Vol 3 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 ~ Night Raid

We had supper together once Sati comes back.

It seems that there is no more massive attack other than the one in the morning just now. Her level went up by two and now it’s 19. I’ll relocate the point later. Pg.108

“You already have this sad face for a long time now.”

Elizabeth continues.

“Won’t it be perfect if Tilika chan is here as well, Sati?”

“But it’s dangerous over here.”

Right now, this area is particularly dangerous.

There are monster flying over the sky that will occasionally attack the town. However, since only the soldiers and adventurers are left, the attack can be easily repelled.

After dinner, we all take a bath with the order of Angela, Elizabeth and me. It was when I’m in the bathtub with Sati that I heard Elizabeth fussing outside. It’s not possible for me to hear it, and I’m wondering if Sati can.

“What’s that just now?”

“Um…it makes me angry, how Angela is with Masaru, something like that…”

How can women from this world become so blunt? Is it a culture over here?

Seems like Sati is already used to her.

“Did she say anything else?”

“That’s the only thing that I heard.”

So, Elizabeth is angry?

So, the one who steal my first kiss are now angry with her rival, really now…

I better stay in the bath longer today.

I’m enjoying getting soaked in the warm water when the door slowly opened.

“Masaru. There’s something that I would like to talk to you about. Please get out here faster.”

“You, are you angry?”

“Not really. It’s not like I’m mad at something.”

That’s a lie. Your smile is telling me all.

“Anyway, just get out already, faster.”

Then she closed the door and went back to the room.

“My body is getting sluggish. Maybe I really should get out now…”

I don’t know if I can escape from her.

So, I put my clothes on, then I tried to tip toe my way out. Unfortunately, halfway through I was caught by Elizabeth. She said that it’s pointless to ran away and ask me to kneel in front of her. Somehow, she has an unsure face, unbefitting her action right now. But it did not take long for her to regain her composure back and continue.

Sati and Angela are looking at us from a distance. Seems like I can’t request for their help right now.

“After a discussion with Angela just now, it’s decided that I’m going to marry you as the legal wife.”


Isn’t this too sudden?!

“It’s just a matter of time anyways. This is a rare opportunity for you to get married with a noblewoman. Besides, after having a way with both Sati and Anne, you plan to back out now?”

She must be closer with Angela now, to be calling her just Anne. I wonder if Angela called her by just Eri now.

“What makes you think that I won’t take any responsibilities?”

“…Then it’s okay. So? You love me right, Masaru?”


“Who do you love more, Anne or Sati?”

“I love both, equal.”

“Oh well. Your answer is acceptable for now.”

Oh! Finally, a third member in my harem!

But what about the wedding? Are you not doing it? Can I marry them all in the first place though…?

Then Elizabeth is my spouse. My own wife!

“Wait, why are you making that happy (disgusting) face now!”

“Because, Elizabeth going to become my spouse, right? That really makes me happy!”

“Your s, spouse, huh…sure, but…”

When Elizabeth heard about the spouse thing, she starts acting embarrassed and her face turned red.

“Anyways! Our party, Dawn, is getting disbanded for sure. But Nania still can’t accept that. Because of that, I’m going to enter Masaru party so that she will be relieved.”

“Eh? So this is just your strategy? You’re lying about us getting married?”

“It, It’s not a lie. If Masaru is okay with me then it’s fine…”

“Sure! It’s good! I’m fine with you, Elizabeth!” pg. 111

“That…I’m not stylish like Anne, I’m not sweet and demure like Sati either. You fine with that?’

“Yea. You’re cute enough Elizabeth. I hope you will marry me, Elizabeth.”

“If you insist, then I’ll be honoured to marry you.”

“Hey, tell me. What is the thing that you like about me, Elizabeth?”

“Well, there are a lot of things that you can’t do. But still, you have good grasp with magic. Your face is not half bad either, and you can cook lots of delicious foods too.”

This girl, did she fall to me for real, or did she just want my fried chicken.

“Is that all?”

