaving any kind of trace.

“Let’s go. I’ll contact you guys after the date was decided.”

“I wish for your happiness!”

On the way back, I think a bit while holding hand with Sati.

Most of the people of her kind don’t have a last name, so if we are to marry, then will her name change to Sati Yamano? Somehow it sounds like a Nikkeijin (Japanese immigrant). Angela Yamano, Elizabeth Yamano and Tilika Yamano. Well, them too.  I wish that I have a cooler surname, like Houou. Sati Houou. Yup. Sounds much better…right? Houou Angela and Houou Elizabeth. In this case, the name doesn’t sound like it fit.

Honestly, Houou surname sounds like a joke too, so I better consult everyone before deciding.

I walked silently while thinking that. Sati is not talking much either. I’m saved because I don’t actually have any topic to talk to. I look at her, and she looks my way, with moist eyes and eventually giggles. Getting caught in the mood, I also start to laugh softly alongside her, when she squeezed my hand.



“I’m no longer a slave, am I?”


“Masaru…Masaru sama will keep loving me like always, right?”

Recently, Sati will always ask this question to me. This girl is always unsure about my feeling toward her. Well I found this reaction to be loveable though.

“Yes. I love you really much, Sati.”

“Me too. I love you really much.”


After that, we walk silently.

I’m feeling happy right now, like in heaven.

I wonder if Sati is feeling the exact same thing like mine. I’ll make sure to make this girl happy. I hope that from now everyday will be like this.

On the way home, I dropped at the shop to purchase food ingredients. After that I’m looking for souvenir and then went back home.

I make a little detour and dropped at horse ranch and get some horse milk to make some yogurt. Ellie has not been eating it for a long time now, I’m sure she will be happy.

After we arrived at home, I show everyone Sati’s hand. Of course, just like me, both Ann and Ellie are glad for her.

That day our dinner is a dragon meat that have been kept carefully since last time. By the way, I remember that it thanks to this dragon meat that I was able to invite Tilika chan to come here in the first place.

I’m going to get married with Tilika chan, so it’s not like I can use the ‘chan’ forever. ティリ力、ティリ力(note: what?)。Yea, this is better.

My wedding ceremony will be held after one week, together with Olba san and Nania san. At first, I was glad that my wedding only caught a small attention in our community, but the guests are likely to increases by times. Of course, my opinion to have average wedding were opposed by the other four. Even Tilika chan seems to look forward to our grand wedding.

Sati also said how much she wants a wonderful wedding. That’s why now, I’ve no choice but to make it fancy and grandiose…

Just one thing, the girls won’t let me make final decision for our wedding dress design.

They have not yet decided the design for the wedding dress, and it seems like it’s fine to decorate it however we like. Then the tailor shown us the picture of the design that looks like a western style wedding gown that I often see at Japan and I quite like it. Even Nania san seems to have same opinion like mine. Pg. 256

I was shown the design of the wedding dress at the tailor. That’s pretty much my role in this.

When I show them the picture of the design and tell them that I like it, the girls suddenly become unrest and hold a meeting at my back. It seems that the design was mostly used for noble woman when they are going for a party. After that, it is time for them to get their measurement done, so I went out to look for a ring next. As for the place, I pretty much knows where to ask about it.

I ask the vice guild leader about the wedding ring and where can I find it, turn out that he didn’t know such place. When I ask the receptionist, I was introduced with a nice shop.

The metalsmith consulted me about the ring design and I asked him to make it simple, around the same shape as Elizabeth ring. The material price for mithril silver is quite high. The metalsmith shown me all irons with various size for me to decide and I need to give the specifics like the girl’s fingers size. At the same time, I take a look around inside the shop.

How about my suit? My job is done after we decided the hemming for Ellies gown. As for the male suit, I don’t care much and it’s okay as long as it’s wearable.

I did not wear the wedding suit as trial because I did not have much time, but I think that it was finished in a simple and neat feeling.

The wedding expenses include the additional furniture to put in the house, the rings and the dresses. The expenses dug quite a deep hole in my pocket, seeing that I pretty much has used up all the reward money that I’ve gained from the fort mission. I will need to earn from below again so it’s not possible to be leisure for a while now.

The reward itself was very big, especially because it is an emergency relief mission. Furthermore, if I include all the Orcs meat that is higher in value than the usual meat, then I can easily get double the mission fee. But still, I think that my reward is not that reasonable, considering how much services that I’ve provided. Still, it was quite a lot compared to Ellie and Sati.

Regarding the emergency request, it is actually half volunteer. If people only care about the rewards and choose not to fight, then it might be possible for the country to be destroyed. Everyone know how much lives are at stakes.

I didn’t expect the rewards to be that unsatisfactory so I was quite disappointed, but after I heard the speech I feel quite satisfied.

All of us has decided that the Orcs meats that I’ve collected earlier will be served to our guests during our wedding.

Besides the rewards, I gain 4 wives after the battle.

It’s priceless. There’s no way that they can be compared with any amount of money.

That’s why I’ve no complain now.

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