Vol 3 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 ~ Prelude to Destruction

After a complete 2 days vacation, I return back to works. Pg. 213

Just in the short period of time, the army has managed to retake the first wall back. Currently, the army is securing the pathway to the enemy’s base outside the wall.

It was said that the monsters quickly run away as soon as the army arrived at their camp. Many adventurers think that this pursuit mission will be easy.

Although we’ve managed to retake the first wall, the repairing process still can’t be done yet. Throughout our long battles since days ago, monster’s carcasses have piles up so much that the smell has started to spread…a little cleaning is in order first. The situation is not becoming worse thanks to the incoming winter. If we’re in summer, then the situation might get worsen.

The soldiers are collecting all the dead bodies in one place, and incinerate them all. Of course, those which can still be recovered are keep to be process as foods.

As for me, I was cleaning the debris of what used to be a part of the wall. The wall might have a lot of cracks here and there, but it’s still recoverable. Soon after the cleaning is done, me and another group of guys will be busy. From what I’ve seen, they are reliable guys.

After I have recovered all the wall debris, I started a fire and Molten san approached me then.

“Masaru dono, we’re likely to start working soon.”

We’re taken to the biggest hole of the first wall. The wall is cut down to a height of about 1 meter over a width of tens of meters, and the figure of soldiers of the military who creates magnificent nature and obstacle of the demon can be seen well.

This mystical landscape doesn’t change much, even compared to the other place.

“Masaru dono, you will close that hole and dig the area around the moat to its original size.”

The moat is quite deep. With this size, I guess the width is around 10 meters and the depth might be around 5 meters? However, the part near the hole is already on the same level as the surface. This might be the works of those monsters.

For the time being, I used the land that has filled the moat to repair the wall.

In reality, I just roughly plastered the land at the wall, but it still looks quite nice. Later on, the other Earth mages will come and do the finer details. I don’t want to overwork myself, so I make sure that only I keep the clay wall to the size of about 1 meter length, and 2 meters’ width. I keep continuing the work for some times. Well if I’m showing that I’m doing some work now, then I can slack off later.

There’s a large tent nearby the first wall. People can relax there will sipping their Magi tea.

I wished Sati was here with me. I’ve done some progress now, therefore I’m taking break.

At this time, Sati must be cooking together with Angela. It’s not like there’s anything that she can do even if I bring her along, so it’s better to leave her with the other women at shrine, so I think while sipping my tea.

“As expected of you. Our work is progressing fast.”

Most of the time, the work was done by manpower alone. However, since this time we’ve helps from magician, shorter repair time is to be expected.

The Earth mages that came along with the Kingdom army are plenty skillful, but they have problem with their MP capacity. They are taking couples of days just to repair a single spot of the wall. Honestly, I want to finish this troublesome task as soon as possible, but because of fear that someone will notice me, I kept it myself. I’m already suspicious of my total MP reserve since beginning, and after Angela confirms it, it seems that my MP is slightly higher even compared to those of high ranking mage.

According to Molten san explanation, the restoration of the castle wall consists of rough surface as foundation, and then it will be covered with a brick and a stone.

They should have started with the 2nd wall that I’ve repaired earlier on.

I want to keep staring at this handsome vice-captain face, but since the repairing works is in due, it can’t be helped.

When I returned, I saw that the part that I’ve done just now was already been flattened and put stone by the other Earth mages. Then I build another earth wall and plastered it to another hole.

The land that have been filling the moat for a while now have been completely used by me. Since Molten san wants me to remake the moat to be usable again, I will just continue digging here. Maybe I’ll dig it until it’s 10 meter deep.

But will he allow it, I wonder? I’m just too lazy to ask him.

I know that I didn’t ask for permission, but the wall structure won’t be affected by this I think.

After half the wall was done, they give us a break to replenish our magical power. Actually, I still have plenty of MP left, but since I didn’t make much progress, I decided to take a break anyway. I know that I only need to deepen the moat, but till now, the result is not apparent yet.

Besides, there’s no need to be hasty. The monsters are no threat to us anymore.

However, it seems like a trouble take place after I return to the tent. I saw that a messenger rushes to the military army leader, and people start making a racket.

“Did something happen?”

As everyone can see, the demons are not attacking us today. Is it something from within the fort?

“I’ll go ask.”

Molten san go towards the crowd.

After a short while, Molten san comes back. He’s got that serious face with him.

“I get the situation now. It seems that the Transfer mage came from Hilgis, because they’re being invaded by monsters right now.”


“Correct. It is one of the small countries in the southeast of the kingdom, the eastern part of the Empire, but right now, they are in contact with the demon.”

Hilgis fort was a wonderful fortress with defense power comparable even to this fort. However, it’s already fall in the hand of the demons and now are being plundered by the monsters.

Hilgis also had an agreement with the Empire against threats, so the Empire was supposed to head for relief in emergencies.

Since this fort, Gorbas fortress was in crisis first, the kingdom dispatched their troops from the southeast part to the northern part, here.