“You looked really cool though, that time when you killed the dragon. It really was a good decision to reduce the blast by hiding in the water. There’s still another. Like the Lightning from before …”

Is that so. She never mentions again about the incident during the Dragon extermination back then. I thought she is still angry. I don’t know that she would like me because of it though. Don’t worry Elizabeth, even I think you’re cool.

Right now, we’re staring at each other, red faced.

“Alright, time’s up.”

Angela said, shocking me.

I’ve forgotten that Sati and Angela are still around. Don’t tell me…that they saw it all just now…

Shameful! This is too embarrassing!

“Y, you guys! Forget whatever you saw just now!!”

“No, no. There’s no way I’ll ever forget it. Such a moving scene. As expected from the legal wife. I don’t think that I will be able to pull it off in my lifetime. Don’t you think so, Sati?”

“Yes, it was wonderful!”

Angela smiles and Sati looks at us with glittering eyes. These guys sure are having fun watching us huh…oh, Elizabeth, please don’t cry now.

“I’m sorry. Hey. Don’t cry, this is a happy scene right now. You managed to become a legal wife, right?”

“Yea, you’re right. You guys need to respect me more because I’m the legal wife.”

“Yes, yes. Eri is the greatest. That’s why you’re the no. 1.”

“Ah, but is Angela okay with this. Becoming a second wife? Or maybe a mistress? I don’t know how to call it…”

“I’m satisfied enough to become a second wife. It’s not that big of a deal, even becoming a concubine is good enough. Compared to you, I’m just a daughter of a farmer and an orphan, and Sati is a slave. Of course, you with the highest social standing should become the leader of us.”

“Of course, we’re all equal in this relationship.”

“Even though I’m above of both Anne and Sati, I’ll never bully them. I already decided that since last time.”

“Oh yeah. There’s no need for you to be considerate of us, Sati. I hope that we can share good friendship between three of us.”

As for me, I can’t be divided into three though.


“Sati is also important to me. If you’re not comfortable being a slave then should I released you, after we went back to Siory town?”

“That doesn’t sound bad at all. Why don’t we hold a wedding for all four of us?”

“That’s right. A good and large wedding for us!”

“That would be hard. I don’t have much money. I heard that Elizabeth has been sending money back to her house too.”

There’s no way for me to gather lots of people and make it a grand wedding!

“That’s right. We shouldn’t be too wasteful…”

“We can hold it in the shrine. It’s big enough, and the rent is cheap too. Plus, we can ask the children from the orphanage for help. The matchmaker and all the priests will be there too.”

“Cool. Let’s do that.”

Somehow, I’ve been cast aside from their discussion…what about Sati?

This is a serious matter regarding our future, I should have discussed it with her properly.

“Do you want to join the wedding too, Sati?’

“Yes, I would like to. But is it okay…I’m just your slave…”

“Then will you leave me if I released you?”

“I won’t go! I’ll never leave you!”

“I’m sorry for being mean with the question just now. Of course, you will never leave me, Sati.”

“That’s right. Even if you’re no longer my slave, you will still be by my side.”

“Of course!”

“Then Sati, will you marry me?’

Ah, tears.

She is crying.

“I, I will, be together with Masaru sama, together forever…that’s more than enough…plus…the marriage. I will never be happier than this…” pg. 114

I calm her down by rubbing her back. Well, it’s all good as long that Sati is happy as well.

“Okay. Let’s be together forever.”

“Guys, please be sure to treat Sati as one of us.”

“Well that’s fine. Masaru sure is bad for making us cry.”

It, it’s not my fault. I did nothing.

That night Elizabeth join us in the bed. All four of us together. I thought that only Elizabeth can share my bed.

“Why are you moving to the bathroom? Should I arrange room for both of us alone?”

“I’m not doing anything! It can’t be helped, the bed is too small! That’s why I’m moving!”

I thought that something was gonna happen, but there’s nothing. Somehow this is anticlimactic. Pg. 115

But I’m sure that she will turn cute once she open up a bit. There’s no way I’ll messed up our first time. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Next to me, there are Angela and Sati sleeping, giving me some extra space. It seems that they are in that arrangement in purpose for Elizabeth.

