Vol 3 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 ~ Revelation

That day, Elizabeth return to Guild dormitory together with Nania san.

I guess they need some quality time together, before they separate. As for me, I still feel dizzy due to all the blood that I lost from the fight. I already have the wound treated though.

“You need to lay low for this 3 days.”

That’s what Angela told me.

Tomorrow, they will start recapturing the first wall. If everything goes nicely, then repairing works can start tomorrow. She said that it’s fine for me to use magic as long as I’m not straining my body, so if proceeded leisurely, then it should be alright.

According to the story that I’ve heard earlier, there are no more attempt to retake the wall from the monster side, since the arrival of the Kingdom army. There is even a rumor saying that all of the monster has given up and now running back to their base.

Sati and Angela were taking care of me while we are resting in our room.

I was given a break from my job treating the people at the clinic, under the pretense that I’m not feeling well.

Angela returns to the clinic from time to time, but since Sati is staying here until I’m fully recovered, it’s okay.

Sati is currently level 24 now. Since her skills points also increases, I’m feeling quite happy.

Her basic stats also grow considerably. Except for her MP of course.

Sati Level 24 Skill 14P


Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 3 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Mind Eyes Physical Reinforcement level 4 Agility level 4
Evasion level 4 Shield level 2 Swordsmanship level 5
Archery level 5    


“Sati, how are you feeling right now?”

I asked her when Angela is not around.

“It feels nice. I can feel that my movement speed has increased.”

Of course, since I have increased her Agility to level 4.

“Do you want to practice magic soon? It might be impossible to use offensive magic, but if it’s a simple magic like cleaning magic and ignition magic, then I’m sure that you will be able to use it at no times.”

“Is it true? Then I want to practice it now!”

Sati leaned over and give me those hoping looks. I know, since last time, that she is envious that people surrounding her are capable of magic.

I allocate 1P for life magic.

With this, she can use Ignition, create water, cleaning magic and light. As for the remaining 13P, I’ll decide after I consult with her more.

“Hear. Currently, Sati magical power reserve is still small. If you overuse your magic, then you might collapse. That’s why please be careful when you’re using it, okay?”


“For starter, think about creating a light in your head. You should be able to use it soon after that.”


Sati thought for a moment, and raise her hands up. By using my magical sense, I can see that Sati magical power is gathered at her hands. Soon after, the Light was activated.

“I did it! I really did it, Masaru sama!”

“Good Sati, you’re amazing!”

Sati takes a look at the light that she created, and her face shines with happiness.

“If I look at it too much, then my eyes get hurt.”

“Still, this is amazing! In my village, nobody ever get to do this before.”

Perhaps the other beastmens are not capable of magic like Sati too.

“Don’t show it to other people, Sati.”

“Yes, but this is…all thanks to Masaru sama power, right?”

“Yeah, that’s the case. Well I’ll tell you now, that I tried hard to let the person teach me this method.”

Now Tilika chan…I’ll think how to deal with her later. I don’t think Sati will carelessly blab about this to anyone, including her.


“Well then, why don’t you try the others?”

We moved to bathroom, and tried cleaning magic, ignition and create water. Then she collapsed, as expected huh. But I’m sure that her total MP will increase from now on.

When I brought the fainted Sati to the bed, I saw Angela enters our room.

“What’s wrong?”

“I taught Sati how to use magic, but halfway through, she collapsed.”

“Of course, there’s no way in heaven that a people Beastmens race is capable of using magic.”

At first, I thought the same thing too. But as her level gradually increases, I noticed that her MP also increases, somewhat.

“Is that so?”

“Wait a sec…just now you said she collapsed because of using too much magic. But isn’t it impossible for a beastmens to use magic because of their lacks of magical power? When did she collapsed?”

“Ah, yes. I think it was just now, when she used cleaning magic.”

“This is weird. Has she practiced before this? Sati never said anything to me before…”

“Maybe she just practiced, you know…”

Crap, how should I explained this to Angela.

“I taught you for a while ago too, right.”

“Yeah that’s right.”

“Actually, I…I have something to ask you now, Masaru.”

“Ah, okay. I’ll try to answer it.”

At this rate, I can’t hide it anymore.

“Just how actually you teach Sati?”

I confirmed again Angela stats. Her current level is 4. Skills 20P.

