Vol 3 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 ~ Tilika wish is…

Me and Sati rested ourselves on the sofa after being invited into the sub guild leader room.

“What actually happened?”

Across me, Tilika is sitting beside Sati while clasping their hands together.

“The case is, someone has talk to her into marriage.”

“What getting married. I thought Tilika age is around Sati’s or even younger?”

“Yea. I wonder if that’s the case.”

Then I turned to face Tilika chan. Tilika chan is also looking at me, but she looks calm.

“Simply speaking, Tilika is 20 years old by this year.”

“What, 20 years old!?”


Hearing that, Sati’s screaming in shocked.


Tilika says that without any changes in her expression.

Seriously…if that’s true then she is older than Angela by 1 year.

“So Tilika chan is the onee chan?”

“Sati is fine being the onee chan.”

“There’s a reason why she doesn’t look her age. It’s because of the Evil Eyes.”

The Evil Eyes which can detect lies was artificially embedded to her. In most cases, whoever the Evil Eyes implanted will have some sort of backlash. As for Tilika chan case, her growth stopped at the age when she undergone the operation.

“It’s not that weird if a girl got courted by the age of 20, but why so suddenly?”

Before we went to the fort, we never heard about this at all.

The guy must have proposed while we’re still fighting at the fortress then.

“It’s that Evil Eyes. He said that he wants to get an heir. We finally managed to solve one problem but here comes the other one now.”

Those who are capable to possess the magic eyes are indeed valuable. Since the nature is that it is inheritable, that’s why one of the parent need to have this trait, so that the children have higher chance with the compatibility.

“Then who is that guy?”

“He is some Noble’s son and also a wizard. Even though he might look weak, I know that he packs a punch. He looks like he likes Tilika too.”

Basically, the opposite side is a rich wizard huh.

It was said that a mage couple can produce a child with high magical traits. If both the parent is a mage, then it is very likely for the child to have a high magical power reserve, and high aptitude to learns magic, almost to genius level.

“Then what is Tilika chan decisions?”

“I absolutely won’t do it.”

After she got married, then she will be probably being brought along to the Kingdom.

After that, another Truth Official need to be dispatched. Tilika chan already refuse him, saying that she absolutely doesn’t want that to happen. Furthermore, she doesn’t want to leave Sati here. Pg. 228



Tilika chan stood up and comes to me.

“Let’s get married.”

“Eh? Then Sati?”

I look at Sati.

…Actually, just how much girls one can marry in one time in this world?

“No, you’re wrong Masaru. If I marry Masaru, then all these mess can be solved. Onee chan will be together with me. I can give birth to Masaru kids because he is a good mage.”

After Tilika chan is satisfied talking whatever she wants, she returns back to Sati’s side.

“That’s the issue now.”

No matter how much Tilika chan is putting her hope on me, I still can’t decide if you say it suddenly now.

“Um…you know, I already planned to marry Sati, Angela and Elizabeth after this.”

“Oh! Marrying 3 girls straight. This guy is too healthy! Not to mention that Tilika is going to be included too. What, even 3 is already a lot. Adding just Tilika alone sure won’t increase the burden more, I bet!”

“I doubt that. This girl is not a small animal that I’m going to keep as a pet you know.”

“Does Masaru hate me?”

“No, I rather like you.”

Tilika chan is a cute girl, there is no mistake that I kinda like her, but marriage?

“I also like Masaru very much.”

Like me a lot, huh? Somehow, I feel like her real feeling didn’t match what she is saying just now.

“Um, Masaru sama. Please do this, for my sake.”

So, Sati is okay with this.

“P-please let me think for a while first…”

“Ah, there’s no need for you to decide it now. You can go back and discuss this with your brides.”

Then as usual Tilika chan will follows us and stay at our home.

We’ve left the house for more than 2 weeks now, but I can see that it has been properly cleaned from time to time. I need to thanks Sister Matilda for this.

When we entered inside, Ellie has already been waiting for us at the front.

As for Anne, she returns to the shrine to meet the Head Priest.

“Ara, isn’t it Tilika chan. Are you going to stayover tonight?”

“Yes. I’m going to stayover tonight from now on.” Pg. 230

Rather than staying, it’s more like you’re going to start living here from now on…

“From now on?”

Tilika chan nod.


