Vol 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 ~ Taboo Spell

The next day, early in the morning, I brought Sati to Sergeant dono.

I’m thinking what they’re preparing for breakfast, when I realized that it’s always the guild that had prepared it previously. Of course, all of it are meat dish.

Elizabeth got up with Sati, then she went out. Turned out that she joined Sati and Sergeant dono after she checked on Nania san first.

I went to the clinic and it’s crowded with people like usual. Then I asked the priest if they need any help.

“Thanks to you guys giving me one day off yesterday, my magical power is fully recovered.”

I’m not wearing my mask and priest cloth right now, but since I’m just doing normal heal then it should be okay. There are few people injured because yesterday the enemies make a sporadic attack. I wish this pattern will continue.

It was after I treated some of the patients that Danilo dono come and said that the breakfast is ready.

“Area Heal consume twice the amount of magical power compared to normal heal. Because I’m just treating normal injuries, my magical power is hardly used.”

In fact, I had only used one third of my magical power reserve.

“As expected of Masaru dono. The person working in the next shift will have it easy like this.”

“Let’s go for breakfast after I’m done.”

“Well, that’s fine too.”

Again, I’m eating breakfast with two old man.

But Bishop sama sure has some interesting stories with him. He is telling me past stories about this shrine, so I’m not so bored. After finished eating I ask him something that I’m intrigued with.

“You know, there is an ultimate Recovery Magic, once recorded in this shrine. Since we don’t know it exact name, we called it as Miracle light. It takes several people to activate it. It really is a miracle, knowing that the magic not only heal all the surrounding people, but also recovered their magical power.”

All Heal magic that can also recover magical power? Sounds so useful.

“Um, can that magic also cure a person that has lost his leg?”

Bishop sama suddenly have a stiff expression.

“No, it can’t. You can’t never do that, Masaru dono. It is a taboo.”

Taboo? Is it that bad to recover your feet?

“Please listen carefully, you too Danilo. And don’t ever bring up this topic again after this. Got it, Masaru sama?”


So, it’s a taboo spell. Somehow, this has turned weird.

“For someone to heal a lost limb, or any other diseases that can’t never be cured by standard recovery magic, a compensation is required.”

“A price, huh.”

“Long time ago, there used to live an excellent priest. He has always been in sorrow, thinking that he is unable to return the lost limb of his patient. Not long after, he created a new recovery magic.”

“Then it was banned?”

“That’s right. That priest never knew, that his magic will require a large compensation. When he initiated it, the spell consumed almost all his life. After a month, he died. Since the spell has been banned, nobody is talking about it anymore.”

So, I can heal Olba san leg, with the price of my life.

“Don’t do it, Masaru sama. I beg you, please don’t ever attempted it. I don’t want this tragedy to be repeated. This is a thing that can’t be normally done, one would call it impossible. But a great magician like Masaru dono might have rediscovered it. That’s why I’m telling you properly now. That spell is a curse. It is not a spell befitted of us, practitioner of Shrine of Gods. So please don’t even think of it.”

Alright I’ll stop thinking about it.

I understand why it is classified as a taboo spell now. It’s not worth it, paying for my life. It might have great result but the price is massive. Too much for me to handle.

Though, can Nania san bear it, hearing that it is possible to cure Olba san leg but it can’t be done. She might even offer her life. One person must die. One can only live for that much after initiated this spell.

Should I tell Elizabeth about this?

Is there any other way than this? Spell that great enough to cure Olba san leg?

There’s no doubt that they will demand it. And I will use it without fail. Yea, I’ll use it. I’ll use it, even if it is banned…

“Alright, I’ll never ask about it.”

“I’m relieved. Masaru sama is reasonable. We, human, have a limit of what we can do, unlike Gods. We should never cross those lines. If you lose your life because of a temporary sentiment, then how about all the lives that you can save in the future.”


Even if you said so, my heart is still not convinced. Whatever, I should finish my breakfast first.

Still, how can I ignore Olba san condition when I know that I can heal it?