Angela Level 4 Skill 20P


Cooking Level 3 Housework Level 2 Cudgel Martial Art level 1
Magical Sensing Level 1 Recovery Magic Level 3 Water Magic Level 2


“I’ve asked you before, if there’s anything that you would like to improve.”

“Well, I would like to increase my magical power reserve, and also increase my healing technique.”

“Say, if I can do it now, would you like for me to do it?”

“You really can do it?”

“You won’t tell anyone about it, right?”

“I promise.”

“Yes, I can.”


“Yes, I can do it. That’s what I always do to Sati and even myself.”

“Then I want you to tell me, just how exactly you do it.”

I open Angela menu, and increase her Recovery magic to level 4.

“I already made it so it’s possible for you to use a higher recovery magic. You should be able to use it now.”

“Really…like seriously…but this…”

“Next, I will increase your magical power reserve, and your magical power usage rate.”

Now that I’ve done it, I better see it through till the end.


I increase both the Magical Power Boost and MP resilience to level 2. Only 2P remains now.

Angela Level 4 Skill 2P


Cooking Level 3 Housework Level 2 Cudgel Martial Art level 1
Magical Sensing Level 1 Recovery Magic Level 4 Water Magic Level 2
Magical Power Enhancement level 2 MP Usage Reduction level 2  


“With this, the amount of your magical power should have been doubled. Because the increased amounts depend on your basic stats, it will keep increasing by time to time.”

“I don’t feel any changes, though…”

“That’s right. If you want to know the limits of your magical power, you need to try it first.”

“Hey, just what is happening right now?”

What should I do now? Somehow, I’ve done all this in the spur of the moment.

“Ah, don’t take it the wrong way, okay. It’s not like I’m not grateful to you now that you enable me to use more magic. It’s just that I wondered how are you able to do all this.”

“I can tell you, but you need to promise that you will never tell others, ever.”

Just how much must I tell her now, I wonder.

“I understand. I promise not to tell anyone about this.”

I’m sure that Angela will believe me. Her loyalty value has steadily gone up now, so it makes me feel easier to tell her about myself.

I already ask her to keep this a secret. I’m sure that she won’t easily tell others.

“It was the help from God. Basically, my power is to remember any skills.”

Angela mouth wide open as she is gaping at me.

Yes, that’s right. even though I’m not sure if it’s truly a God or other being.

Should I explain it in the way easier for her to understand…doesn’t matter, Angela keep on listening anyway.

“Masaru…is Masaru truly a hero sama?”

“No! You got it wrong! I’m just here to defeat the Devil king, so!?”

“Since start, you’re undeniably strong for someone who just started. But to think that this is all thanks to God power…”

“When God gave me this power, she said that there is no need for me to do anything else. She told me to live as I wanted. That’s why I’m not a hero.”

“Then, Masaru is an Apostle, isn’t he…”?

“What is an apostle?”

“The head priest said that sometimes God will send an Apostle to this world. Some apostles have a role to defeat the Demon king, some of them were sent here to spread new knowledge. There’s also a case where someone was sent here just as observer.”

“Heeh~ I thought that a hero is like someone who are always described in the book. I never thought that there will be other types too.”

“Yeah. This information is still classified within the shrine though. Even I just know of this recently.”

“But seriously don’t tell anyone about this, okay? You know right, about the ending of the Hero from the books that you lent me before.”

“I wonder if things like that happen in real life…”

“That will definitely happen, I’m sure.”

“But what should I do now…Head Priest sama…”

“What’s with Head Priest?”

“He told me before that Masaru might be an Apostle.”


“What should I do now. Priest sama has a very sharp intuition. Plus, he is already suspicious of you as a candidate of apostle. What should I do if he asks me for a report then.”

Angela face start turning pale.

“Because they are suspecting Masaru as a candidate for the apostle, they ask me to look and observe the situation. Since they won’t get angry for me to be with Masaru and stay at your house, I thought it was convenient to me. I never thought that you will turn out to be a real apostle…”

Angela looks like she will cry any moment now.

“If this goes out, then it will be bad. Wh-what should I do now. Want to run away now? If the shrine found out that you’re really an apostle, then things will go bad for sure…”

Angela starts to panic, but me myself is rather calm.

If we run away now, then we will appear more suspicious.