“You’re asleep?”

I asked her.

I’m gazing at Elizabeth, and our eyes meet.

Elizabeth has a very nice face contour. As expected of a noblewoman, she really looks elegant.

When I closed my body towards Elizabeth direction, her face comes close to mine. I noticed that her hands were placed on my chest, and I gently hold it.



She doesn’t shake off my hand, and held it tighter.

Eh? Why is her breathing turns rougher? Her eyes are moist too. This is just like that day with the thunderstorm.

I bring her face closer, and gave her a light and quick kiss.

“G-geez. That’s too quick.”

She gave me the permission, albeit with a harsh voice. Seems that I can continue!

Then I kissed her again, strongly against her lips. Then we parted. Then I continued, this time I inserted my tongue…

However, I don’t receive much feedback this time. Is she already asleep, or…?

Although I love to take naps any time of the day, there’s no way I’ll fall asleep while kissing. It should be the same for everyone, right?

I wonder if something happened, so I opened my eyes.

I saw that she is already drooling in front of me. Then I checked her breathing; she truly had fallen asleep now. It’s fine, I guess. I go to sleep while holding her warm hand.

Somebody shake my body and wake me up.

At the same time, I can hear a loud bell sound, ringing many times.

“Masaru sama, please get up Masaru sama!”

“Masaru, Elizabeth! Wake up, the enemy forces are attacking!”

Enemy attack!? I get up frantically.

“Oi, Elizabeth! The enemy is already here, wake up!”

This bell, it’s the same like that time during Harpies attack. They are ringing the bell many times, notifying that there’re enemies attack.

“Turn on the light.”

It’s hard to equip my armour in this darkness. But I was stopped by Angela the moment I want to switch the light.

“Don’t. We might be targeted by the enemies if we opened the light.”

This room has a glass window. Even if the window is closed with a curtain, there’s a possibility that the light can get out. No choice then, I activate my night vision. Then I saw Angela light up the candle and put it under the table. I see, with this, the amount of light that will spread outside will be the minimum.

We checked our equipment, under the gentle candle light. It seems like Elizabeth is finally awake.

“Don’t tell me the last wall has already fall?”

“That’s impossible. If that the case, then they should have already inform us a long time ag0.”

Angela said, denying it.

“There are something flying on the sky right now. It’s far so I can’t see it clearly.”

Sati who has finished preparing first, peek outside the window.

A surprise attack from the sky, huh. Seems like they are ignoring the second wall now. No wonder the watchmen guarding the wall were taken by surprise…

Finally, I finished preparing.

Even the last one, Elizabeth, is ready. She’s just wearing her black robe and holding her cane. That simple.

“Alright, let’s go out and confirm the situation.”

As we went outside I see Danilo dono hastily run towards us.

“What’s the situation?”

“I don’t know. Right now, we have only confirmed that attacks will be launched from sky high. With all this confusion, everyone is gathering at the shrine hall. Even the knight is preparing for the battle right now.”

I blow off the candle, and all of us followed Danilo dono towards the shrine hall. In the hall, a large group of priests, adventurers, soldiers and people from the Order can be seen.

“I hope that both Olba and Nania are safe.”

“They live in a place with lots of adventurers around, right? Even Sergeant dono is there, so it should be okay.”

Right after I said that, someone announce the current news with loud voice.

“We got a contact from the wall! Even though we are under attack, the second wall remain safe!”

So, we’re safe for the time being. But should we remains waiting here like this?

“What now. Is there anything that I can do?”

“Let’s wait first. It’s dangerous to move alone right now.”

As expected of Elizabeth, she is still calm. I’ll count on you for now.

While we’re waiting, another news come.

“Someone should start defending this fortress! Our man from Blue Dragon Force are more than willing to go and fortify at the second wall. Kongo squad should continue defending here!”

“Elizabeth, what about us?”

“We should follow the Orders. Our movement is restricted here, so it’s better for us to participate in the defence at the castle wall.”

“Understood. Angela please wait here with the other.”

“I’m following too.”