It seems like Ellie didn’t quite get it.

If she really thinks carefully then she might catch up that Tilika chan means every day.

“Forget about that, I’m already hungry.”

“Ah, that’s right. Shall we eat then?”

Just like another day, it’s dark outside today as well.

The dining room was already lit with light. There are some oil lamps and candles, but the light produce by Ellie’s magic is still the brightest.

I still have the ramen soup stock around, so for now I’m brewing the pasta.

I create water with magic, and boil it with fire magic. Meanwhile, I burn the firewood and start cutting the vegetables.

I warm the soup with fire magic, and lightly seasoned it with salt. Then I pour eggs inside the soup.

Finally, I put the fresh vegetables inside, and thus the Nagasaki Champon of salt ramen style pasta with chicken broth soup was completed.

They might don’t know this food, even so I’m sure they will appreciate how delicious this is.

I only need to use 10 minutes to prepare this. As expected, magic sure is convenient.

I also added the bread that I kept as item.

Maybe I should make a bread Full Menu? I think about it for a while and decide that this much is enough.

Sati keep on having extra fills, furthermore she is having the bread too.

As usual, she is a big eater. I’m worried that she might be fat one day.

After this I’m going to do a thorough check with her body, maybe I will start with her waist size.

After the meal, we’re going to have fun time like usual in the bath…but after Ellie went in, Sati together with Tilika chan went inside first.

All of them have themselves wrapped in bath towel properly.

“Excuse me, Tilika chan?”

“I’ll scrub her today. Don’t worry, Onee chan already told me all about it. You can just leave it to me.”

“Elizabeth sama also like it when both of us are washing her you know!”

Doesn’t that mean that Ellie is just that lazy?

When I think about it, I’m already feeling so sleepy.

“I have not decided with the marriage yet. I still feel that all of this is too rushed…” pg. 231

“Do you want me to wash your back, Masaru?”

There’s no use for me to tell her that I don’t need it, when truthfully, I want it, because she can see through all my lies…

“Ah, please do it.”

“No problem. Then I will wash the front, while Onee chan wash the back.”

Therefore, I was scrubbed by both of them. They washed my body thoroughly, every nook and cranny without any exception.

Tilika chan is already 20 years old. She is pretty much about the same age as Angela. That’s why it’s okay. She also agrees with it.

Now I only need to get the approval from those 2!

All three of us soaked in the bath.

Tilika chan and Sati are at my both sides. While soaking in the bath, it’s a manner to not wear anything, including towel. I know that both of them are naked, but as a gentle man I’ll not let my hand wander around.

“Do you feel nice, Masaru?”

“It really feels quite nice…”

“Then will you marry me?”

With that saying, she gently positioned herself in front of me and gazed to my eyes. That sure is one aggressive move, is she trying to tempt me now?

“For your information, I’m okay with it, no objection. But I still need to ask Ellie and Ann first.”

“I’m sure that both of them will agree.”

“That’s right. Why don’t you have a talk with Ellie after we went out of bath.”

Although I don’t want to put myself into more mess now, both of them are counting on me. I’m sure that Tilika chan is prepared for this. That’s why, I have my own share of responsibility in this.

The firewood’s in the fireplace is burning, warming the entire living room.

Ellie’s currently sitting in front of it and looks irritated. Did she saw me come out of the bath together with Tilika chan?

I sit next to her right, Tilika chan and Sati on her left, and shake her.

I don’t think this sofa can occupy all of us in one time, if Angela is included. No choice, I’ll have to buy either another sofa or a larger one.

Or maybe I should get a granny chair next? I’ll decide it once I get to the furniture shop.

But first I need to tell Ellie about Tilika chan. It’s quite a delicate topic, so I need to approach her carefully with this one.

…Let’s coax her gently as possible now.

“Elizabeth, I have something to tell you now.”

“What’s wrong, being so serious suddenly.”

“This is about Tilika chan.”

“I’m going to marry Masaru.”

Hey you, wait! I’m trying to tell her all this in order you know!

“…Please explain what this girl is trying to say, Masaru.”

I can tell from her voice that her mood has worsen.

“No wait, I’ll explain it. I’ll give you all the details!”

“You better be. I’m going to hear all the details, until I’m satisfied.”