“Since when have you been told to keep observing me?”

“It was after a few days after Masaru went and consult with Head Priest sama.”

That is right after I start a relationship with Angela.

Ah, that time!

When Priest sama ask me about a whole lot of thing!

Was it bad when I ask him about the Devil and the destruction of this world. Crap, what should I do now.

“What did Head Priest sama actually told you?”

“Although you might be an apostle, the possibility is quite low. Just in case, he sent me to observe you. If he keeps his identity as an apostle, then we must keep watching them. If it’s already proven that he is an apostle, whether it is front upfront or secretly at the back, the shrine will give full support.”

“Full support…”

“Did Masaru come here from other world as a hero?”

“Eh? But the hero from the book never mentions himself coming from another world, didn’t he?”

“Yeah. This is another story that was passed through within the shrine.”

Really. So, the previous hero was also summoned from the other world like me.

“I also come from a different world than here.”

“You’re not a hero, right? If that’s the case, then why did you come to this world?”

“It was that time when I was looking for a job. Not long after, I found this job offering me some good salary. But in the description though, it was said that I will be brought here in the other world, given some abilities and some miscellaneous tasks by the God.”

“So, what exactly is Masaru ability? To give yourself or another people skill?”

“Well primarily that is my ability. But I also have another, like a boosted stat.”

“So, that’s the actual reason why you have mastered a lot of magics…”

“Angela can also learn a lot more if you managed to collect more points form the battles.”

“Really? Even just now, for me to be able to master a magic without practicing is already amazing.”

“Even Sati did the same thing.”

“I see, even Sati’s growth is also thanks for this. Does Sati know about this?”

“She knows that I’m the one that help her increase her ability, but I never mention about God or the fact that I’m from another world yet.”

“I see. So right now, I’m the only one that knows your real situation.”

“Can you keep this a secret from Head Priest sama?”

“But he is the Head Priest you know. I don’t want to lie to him, so if he is pressing for this issue, then there’s no way I can keep this matter hidden, even if I were to omit some of the important details…”

I can understand you feeling. If I’m to lie towards such a kind person, then I’ll feel bad myself too for sure.

“Is there any ways for you to tell him, without exposing my identity?”

“I don’t know. I feel like keeping my mouth shut for this, but I’m not sure. I can’t guarantee that I can keep this secret if I were asked to report to him now…”

“Then is there any ways for me to bribe you, Angela?”

“I’m sorry. There is no way a priest like me to lie or to keep something hidden when asked for a report. Maybe we should run away after all…”

“No can do. They will be more suspicious if we suddenly run away.”

“Th-that’s right too…”

But this really is a big trouble. I never thought that they will suspect me as one of the God apostle. And they are suspecting me, without showing any change of attitudes some more.

“Say, if the suspect decides to hide the fact that he is an apostle, then the shrine will continue to monitor him, right?”


“I’m not really a hero. Because I was given this ability, I’m afraid that it will cause an uproar if this was made a public. Is it possible to keep silent if you report it like that?”

“Yes, this might do. Maybe I can use this method.”

Finally, Angela has calmed herself.

“Let’s use that excuse. I’m not a real thing. It’s not like I’m trying to escape or something.” pg. 208

“Yea, I’ve got it. How about Sati and Elizabeth?”

“I’ll tell Sati when the time is suitable. Because she is Tilika chan best friend, it’s easier for Tilika chan to detect lies when Sati knows too much. Now what should we do about Elizabeth? I wonder if she’s going to get mad, if she knows that I’m keeping this thing a secret from her…”

“I’m sure she’ll. She will say something like [Why’re you keeping this thing a secret, idiot!?]”

Uwa―. I can easily imagine her saying that. I can literally hear her screaming in my head.

“I’ll tell Elizabeth alone next.”

“Yea, you should do that. So, what are you going to say to her? Masaru ability to grant skills to people?”

“Whatever it is first I must――”

From the skill acquisition method to point acquisition by level up, my current skills and Satie’s skills are explained in order.

“That’s really accomplishment, to get till level 5. If it was me then there’s no way for me to increase it that much.”

“I think it’s fine if we leave Sati as being a genius.”

“Yea. I think that is fine too.”

“That’s how I usually explain to other people.  Last time, even Head Priest sama noticed and asked me about it.”