“No can do. Your cloth is not suitable. With an equipment like you will get easily pierced by arrows and die.”

Even though Elizabeth is lightly dressed, her robe is fortified by magic and it can deflect arrows.


“Let’s go, the Orders are departing. It’s okay Anne, I will take proper care of Masaru.”

“Okay. Please be careful.”

“Let’s go. We don’t want to be left behind by them.”

Elizabeth went and ask the knight team that is going out from the hall.

The knight’s leader give us their okay. Several torches were lit up by the Orders and illuminating our way. Sati is holding her bow and I’m holding my sword.

When we reached the gate, the knight in front gave us a warning.

“An attack! It’s coming from above!”

We faced down, following the movement of the Orders.

I quickly detect the monsters. So, it’s Wyvern, huh? They’re not as big as a dragon, but it is still about 5 metre large.

The Wyvern quickly dive towards us and flew to the sky again.

“It’s useless to hit it from below. They’re large and fast.”

“I’ll shoot it down with Thunder.”

Elizabeth start casting. Together, I start chanting 【Thunder】―――

The Wyvern is diving again.

We can make it. This Wyvern is slower than the previous dragon――casting complete!


The thunder hit the Wyvern hard, then it falls to the Orders in front of us. The knights rushed towards it and stab it.

Just now my level raised by 1.

“You saved us, Wizard dono.”

Several people of the Orders greet us.

“Here Wizard dono. Come, follow me.”

We encountered some more monster on the way to the wall. It seems that having wizards in the group really help lessened their burden.

Although we are in the middle of the knight squad, we are hit by arrows sometimes so it’s scary.

“You still remember how to cast Thunder.”

“I practice hard while you’re not around, Elizabeth.”

Actually, I didn’t. This is the first time I shot one besides when practicing with her.

“You still can’t use Mega Thunder, right?”

“That would still be impossible…”

The point that I allocated last time was already reset.

The knight team stopped right at the 2nd wall. It is still broken. But we can see the sign of repairing in progress is going on.

“What’s the matter?”

“Look, over there.”

I look at the place where she pointed her finger at. The U-shaped hole from before is still there, but the passage is nowhere to be seen. Is it already destroyed?

What now…something is climbing up, is it an enemy!?

“It’s likely to climb over here. If that happen, then we need to stop it.”

“Is it impossible to block it by Earth magic?”

“Even if we do it right now, it will be destroyed in an instant. In that case, we need to build it and harden it, but there’s no Earth mage capable of that.”

“Skilful Earth mage is that rare?”

Elizabeth ask him.

“That’s not the problem. There are none here in the frontline because originally, they are not needed in the construction of Pioneering village. We rely more in civil construction technique.”

This place was established for more than 10 years now, that’s why they rarely come here. It’s the same case for Healer. They are more towards supportive role so they won’t come to the frontline.

Can I do it, that magic?

Currently my Earth magic is level 3, so it should be more than enough. Should I increase it to level 4, just in case?







Masaru Level 13 Skill 6P

Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2
Presence Detection level 4 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Physical Reinforcement level 2 Shield level 3 Evade level 3
Martial Art level 1 Archer level 3 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Magical Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 3 MP Recovery level 3 Common Magic
Life Magic Recovery Magic level 4 Fire Magic level 4
Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3 Earth Magic level 4


【Earth Magic Level 4】
1.     Earth Bullet
2.     Earth Wall and Hardening
3.     Shooting Rock Golem Bullet
4.     Create Giant Earth Golem


I wonder if Giant Golem is good enough? No, I don’t have time to think about it.

“Please let me do it.”

First, I will create an earth wall, identical as possible to the current wall. Then, I will lift it up, and set it on top of the current wall, making it harder to climb.

After that, I will try to redo the process.

“Please, go down with this. I’ll dig a hole around here!”

Start chanting 【Earth wall】―――I need to make it as hard as possible. Damn, the magical energy consumption is huge! Pg.124

Giant earth wall gradually formed. A hole in the ground spread as the wall grows bigger. The earth wall of the same shape as the castle wall which collapsed is completed. Now I must lift it up and set it up.