“Actually, all these happens because Tilika chan is going to marry soon…”

I explain to her about current situations that I already heard earlier. Pg. 234

“So, it’s because of her magic Eyes. But it’s not like Tilika‘s going to get married like, right now, isn’t she? She is still a child, furthermore she is too young to do this.”

“Well, you see…” I look at Tilika chan over Ellie’s shoulder.

“I’m 20 years old this year. I’m a full-fledged adult.”


“Her growth was stopped due to her Evil Eyes curse.”

“Is that the truth?”


“20…20 years old, eh? Then no wonder you’re getting a suitor already. What kind of man is your suitor?”

Tilika chan scratched her neck.

“You should have seen him when he met you, no? You never seen him before?”

“I saw. But I can’t remember the details.”

How can you forget your suitor name’s and face…?

How unfortunate…

“If I’m not mistaken, he is a 3rd son of some noble, right? I don’t know if it is possible to let Tilika marry Masaru just like that. We need to ask guild vice leader tomorrow for more details.”

“So…are you okay with me marrying her?”

“There are still some things that I would like to say, but since it Tilika, then it’s okay. So, Masaru is really marrying her right?”


“Marrying a person out of obligation without love is just wrong, that’s why I’m glad that you’re stopping it!”

“Thank you, Ellie.”

“Don’t mind it. When Ann return tomorrow, let’s talk to her together.”

“I wonder if Ann will agree?”

“It will be okay, right? It’s because Ann is a gentle person. I’m sure that everything will turns out well, Tilika chan. Just leave it to us.”

Reliable! You’re really a reliable person, Elizabeth san!

“Heh-heh. It’s only natural!”

The next morning, Ann returns before breakfast. She arrives at nice timing, I’m just about to look for her.

“Regarding the party issue, I have already been given the permission. In the meantime, I went to the clinic and help, and it seems that the orphanage has done well even without me.”

“That means you’re going to stay here from now on?”

“Yeah. I already brought all my personal belongings over.”

Although she mentions that her luggage is not much, I still can see 2 big bags or something. I decided that I’ll only talk to her after I help her unloads all her goods.

‘Err, you see. The thing about Tilika chan that we discussed before…” pg. 236

‘Leave it to us!’ So said Ellie yesterday. She talked big game but in the end, I’m the one to say it since she hasn’t wake up yet. I’m fidgeting around the dining hall table now. Still, I have to say it, especially now.

“What’s wrong with Tilika?”

“I heard that Tilika chan is going to get married soon.”

This time nobody can disturb my explanation so I can explain it in order now.

“With who!?”

I will tell you about the noble’s son. This is the third time I’m repeating the same explanations now.

“So, the suitor is a noble man 3rd son…then, what can we do? You said that you dislike Tilika before, right?”

“I’m going to marry Masaru.”

Ah, this kid cut me in the middle again. Well since I have pretty much explained everything earlier, so it’s fine.

“But Tilika is still so young. Isn’t it okay with just engagement first?”

“20 years old.”

Explaining about her has becomes so troublesome now. The explanation is miscellaneous.

“20 years old?”

This girl really has no idea.

“Um, she really is. It’s because of the Evil Eyes that now she…”

I’m explaining for the 3rd time.

“20 years old…She is one year older  than me…”

“I’m alright with it you know. We just need Ann approval now.”

Elizabeth who finally woke up said.

“Err, so have you discuss with him already?”

“Yea, he came to ask me yesterday.”

“Aren’t you being too hasty…Ah, whatever. I’m also fine with it.”

“Thank you, Angela.”

“Yeah-yeah, you’re welcome. So, what are you going to do next?”

“I’m going to tell it to the guild vice leader. But should I eat rice before I’m going?”

“Ah, I see, I see! I know that Masaru will said so! Aren’t you glad, Tilika chan.”


“So, who is the guy actually?”

Ellie aske the guild vice leader.

“George Byron, third son of the noble Byron. He is a magical swordsman who is using Earth magic. He is quite formidable.”

“Isn’t he an aristocrat from a Military (Bumon) family? Will he give up easily just like that?”

“No, the person himself said that he likes Tilika, and he went here just to relay his message. It will be a bother to come all the way from the kingdom just to get rejected.”

“I don’t agree with his action myself, doing anything he pleased without others consent. I’ll try to prevent him using my authority as a guild vice leader.”

