Vol 3 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 ~ Elizabeth and The Ring of Magical Power

My MP is relentlessly recovering.

After I calculate it carefully, it seems that my MP will recover around 224P per hour. In this case, I can use how many magic I want. After my job at the clinic is done, why don’t I go back to the wall? I’m sure those guys can use some help. Pg. 143

When I reached back at the room just now, I saw that Elizabeth has already crawled into the bed and sleep. I already noticed that she has been sleepy since our way back here from the wall.

And then an idea came across my mind. Why don’t I lend Elizabeth my Magical Power ring? My original MP is around 1200P. The ring is increasing it for another 1200, and I got another 3000 from skills. It can be concluded that the ring is not really necessary for me now.

I can say that this ring has helped me a lot to practice me magic. I received this ring from God after all, I’m sure it can bring benefits to her.

The shrine hall is filled with injured people today too.

Danilo dono quickly come and meet me.

“Ah, Masaru dono! I’m glad that you’re safe. When I asked Sister Angela, she said that you join the defensive force at the fortress wall last night. I was so worried.”

“I’m sorry, but can you do something for me real quick? I want you to collect all the injured peoples in one place, so that I can cure them all in one shot.”

“Alright, I’ll get it done right now.”

“Ah, do you know where is Sister Angela currently now?”

“She should be at the treatment room, the room next to here.”

When I’m peering inside the treatment room, I saw her having a break with the other priests.

“Ah, Masa…not.”

“The travelling priest.”

“Oh not, I guess it’s the journeying priest.”

“Yes. Elizabeth is currently resting in the room. Sati is still defending at the fortress wall, but she is accompanied by Sergeant dono right now.”

“Fine. How about you, then?”

“I don’t know. It’s amazing that we managed to go through all that and still alive.”

Even though we have some advantages, positioning ourselves on top of the wall, the number of the monsters are still overwhelming us. It’s the amount that we, 10 to 20 persons, can’t easily handle. The monsters keep coming out one after another, but it did gradually decreasing in the end. There are still 3 days until the army from the Kingdom arrives. I wonder if we can hold out till then.

My total MP right now is enormous. Maybe after I’m fully charged, I can participate at the frontline.

After that, Danilo dono tell me that the preparation for Area Heal is completed.

Like this the shrine healers can take some rest.

“I’ll need two hours to charge for another Area Heal. I’ll rest at my room for the moment.”

“How about breakfast? Have you eaten?”

“I already ate a while ago. How about you Angela, what’re you going to do?”

“I’m staying with the priest here. I’ll try to make it so that you can take your time. There’s no need for you to come back here after 2 hours sharp.”

That makes me laugh, and smile. This girl, she is trying to be considerate to me, isn’t it? Well, the mood in the shrine has lifted since after I used the Area Heal. There’s no need to throw a cold water now.

“No way, Elizabeth is still sleeping. I won’t do anything.”


“That’s right. See you later, then.”

What can I do during this 2 hours? I don’t think waking Elizabeth up is a good idea.

Besides, the situation outside is not getting any better…

When I reached the room, I saw that Elizabeth has already awake. Then she went to the toilet. I wonder if she is feeling okay now.

I brew a new batch of Magi tea, and give it to Elizabeth after she comes back.

“My, thank you.”

So she said, then she sit down at the table and drink it.

“Are you done with the treatment?”

“Yeah. I’m resting now, for about 2 hours.”

“Then we have enough time to talk. I would like you to continue the previous story.”

You still want to talk about it huh.

“Are you going to teach me how to chant?”

“That’s not it! It’s about how abnormal your learning pace is. Don’t tell me, did you hide it from me when you said that you’re not able to use much magic, the first time we met?”

“No way. I really didn’t know Wind, Water and Earth magic by that time. I’m willing to swear on Tilika chan name.”


I remove the ring that I’m currently wearing, and give it to Elizabeth.

“What’s this ring got to do with anything?”

She looks at the ring.

“I’ll lend that to you, Elizabeth.”

“Find a better place before giving me this, idiot. Besides, this one looks too plain.”

“This ring is said to be a magical ring that is capable to boost your magical power and your recovery rate. I have a lot of magical power now, unlike last time. That’s why I’m giving it to you, in case something happens.”

“Is that so…I used to have this kind of thing too, in the past. This magical instrument is really expensive though.”

“It’s really cost me a lot. That’s why I’m just lending it.”

“I’m grateful for this. Thank you.”

Elizabeth wear the ring at her ring finger.

“Well, I already put it on, but I don’t see any effects. I don’t understand.”

“Your magical power will increase by 100 percent. Also, your recovery rate will improve too.”

“Eh? This is the first time I heard about it. Usually, it’s the other way around.”

“I told you it’s 100% enhancement. Your total amount of magic power should increase.”