This is the first time in 10 years that the Empire has misjudged the crisis. They are too late to send reinforcements force to Hilgis. To save Hilgis, the Empire hastily move the army there, but they might won’t be make it in time…

I’ve got a bad premonition out of this chains of events. Pg.217

I wonder if all of these attacks are just the tips of the iceberg of what will be coming next.

“So, the attack here was just a diversion. It’s not like I never thought of this before, but to think that this is true…no wonder they retreated easily when the army came. Even so, the monster raid this time is still large. Especially when they push us to 2nd wall last time. There’s a possibility that they are abandoning us because of the increasing reinforcements that keeps coming over here.”

There might be no relations between these 2 attacks at all too. But if this world is going to get destroyed in 20 years’ time, then it might be a good idea for them to weaken this country little by little.

“Who is leading the attack in the first place?”

“I don’t know. Based on the info that I’ve received, nobody ever seen the commander yet. We’re certain that a command chain exists for these monsters. Some of us speculated that the leading commander might be an Orc King or the Devils. This might be far-fetched, but there are possibility that commander might be the Demon king from fairytales too.”

I can feel my sweat drips when he mentions Demon King.

Molten san said that the Demon King only exists in fairy tales now, but unbeknown to them, it might already have been resurrected…

“Anyways, we won’t be doing anything. Since Hilgis is very far from here, we will not take action as per our commandment.”

Molten san added that since the Kingdom is facing such crisis, the Imperial army might mobilize from the Kingdom border.  There is not enough information for the superior of the army to take any action. It can be said that the movement at the Demon side is on par of that of Imperial army. They need to start an even more detailed investigation. Even if Hilgis is quite far from the Kingdom, if they are being attacked, then it’s to be expected that the Empire will offer them their assistant. The superior in the army is having a headache right now, because the information flow is really slow.

After long time absence, Elizabeth finally returns back to our room accompanied by people of the Order.

Afterwards, everyone gather in the room.

“Is Nania san feeling better now?”

“We already have enough chat now. It’s time for me to leave her at Olba hand.”

“More importantly, have you heard about Hilgis?”

“Anything happen at Hilgis?”

Angela is serving a cup of tea to me and ask.

“A messenger has just come here saying that Hilgis Fortress are under attack by the monsters.”

“Where is Hilgis?”

“They said that it is a small country at the east of the Kingdom, southeast of the Empire.”

I explained to Sati who does not know where Hilgis at. Actually, even I’ve heard it for the first time today.

“So, is Hilgis okay?”

“At the moment, they don’t seem to be in good condition.”

I explained the situation based on what I’ve heard from Molten san earlier and also about the Imperial army movement. I tell them that the reinforcement force might not make it on time.

“I’ll go talk to Bishop sama for a while.”

Of course, there is also a branch shrine at Hilgis. I wonder if there are any Angela acquaintance over there.

“What about lunch?”

“The food preparation is done. I’ll come back soon.”

That said she left the room.

“Then I’ll go and serve our lunch.”

And Sati went to the kitchen.

As usual, Elizabeth does nothing. Well, I’m slacking off too, but at least I’m working hard till just now.

For now, I’ll ask Elizabeth opinion on the idea that I’ve in my minds for a while now.

“I think that all these happen because the Demon king has resurrected!”

As expected, even you have the same idea like mine.

“Why don’t we stretch our imagination for a bit? For hundreds of years now, we don’t have this existence called Demon king, am I right? Besides, to said that all these attacks because of bad timing is too simple.”

“This must have been the handiworks of the Demon! The Demon king will be resurrected and the world will fall in the crisis again.”

That’s one amazing happy face, Elizabeth. Why are you getting overly excited over this?

“The Hero should be born the same time when the Demon king is resurrected. Masaru, after our job here is done, let’s go find this Hero! Together with the Hero, we shall defeat the Demon king!”

Elizabeth san. The candidate for the hero is right here in front of you now, it’s me…

No, a new Hero might have been summoned here too. I hope they are finding a new candidate after reading my reports. There are still 20 years left, they might realize that I’m alone is not enough.

“What kind of person is this Hero?”

The Hero from the story usually are all handsome males.

Usually they are a Magic Swordsman but unlike me, more specialized in sword combat. But you see, I don’t have any of these heroes sama traits. In the first place, the shrine was the first people that searched for the hero and have it records. Then the story was passed around inside the shrine. That’s what I heard from Angela. The content of the story is inconsistent with the books, so it’s not like you can trust your book 100%.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes, yes, the end is right near us. We didn’t see the Demon king yet, and the Hero is nowhere yet to be found too. That’s the reality that we are facing right now, just face it please.”

“Of course, I’m aware of that fact. Masaru is such a dreamless man.”

“More importantly, if I were to travel in the Demon Realm and defeat the Demon king, then I’ll die early. It’s a role only suitable for Hero sama, not me.”

Elizabeth give a snout and smiled at me cheekily.

“Alright, I’ll not search for this Hero. We have Anne and Sati around, so doing a dangerous thing like this is a no-no.”

Then it’s fine if it’s only me?

“Masaru is not that strong. You barely won against Nania.”

I think that even Sati is stronger than me, but I probably shouldn’t say that.