“I intended to do that as a last measure, but before that I’ll like to persuade him first.”


When we came to persuade Nania san before, it turns into a battle though…

“I got it. Masaru, I’ll go persuade with you!”

“It is a battle!”

I know right. I already expect this when I heard about Bumon.

This George Byron person is a tall and slender guy. His appearance is not as menacing than the other adventurers, and if he is in Japan, then he might do well. He is wearing some robe that looks like only a noble can afford, which make him looks like a mage. He also has 2 aides standing side by side with him.

To conduct our battle, we went to the training ground.

“A horse face men like you are not suitable for Lady Tilika. It’ll be better if you will surrender yourself quietly now.”

Just like you said, I’m just a commoner, not sure about the horse face part though, but I can tell you that I’ll never withdraw from this duel.

“Masaru! Absolutely don’t lose to guy like that!”

“That’s right! Try your hardest for Tilika sake!”

“Masaru sama, fight!”

“…Those ladies that are cheering for you at the back, just who are them?”

“Err, all three of them are my wives…”

George expression turns furious in an instant. And is that tongue click I heard just now?

“Y, you bastard…you already have three ladies with you, yet you still want Lady Tilika…”

George’s voice is trembling.

“All three of them have placed their hopes on me…that’s why, sorry.”

“Lady Tilika! Can you accept that this guy is a lady’s man!? If it’s me, then I will love you and only you for the rest of my life!”

“I don’t need you. Masaru alone is enough.”

Tilika chan said it out flat.

I feel pitiful towards George a little now.

“I see. As expected, you’re the root of all evils. I don’t know just how you managed to charm Lady Tilika, but I’ll put an end to you now!”

The one that misunderstood the most was Sati in the first place you know.

I wanted to explain it to him, but I saw that he already started casting magic. I jump backward and put up my guard.

“There’s no need to be vigilant. First of all, I’ll show you my magic. Manifest, my Golem!”

By using the surrounding training ground as materials, George summoned 3 Golems. They are about 3 meters each.

“Fufufu. How’s that. Just to let you know, I can put up four at max. I’ll forgive you if you were to perform Dogeza now.”

So, he put out only 3 because if he put out 4, then he will deplete all his MP. Alright, I understand.

“You are not able to release all four of them at one time, right?”

“J, just three of them are enough to handle the likes of you! Prepare yourself!”

As expected. But still, three Golems at once is quite an accomplishment. If it’s the me before I went to Golbas Fortress, then there’s no way I can defeat him.

“Now, just accept your defeat. With your fire magic, there is no way that it could do any damage towards my Golem.”

Well you see, to maintain the Golem he needs to concentrate as long as the Golem is out on the field. If I were to use a low rank Fire magic, then it can only scratch the surface of his Golem.

He might have investigated a bit about me, but the information that he holds now is already obsolete. It’s true that as a Magic Swordsman, I was only capable of Fire magic before. But now, even I have mastered Earth magic.

“I can use Earth magic too now, so we are at same level right now.”

I can do pretty much the same spell too, so there’s nothing to worry about.

“Ho, I never heard about that before. If you really can use it, then why don’t you show me your Golem now.”

“Just for clarification, it is fine if we determine the winner of the match by using our Golem alone?”

“That’s fine. I swear it with my family name Byron.”

Okay now. I never tried to make a large Golem before, but I pretty much know how to. For this spell, I can control the size of my Golem by manipulating the amount of magic power that I use, unlike the one from the level 2 Earth magic. Alright, I think this much is enough.

【Creation of large golem】 Activation – The chant is a success. Let’s put magical power in a little.

Gugugu *ground shaking*

What? The ground is… this is bad. Is the Golem too big?

“Everyone get out of here!”

Everyone seems to notice the abnormalities that happening in the ground after I shouted. They all scattered in panic.

*boku**boku* the ground is making sound now. Something big is coming…

George face turns pale and he started to distance himself from me now. He is an Earth mage, so only he knows what’s going to appear.

After the chant is complete, the giant slowly rose from the ground, starting from its hand. 10? No, it size is about 20 meters.

“Wh-wha-what is that!?”

My mind returns to our duel after I heard George voice. Although it’s unlikely that he is going to fight me anymore like this.