“This must be a lie!? I’ve never heard about such thing before…”

“I’m willing to swear in front of Tilika chan. Why don’t you try to see it tomorrow, then maybe you will understand?”


That said, Elizabeth looks at the ring carefully.

“If it can really increase your magical power, then it’s already under legendary tool class…”

“Is it that amazing?” pg. 147

“This is not only amazing, it’s beyond it! If someone knows you’re in possession of items like this, they might even target your life!”

My mouth is wide open in shock, after hearing her said that.

“Do you know someone else that might possess something like this?”

Elizabeth said she never heard anyone like that.

“So, Elizabeth doesn’t have acquaintance that have this type of item. I doubt Angela or Sati have it too.”

“Please do not mention anything about this in the future.”


After thinking carefully, I gave Elizabeth something, but I’ve never gave the other two anything yet. Maybe I should keep this a secret.

“You never fail to amaze me. Especially this time, just how do you get this thing without knowing it’s value is beyond me.”

“If I want to sell it, how much can I get?”

“This thing won’t sell.”


“Nobody can afford it. Isn’t it good? The greatest magic tool that increases the magical power that I know is the bracelet of magical power handed down within the Imperial royal family. I heard that it can increase your magical power by 50%. Still it is like an heirloom of a royal family and handed down to generations of kings. You can never afford to buy this, considering the price. That’s amazing how you ever get to have one…”

This is truly an item given by God then. To think that the specification is this extraordinary.

“Say, can I really borrow this?”

“Elizabeth, you’re going to enter our party sooner or later. I think that this thing will benefit you more, rather than being used by me.”

“True. Then please excuse me.”

Elizabeth is still staring at the ring.

“You told me that you receive this ring from someone. Can I know who is that person?”

I got it from God, to help me hunt the Wild Rabbit. Of course, I can’t say such thing. In the story of a brave men, usually he will put his life at stake to take out all the devils. Then after that, the brave will survive, and live peacefully, ever after. That might not be the case for me though.

“Ah. If you want me to talk about it now, it’s kinda…”

“It’s okay. I know it’s hard to talk about it. This ring is not your usual item, after all.”

Good, now is the chance to change the topic.

“Then how about your magic?”

Why are you going to that direction now!?

“Um, it’s all thanks to this ring.”

“This ring again?”

“This ring double the amount of magical power, that way I can practice twice as much.”

I have hardly practiced, though.

“It also feels like understanding the principle behind a magic is easier with this ring on. But I’m not sure about that, though.”

Because this is an excuse that I came up with just now.

“Well, if it’s able to increase your magical power, then it’s possible…plus it’s in a legendary item class. It’s not surprising for it to have additional effects.”

I made it this time!

“Still, you only take one month to master 3 intermediate spells…Masaru is really a genius after all?” pg. 150

“Besides, I have lots of magical power now. I think, I have double of what you have without the ring.”

I won’t be surprised if Elizabeth MP increase by tenfold though. But, there’s no way for me to know, as I don’t have access to her status menu yet.

“Hmm, considering the time when me and Anne are teaching you magics, you really couldn’t make it if not for this ring.”

“Right, right. My teachers are that good.”

“I’m going to continue sleeping then…Masaru, do you want to join me?”

Elizabeth was looking at the ring, and tell me that.

Is this, an invitation from her?

“Eh? Fine then, I’m joining you.”

I told Angela that I’ll come back after 2 hours, a little flirting around won’t hurt…

“You gave me such a nice engagement ring, so I have to do a bit of service.”

“No, no, no. I never said that I’m giving it to you. I’m just lending it out.”

“We’re a couple now. Our time spending together won’t be just now, but forever. That’s why, your belonging is mine too now.”

I took off my armour, and lie besides Elizabeth.

“Well then, just how is the wife supposed to serve her husband. Mind showing me?”

“Hurm…what am I supposed to do now, I wonder?”

That said, Elizabeth bring her face closer to me, and then kiss me hard. Hmm, she really is aggressive!

“I did fell asleep midway last night.”

So, is she telling me that we are going to continue from that night…?

“It can’t be helped. I did used up all my magical power that time.”

After saying that, she gave out a big yawn.

“Ehh? You’re going to sleep already?”

“That’s the end of the service for today. Please don’t do anything strange to me while I’m sleeping, kay?”

She already roused me, and now this?

Are you serious, Elizabeth san…

Can’t be helped then. I’m getting sleepy too, maybe I’ll take a nap for a while.

“Sleep tight, Elizabeth.”

I kissed her forehead before going to bed. Seeing that peaceful sleeping face, is making me happy enough.

I was woken up by Angela.

“Morning, Masaru.”

Wow. It’s already lunchtime. I was surprised when I checked the time.

“How is the treatment going?”