Sati brought the lunch while we’re chatting, soon after Angela comes back too.

Everyone gets their meal from the cart. Today’s food was cooked by Sati and Angela, that’s why we can see the pudding there for the first time in long time now.

“The usual fried chicken is nice, but Anne foods is also delicious. I feel like I’m eating a decent dish for the first time in a while.”

“Thank you. Since Ellie is going to be a bride soon, I think you should practice cooking from now on.”

“*cough* I’ll try it too, once we’re back at home.”

“Then I’ll stop cooking for a while.”

“After you learn cooking, then you can cook as much fried chicken and pudding that you like, you know.”

“Yea that might be nice. when we return back, please take care of me, Anne.”

The most effective ways to make a human eager to learn is by colliding it with their interests. I know that because I’ve been in that stage too.

3 days passed since then. The weather is becoming colder once the calendar approaches February. After around 1 more week, the skill reset will be available again.

The restoration of the 1st wall has ended successfully and now I’m digging the moat in front of the wall by using Earth magic. The land that I had dug will be used as the source for repairing the 3rd wall inside.

Our position as the one on defense all this time is finally reversed.

This time, all the monsters are being hunted. Although they’ve only started the suppression expedition, it seems that it will be done soon. The unit that have Sati and Elizabeth said that only small fries left, and their base is totally empty.

In the end, they found nothing.

Together with the other adventurers, we’re getting back to Siory town.

The digging work was pretty much completed, but there is still a need to consolidate it. Of course, I refuse to participate in it. Before we went back, Bishop sama meets me again and ask me to join his shrine. Working as a healer or civil workers is safe and good, but they are boring, and it’s harder to get experience points too.

If there are requests like that popping out in the future, I’ll reject them all. My first priority is to strengthen myself.

Even though I came here together with Sati, in our way back the total people has increased by 2, Angela and Elizabeth. I can say that the mood around me is good. But the other adventurers are wearing a painful face though.

Since I have nothing better to do, I start a conversation.

Both Angela and Elizabeth has their own nicknames now, Anne and Ellie. They are getting familiar with each other since they’re going to marry a same guy. As for Sati, she still calls others by their given name, and it doesn’t seem like she is going to change her habit soon.

“I wonder if Tilika chan is doing well.”

“She might feel lonely, but I’m sure that she is doing well herself. That place is safe, so there is nothing to be worried about.”

“That’s right. I want to see her soon.”

“We all are going to stay together now, but what about Tilika?”

Anne asked me, worried. You say that now, but I’ve never think about her in the first place. These 3 girls are going to lead a married life me, but what about Tilika chan? Because I’ll be newlywed soon, I can’t afford to have another woman in the house. Yea, I doubt ‘they’ will allow me to take another girls home, will they…? Pg. 223

“Actually, it’s fine if she is staying with us. Tilika chan is already a grown up, plus she is like a sister to Sati, so she is like a family now.”

If I were to tell Sati all my secrets, then it’ll be a matter of time before Tilika chan, who is in good terms with Sati to know. If I’m unable to keep her away, then it will do me better to keep her close.

“That’s right. If Masaru allows it, then it’s okay.”

“But five people staying in that house might be too much. Why don’t we move to a bigger place?”

“I think that house is big enough for 5 of us though.”

“As for me, I think that the house fits just fine with all of us.”

“We will try first, if it’s uncomfortable, then we will find new house.”

Anne said that the house is big enough, and I don’t want to move in the first place too. If I were to respond to Ellie taste, then we need to find a big mansion.


We don’t encounter anything on the way home, but the journey still takes 3 days because of the rough roads. Finally, we return back to Siory town.

But when we are back at the town, we heard the news that Hilgis capital has fallen.

Although the townsfolk give us warm welcome, the news of the fallen Hilgis capital really shocked us. The townspeople too have been told that us the adventurers were having a tough battle at Gorbas Fortress.

In the long history of human, a city being invaded by Demon are common stories. Nonetheless, the fact that some people from other countries has violated the use of magic in these recent years, has brought anxiety to people.

“Right now, there is no way to prevent the destruction of Hilgis. That’s why the Empire is abandoning Hilgis and instead, solidifying their forces at the borderline.”

We are listening to the current news at the guild together with the other returning adventurer.

The military forces have been send towards the northern side in the last 10 years ago, that’s why Hilgis can only defends with their current own forces, because of lacks of kingdom troops over there. It was stated in the news that Hilgis mayor manage to escape, but at that time, my mind was already not there. The correspondence is completely behind the back of my mind.

“Although the situation at the Gorbas Fortress has calm down now, we are expecting lots of mission regarding demons in the future. Therefore, all the corporation between the guild members are appreciated.”

With that, the sub guild leader finished his long talk. The rewards and ranking up will all the done tomorrow. I’ll go meet Tilika chan first, and then go back home.

Together with Sati, we moved around the other adventurers and approach the sub guild leader and Tilika chan who are moving towards their rooms.

“Tilika chan!”

She turns when Sati called, and run towards Sati afterwards. Together, they clasped their hands in reunion.

“Onee chan, please help me.”

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