I don’t think that the power of God will ever come to your mind, especially if you’re a normal person.

“He is a sharp person. Long time ago, I tried to hide something from him, just to be easily discovered later on.”

More like too sharp. I wonder why did he have a suspicion in the first place. If it’s because I’m asking about the Demon king, but that is quite a weak reason.

“Yeah. First of all is your aptitude to master a spell. And the method of cooking that you’ve shown before, it’s way otherworldly.”

“I wish I paid more attention last time. Elizabeth has also asked me about the method how I manage to have fast mastery before.”

“So, how did you mislead her?”

“With that ring. That ring given by God is amazing, I have no idea at all.”

I explain to her about the ring.

“I see. No wonder she has been grinning like an idiot since that time. That must be nice.”

“I’ve increased Angela stats too right, albeit by using another method other than the ring.”

“The concept behind it is still same. But why are you not raising Elizabeth stats directly?”

“I’m not able to yet. In order for me to raise the other person ability, I need to become more intimate with that person first.”

“To become more intimate…you mean…by doing ‘that’ thing?”

“Yeah. I need to do ‘this’ thing and ‘that’ thing first.”

The skinship might be an easy parameter for me to determine if the person trust me or not. Sati is loyal towards me in the first place, that’s why we don’t need to have skinship before I’m able to alter her stats. After I make love with Angela, her loyalty value also increase by 50.

“Then it might be better for me to keep it silent first. I can tell her after a while, maybe tomorrow.”

“No, no, no. we need to keep it longer than that.”

“Really? I thought Elizabeth is getting curious about this already?”

“Hey, do you like, always have girls talk together…?”

“I don’t usually talk much  with other girls. But see here. From this moment, we’re going to share Masaru, right?”

I’m glad. It’s not like they are sharing to the whole world outside.

“Thinking about it, we did share about embarrassing things. More importantly, I have something that I would like to ask you about.”


“Can I join your party too? I was thinking about it too, when Ellie decided to enter yours.”

“Does the shrine permit it?”

“We’re getting married soon, so I think the shrine will give me the permission. I’ve told you before, that I already train 2 girls to become my apprentices. If they did their best, then my spot will be filled by them in no time at all.”

Since this is going to increase our battle prowess, I’ll gladly accept it.

But if I think about it, our party balance is sort of…

A magic knight, a wizard and an archer huh? Both me and Sati always take the role of people in front, but I wish I could stop doing that soon.

Since Angela is already proficient to use water magic, why don’t I increase it to the point where she can single shot a monster from far away. A party that is specialized in the long-distance extermination. Wow, that sound kinda nice.

“I’ve got it. You’re welcome to join us.”

“Thank you. Well then, I’ll officially join you after we get back at Siory town. But before that, I’m sorry. I always try my best to become a good devotee, but I’ll try to persuade Head Priest sama somehow.”

“Ah, actually it’s okay. I’m sure I’ll manage somehow.”

It’s not that bad actually to get myself exposed. It’s just that being label as a hero is too much for me.

Then I tell Angela about japan and how is it really different from this world. I also tell her about my future training plan.

In the end, I could not tell her that this world will be destroyed.

The thing about me being an apostle is actually a lie. I was sent here by God to stop this world destruction, 20 years later. That’s why I can be considered as a hero. This is the reason that my ability is mainly combat oriented.

Will Angela be angry that I’m keeping this secret from her?

If it’s Elizabeth, then I’m sure that she will get angry.

But still, I can’t bring myself to talk about it yet.

That this world will be destroyed after 20 years. Or is it better for me to tell them now? Both Angela and Elizabeth are smarter than me. They might be able to come out with a better idea, something that never crossed my mind before.

I’ll put this matter on hold first.

There are still 20 years. Plenty of time for us to think about it.

But even after this, I still can take my sweet times planning for whatever that I will do.

There are still 20 years before this world is destroyed.

Unbeknown to me, the prelude of destruction has already begun.

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  1. rhed says:

    thanks for the chapter.

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  2. bellcross13 says:

    This chapter proves that the MC is not really bright. God told him that the world will be destroyed within 20 years. That can also mean that it will take for the world 20 years to get destroyed. So that means that he will be needing to fight the demons within that duration of time. I bet somewhere is the story he will regret not taking this seriously.

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