“As soon as Masaru went to the room, there were lots of support from adventurers from other towns, because three healing artists have increased, so it’s okay to take a rest for a while.”

I smile wryly. I wonder if this is how the people from this fortress felt when they saw us coming.

Three days left until the army from the Kingdom arrive. It’s today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I wish I can hold out till then.

“So, it’s already lunchtime. Please help me wake up Elizabeth.”


The 3 of us eat the lunch that was prepared by Angela. Occasionally, Elizabeth will look at her hand, and start blushing. Oi, this is supposed to be our secret, right? Why are you acting suspicious now?

Suddenly, Angela threw a tsukkomi.

“Hey, what’s the deal with that ring. I’ve never seen you wear that before?”

Of course she will notice it. Now Elizabeth is turning here for help. Then Angela turns to face me.

“That reminds me, I think I saw Masaru wore it while back.”

Elizabeth wear it right after I gave it to her. And now the same ring has disappeared from my finger. It’s a given that she will turns suspicious.

“Ah, yeah. That’s a ring that can boost your magical power. I gave it to Elizabeth, since she is going to enter our party and all. I hope that can much or less improve our overall party strength.”

“Th-that’s right. It’s not some kind of engagement ring, you get it? I’m just borrowing it.”

“This thing is valuable, that’s why I’m kind of hesitant to tell anyone about it.”

“Well, it’s really a bad idea if you announce it as magical item.”

“Right, right. It’s bad to talk loud about it. That’s why I’ve never said anything.”

Both Elizabeth and myself are desperate to not make Angela angry.

“Say whatever you want, it’s still a ring.”

“Then make sure you find something for me too. It’s okay even if it’s cheap.”

“Alright, it’s a promise.”

I’ll find one for Sati too.

Just what should I get them, though. Maybe I’ll ask any married priest later.

After lunch, I lied on the bed while checking my status. I’m still hiding it though, so I made it looks like I’m reading a book.

Masaru Level 20 Skill 34P

Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2
Presence Detection level 4 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Physical Reinforcement level 2 Shield level 3 Evasion level 3
Martial Art level 1 Archery level 3 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Magical Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 5
Common Magic Life Magic Recovery Magic level 4
Fire Magic level 4 Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3
Earth Magic level 4


My maximum MP is still 4000. My MP recovery rate has been reduced to 174/hours, but give it 24 hours and I’ll be fully recovered. My MP reduction skill will reduce the usage up to 50%. Therefore, I’m able to use double the number of spells I normally used.

As for the other skills, high speed chanting and MP resilience, I already have both max out.

Magical power sensing…just what it does actually? I don’t know if this thing worth the upgrade. Is it like a detection system, that would allow you to sense wizards chanting from faraway place? Yeah, seems unnecessary for me.

Today I’m going to raise either Fire magic or Recovery magic to level 5. Both requires 20P to level up. If I raise my level yet more and collect some more points, then I’ll be able to level up both at once.

What should I do now? I don’t know what I can get from Fire magic level 5. Meteor? Or will it be something like firestorm, with wide area effect…. anyways, it should be destructive enough.

Then, how about Recovery magic level 5? It should be useful, seeing that I’m stuck at the shrine right now doing treatment. But it was said that even the mightiest spell can’t cure Olba san leg, so maybe I’ll put it on hold first.

How about space magic? Maybe I should consult Elizabeth first? She is having a conversation with Angela when I’m looking at her.

“Hey Elizabeth! Do you still remember about the Space magic discussion that we had we you’re inquiring about my Item box?”

“That’s right. I remember that I did ask you that before.”


“Short range teleportation. Next one is long range materialization. What, are you learning space magic next?”

“Yea. I’m thinking of doing it.”

ポイントつぎ込めば一発なんだけど、10p 使ってアイテムボックスでした、じゃなあ。

I don’t even know how much point required to increase to level 2. Well, if anything goes wrong, I can still reset it.

Based on the information that I’ve gathered, you’re most likely won’t be able to fly, until you have mastered long range materialization. Too bad a magic that would help you remember things doesn’t exist.

Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to upgrade my Recovery magic first. As for Fire magic, I will upgrade it later, after I killed some more monster and gain points.

【Recovery magic level 5】

  1. Heal (small)
  2. Antidote
  3. Regen, disease cure.
  4. Area Heal, Extra Heal
  5. Miracle Light

Only 14P remains now. Recovery magic level 5 really is Miracle Light, just like what the Bishop sama tell me earlier.

Next day, early in the morning, I snuck out together with Sati and participate in the frontline.

I still need to persuade Sergeant dono first though, but eventually he let me join them. In exchange, I need to keep it a secret from the shrine.

“I heard you contribute in the night raid before. Your help with the treatment is quite an accomplishment too. Maybe I can cut you some slack for now.”