“What do you mean ‘what’, of course it’s my large Golem. More importantly, let’s start now.”

“I-it must be hollow inside! Yea, that must be the case! Go, my Golems!”

His three Golems attack my large Golem. They are pretty big too, with the size of 3 meters each, but mine is just colossal. It tries to hang on my large Golem feet, but since the outer layer scrapped off, so it is not effective.

“Hahaha! How’s that! It might be big, but I know that it’s shoddy! It’s a creation that are unable to move itself!”

No, no, no. I’m sure that it managed to get up here fine just now.hellowork_vol3_0846

“Crush them with your feet.”

I give the order to my large Golem. Actually, there is no need for me to voice out my command because I can directly do it from my head, but somehow, I just said it.

The large Golem slowly raise it feet, and stomped upon the other Golem with a scratching sound. After seeing that, the other 2 Golems retreated. But my large Golem only need to take another step and crush the other one. The last one make a desperate attempt to flee, but my large Golem squatted, and swatted it like a mosquito. With this, the fight is over.

“Impossible…this is just absurd.”

That’s what I’m thinking too. It was somewhat an unreal sight that a huge golem crushed and crushed a small golem, even if I saw it with my own eyes.

But, this is a trouble.

A large hole opened in the training ground.

Will it be okay if I return the large Golem into the ground back? I don’t want to get preached by Sergeant dono again. While watching the hole, and thinking about such a thing, Ann gave a cry.

“Masaru, dangerous!”


Is it George!?

George has unsheathed his sword and start attacking.

I raise my left arm and tried to block the attack with my shield, only to realize that I didn’t bring my shield along.

George stopped after he got my hand, and I tried to slip away from him without making it worse on my left hand as possible. He managed to hit around my elbows, and now I’m unable to move it because of the pain.

“Kukuku. The member of Bryon family can never lose, especially to a commoner like you.”


“Let’s do it for real this time, pull out your sword.”

My left arm is useless now. There’s a possibility that the hit just now cracked my bone. I may be wearing my armor now, but a direct hit is still bad.

I take a distance from George and pull out my sword. My opponent is still a mage. If I were to cast heal now, then he might notice and start attacking. Fuck. My left arm is completely dead.

We can hear the jeering’s from the spectator’s side. But George doesn’t seem to notice.

“Aren’t you embarrassed? You said just now that it’s fine to settle this with our Golem alone.”

“Shut up! Such thing! I have decided that you cheated somehow! I’ll defeat you right here and now, you garbage!”

I tightly grip my sword with my right arm, and take a deep breath to reduce the pain in my left arm.

My left arm does not matter much, as I’m a righty. If I didn’t defend just now, then it’s possible for me to die from his attack.

“Masaru! I’m going to treat you now!”

“Don’t come. I’ll put an end to him soon.”

“Now that’s chivalrous. Then I’ll kill you without you need to suffer much.”

That said, George readying his stance. I wonder if that sword is good. It looks thinner than the average sword, maybe it’s specialized for thrusting. Maybe that’s why he can penetrate my left arm this much.

But why are you saying that you will kill me over and over. I just want to live peacefully…

“I’m coming!”

I’m sure that George think that my left arm is pretty much dead. Look at his victorious face while brandishing his sword around. He is going for the thrust technique.

Yea, he is slow. His action takes too much time.

I avoid his strike with just a little margin, and strike his handsome face with the handle of my sword.

George fell down and collapsed, not moving anymore.

Did I hit him too seriously? I’m sure that I held back somewhat. He is not dead, right…?

Both George aids rush to his side.

“Masaru, are you okay? I’m going to treat you now.”

“What’s with that guy! He brings shame to his noble lineage.”

The pain is reduced after Angela used heal.

“You’ve done well, Masaru. I’ll report this incident to the upper side. He has breached the agreement that has been made before the fight. There’s nothing that he can say to defend himself anymore.”

George received treatment and carried away while fainted.

“Thank you, Masaru.”


“Masaru sama, you’re so amazing. You look so cool just now!”

“That’s right. This is the first time I’ve ever saw a Golem that huge.”

“I’m sorry to disturb you guys happy moment, but your job is not end yet…”

The guild vice leader pointed at hole on the ground.

Ah geez fine, I’ll fix it. I’ll fix it right now.

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