No, even I’m not that familiar with that spell.

But should I stop from trying it?

It is a taboo spell. Even Bishop sama has made it clear.

But aren’t I’m Japanese? I can easily ignore those rules.

But again, am I willing to sacrifice my life?

I already seen how hard Nania san cried right? I should be able to spare a bit of my life.

But, but, but…

“Don’t worry too much. Okay? Let’s forget about this. There is no need to think about this anymore. This is how everyone think about it in this shrine. This is a secret that everyone must protect. Masaru sama is no exception.”

“Yes, Bishop sama.”

“You need to abide by this rule, even if the patient is one of your family. Let say if a story were to spread, what do you think will happen? People will keep coming on you, and your life will diminish faster than ever. And this will not impact Masaru dono alone.”

“Yes, Bishop sama.”

How truly a fussy world indeed.

After we done eating, I grab my mask and start readying for the treatment session.

I’ll feel distracted if I don’t work like this. I start treating people with Danilo dono. My magical power didn’t decrease in the slightest.

Maybe I can temporarily escape and gain some experience point like this. But my thought was halted, seeing that a lot of people were carried in suddenly.

Is another wave happening right now?

I hope that Sati and Elizabeth are okay. I quickly gather they all in one area and apply Area Heal.

Because I’m using lots of Area Heal, the injured patients are getting lesser. The treatment is finishing faster than I thought.

This time the wave is weaker than the previous one. Maybe the monsters are exhausted?

However, this is far from the end. People will continue fighting again after they rest.

If they continue attacking like this, then it’s still tolerable.

But what about the next wave? And next after that?

The Kingdom troops will arrive only after four days later. I wonder if we can hold out until that long.

The second reinforcement from Siory town arrive around noon.

But even when they managed to gather some from surrounding neighbour, it’s still not that much. Apparently, the monsters are becoming active at the other side too. That’s why they can’t send out much people.

Angela come greet me after I’m done treating them all with Area Heal.

Bishop sama replace me after my shift, and Angela comes meet me because there’s not much to do at the hall.

“Wow you got a nice room.”

“Well, that’s….”

I tell her about how I continue using the Masked Priest identity here, just like back at Siory town. By the way, I told her that Elizabeth is safe.

“I’m sorry. I really should stop the rumour back then. I never thought it will spread this far.”

“No, I don’t mind. These guys over here promised me to keep it a secret.”

But somehow, I don’t feel like I care much about it anymore.

“Hey you okay? Your face looks pale.”

I think even Angela don’t know about it, the taboo spell. It seems to be a top secret within the shrine.

“No matter how much I healed these peoples, they keep on coming back. That’s why I’m depressed.”

After hearing that, Angela hugged me tightly.

As expected, it feels nice to get hugged by Angela. I like the feeling of being wrapped by her chest. It feels like all the trouble just now was a lie, that’s how calm I’m like now.

“Everyone is thinking like that right now, you know. That’s why, Masaru need to become more and more stronger.”

“Yea. Thank you, Angela, I’m fine now. I’m just lonely, doing treatment without you guys around me.”

Back when I’m still a shut-in in Japan, I never have any worries. I’m immersed with my online world all days and nights.

“That’s right. Where are you staying right now?”

“I don’t have anywhere yet.”

“Why don’t you stay here. This room is large, so we can still some mattress. Even Elizabeth is staying here.”

“Even her huh…”

“You see, it’s for Olba san and Nania san. She just doesn’t want to disturb them. Besides, there is a bath here.”

“It’s nice to have a bath. I didn’t manage to cleanse myself on the way here, so I smell.”

“Really? You smell really good right now thought.”

I get close to Angela and start sniffing her.

Sure, she smells a bit sweaty, but it’s not bad.

And then my head was hit.

“Please let me use the bath. You can keep the water for later. I’m just wiping my body.”

It was after Angela is done that Elizabeth come back.


Angela went and hugged Elizabeth.