The 2nd wall that I repaired last time is still standing. I can consider it safe for now. Maybe I’ll reinforce it a lil’ bit more, just in case.

The monsters keep coming assaulting the wall. But if compared to previous night, this is still manageable. I used fire magic alongside Elizabeth and eliminated the enemies.

My level raised by 1, so I’ve decided to raise my Fire magic.

【Fire magic level 5】

  1. Fire arrow
  2. Fireball, gunpowder(火槍)
  3. Firewall, small explosion
  4. Firestorm, big explosion
  5. Flare, Meteor

I’m waiting for the next demon assault, but they retreated instead. Feeling quite disappointed, I went back to the shrine to continue the treatment.

The enemies are still on offensive, therefore the wounded counts won’t decrease anytime soon. However, I’m not worried about my MP consumption anymore, mainly because of my total MP value. Not only that, the healer that came from neighbouring city helps too.

I really want to release the Meteor and Flare that I’ve just learned, yet, I abstained myself, fearing that Danilo dono might found me out. I don’t want him to know that I went to frontline today.

It’s my task to always remain in the shrine and do the treatment. It will be bad if somehow someone gravely injured was brought in, only to found that I’m not around. At least, it will leave a bitter aftertaste to me.

I wanted to collect some more experience points, but being greedy is not good. Plus, I’ve already got all the skills that I wanted at the moment.

Besides, it’s not like our situation has improved yet. Since I have large reserve of MP now, I’m left with many options, given if some emergencies were to happen.

Sati managed to raise her level by 2 todays. I wonder when will her growth stop. If I checked her guild card, then maybe I can figure it out.

Anyways, I calculate the points that she has gotten, and decided to increase her Agility and Strength to level 4. With the increase in her level, her basic stats also increase. However, this amount…

But still, her MP only increase to 7 only. Not like it’s unusable though. Should I give her Life magic, I wonder? She does want to learn magic after all.

Sati Level 22 Skill 4P

Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 3 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Mind Eyes Physical Reinforcement level 4 Agility level 4
Evasion level 4 Shield level 2 Swordsmanship level 5
Archery level 5


Our battles continue for the following 3 days.

Our battle potentials have been worn out due to extensive battle, but seeing that reinforcements keep coming little by little, it’s somewhat still bearable. Just a little while ago, an S Rank party has arrived here, and played a crucial role protecting this fortress.

Based on Sati explanation, the party is consisted of 5 members. They alone, went into the depth of the enemy’s territory, and managed to return unscathed. What a monster…

“So, the enemies are lesser than normal?”

“It was during our assault. They got off by Levitation, then they destroyed any ladders that the monster might likely used to get on top of the fortress wall. On the way back here, they climb down using the rope that we’ve prepared beforehand.” pg. 158

“Thanks to you, I’ve got some idea. I’ll make sure to do that next.”

I said so. Elizabeth is wearing the ring of magical power right now.

Can I do such thing, though. I’m certain there are some special requirements to get S Rank…Based on Sati story, it seems that they are somehow a melee combat specialist. I’m sure we’re using different type of magic.

Only those with power, enough to overcome any sort of battlefield are worthy of the S Rank title. That said, they are comparable even to a hero.

Just when I want to help with the treatment, I saw that the hall is already bustling with energy. That’s why I’m just sitting there, waiting for someone who need a medical treatment.

The treatment process has been hastened a lot, thanks to the increase in my MP. With all of them treated, I get a feeling that our frontline will be sturdier than ever before.

However, this might have been too much. Not only the Journeying Masked Priest is capable of Area heal, he is now able to heal everyone in less than one day. I’m sure that those people will gossip about this next. Please don’t do it guys, I’m begging you!

Still, there’s no easy way out to do the treatment.

The arrival of the S Rank party did pretty much help our overall fighting force, but people getting injured in the battlefield is still bound to happen. Not to mention, there are quite a number of people that died in the battlefield. Some of them lost their limbs, making them unable to fight forever…

There may be a massive offensive again. There might be the next midnight surprise attack.

When that happen, it might be Sati or Elizabeth that is being brought here, injured.

We’re just fortunate that any of my acquaintances is not gravely injured yet.

It can be clearly seen that our forces are steadily getting exhausted, forced to participate in the battle every day.

It affects even Sati and Elizabeth. Every day, they went to battlefield in the morning, comes back in the evening, have a bath and asleep like a log. It’s a usual case for Elizabeth, but to think that even Sati would be this exhausted.

Right now, the Demon side has not made any larger scale attack. They said that even the Demon side was exhausted, but I know that this is merely our wishful thinking.

We keep having reinforcements coming over, I’m guessing that the other side is having it too.

I’m ready to sortie anytime in case of emergency, but the chance has not come yet.

And in the afternoon 3 days later.

A large army of the Kingdom forces finally arrive here.

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