Chanting【Levitation】 ――It’s heavy. Or rather this is bad.

The earth wall is still on the ground. I try to imagine the process more clearly. First, I will make it separated from the ground…and it’s start lifting.

“I’m helping out too.”

It seems that the wall is lifted thanks to Elizabeth help.

Slowly, the huge wall rises.

“Thanks a bunch.”

At last, the earth wall reaches the top of the original wall. We carefully align its position. I can feel that my magical power is decreasing steadily. Crushing all the monsters that are trying to climb the wall, both the wall is finally joined together.

“We made it!”

Cheers rose from those knights. Albeit looking shabby, for now, it’s work fine as a temporary solution. From this side, it can even be used as a passage way.

I’ll apply 【Hardening】to the repaired castle wall.

“Great work! You managed to close the hole at once!”

“I also cast Hardening on it. It should have an effect for at least one day.”

My head start to feel dizzy after throwing out all these magics in one time. Perhaps there are only about 10% of my magical power is left. I take out MP potion and drink it. Occasionally, I also sip my Magi tea.

“Let’s go, Masaru. How is your current magical power?”

“There are still some left, so it should be okay.”

Even though the remaining is about 10%, it is still more than enough to shoot some magics and it will recover to decent amount sooner or later.

“Is that so. Then, let’s hurry.”

“Wizard dono, please, this way.”

By the escort of the Order, we took the stair to the top of the castle. Then, by using my magic sight, I have confirmed that there are flocks of monster above the cloud, large enough forces to cover all the sky.

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  1. JM says:

    First, The MC’s train of thought is okay but now at this 3rd volume and 7th chapter the MC is f***ing pretentious. He is alredy 23 years old but his train of thought is like that of a sheltered teenge boy. I don’t know what the author is thinking, the way he introduce the MC as being kind and full of sympathy all sorts of good quality but all i see from that train of thought is so many unneccessary thinking and immature MC. IF!! HE! wants to help others then help them, if he wants to keep a promise then keep it, if he wants to protect those precious to him and around him then protect them. The hell! Im getting angry for crappy naration here. So indecisive MC that’s what i think of this crappy novel. I think it is a good novel when i read the 1st volume but it get’s crappy when the story progress.

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    • he is a shutin from age 18. he failed college. never went out for 5 years. what do you think is his personality? Please read the story and understand the character. Your comprehension skills is that of a teenage boy barely out of high school.

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  2. rhed says:

    ahhhmm.. i just want this to be clear.. what volume or chapter did the MC get the night vision and that magic sight? i mean. it just pop up on the start of volume 3. Is this the LN version right?


    • snake23 says:

      i think he learned it in the training with elizabeth to lear the wind magic
      and for night vision i am not sure but i think he learned it while training with sati for the hawk eye


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    Hey there, many thanks for the translation of this chapter! I really enjoy this LN and appreciate you taking the time to OCR and translate it.

    There were a few parts where I thought the translation was a bit awkward so I’ll type up some alternatives here:

    The line that reads “We had supper together once Sati comes back.” would sound much better written as: “Once Sati arrived we had supper together.”. I’ve realized the Japanese sentence structure is very different from English, in fact, they’re completely reversed. It also important to keep in mind what tense the sentence is and keep in consistent.

    The line that reads “It seems that there is no more massive attack other than the one in the morning just now. Her level went up by two and now it’s 19. I’ll relocate the point later.” would read better as “It seems that there were no more large-scale attacks after the massive attack in the morning. Her level went up by two and is now 19. I’ll allocate the points later.”. Here is use “were” instead of “is” since we are talking about something that happened in the past and therefore it is necessary to use the past-tense. Also, “Relocate” is defined as moving something from one place to another. Although it can be used in the sentence, it sounds incredibly awkward to native English speakers. Th word “Allocate”, which means to assign something, is much more suitable here.

    There are many other cases like this but well I’ll leave it with these two. If I have the time I will continue to post these little tips in future chapters to hopefully help with your English.

    Best of luck.


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