“Oi, wha, what are you doing!”

“I’m really worried about you.”

“Oh, I see…”

“I already heard from Masaru, but I’m really glad now that I’ve confirmed it myself.”

Then she released Elizabeth.

“Naturally! There’s no way I’ll be defeated by a bunch of measly Orcs!”

She continued.

“Besides, if I really died, then all the items in my Item Box will be thrown out. Even my pudding and fried chicken. No, no, that’s way too embarrassing.”

“Ahahahaha … That’s definitely an unpleasant way to die, isn’t it?”

Yea I think that is terrible too.

Imagine that bunches of fried chicken and pudding suddenly appear when she’s dead. Too surreal.

“Well, I’ll never let anyone die, not in my watch.” [Masaru]

“True. Elizabeth really looks energetic now.”

“Saying it like that is a little gross, you know.”

“I’m just praising you.”

“Really? Whatever.”

“So, why are you coming back early today?” [Masaru]

“Well, I have depleted my magical power, so I want to rest. Since Nania is not at our room today, I come here.”

“Wow, she is feeling better already now?”

“Olba already did his best yesterday, so.”

“Are there any progress in their relationship?”

“Well that thing need to wait. Even our Dawn’s disbanding topic. We decided to discuss about it again once all this is over.”

“Isn’t Olba san injured? Why is he not evacuating yet?”

“He is still fighting. Right now, Leuven and two others has made him a prosthetic limb from tree.” pg.103

“Wait a minute. Aren’t it dangerous for them to fight? They are still injured.”

From there Elizabeth and the two of us talk about the situation in the last few days.

“……It’s more dangerous than I expected.”

Danilo dono came and I asked him to prepare lunch for three people.

I introduced him to Angela, saying that she is the one who taught me. He looks quite impressed. He must think that Angela is greater than me, because she is my teacher.

After that we three eat our lunch. Angela is happy that our meal is consists of luxurious meat, little that she knows this will be the meal every time from now on. Well not like I mind it thought.

I left Elizabeth alone in our room while both of us make our usual round.

Right now, I’m having it easy. Bishop sama already cured all the patient with Area Heal. But he collapsed afterward.

Is it okay? Won’t your lifespan reduced a lot if you always push yourself?

Besides, there are lesser injured people today, compared to yesterday. Following last two days’ pattern, the attack will stop once it is dark. I hope it will continue like that.

It is way past afternoon now. Both of us have nearly depleted our magical power right now. Pg.104

Because of that, both of us decided to return to our room. Elizabeth is still sound asleep in the room, so I asked Angela about her journey here.

Last time, it only took us around 1 days to arrive here. But it’s different this time, I heard that not all of them are with carriages. Some of them comes by foot.

It seems that they were attacked by monsters halfway here. Maybe those monsters come from the larger force here near the fortress.

There are some injured people among the adventurers, but Angela already took care of it. That’s why her magical power is depleted.

Yea, I understand your feeling. And I’m glad you’re okay too.

“Area Heal, huh. Since when your Recovery Magic is this advanced? This is very impressive.”

So, what is the secret behind my fast improvement rate? Of course, it’s because I’m using my skill point. But there’s no need for me to explain that.

“Maybe, it’s thanks to all the battle that I’ve been through.”

“You mean battle experience?”

“Yea, by fighting, we accumulated experience and this accelerate the growth of our magic. My hypothesis is that most healing mage didn’t improve because they lack real battle experience.”

“Certainly, Bishop sama is just a normal priest when he is in active duty. Only after he retired that he managed to use advanced healing.”

But, Angela continued.

“Even if what you said is true, every healing mage is precious. There’s no way any we can allow any of them to become an adventurer.”

Adventurer has the highest mortality rate amongst other. Even if my hypothesis is correct, I don’t know how much healing mage will die attempting it. It’s not like I can check their status screen either.

“Don’t you want to become an adventurer, Angela?”

“I don’t know. But from what I heard from you, it certainly sound interesting.”

“But it’s dangerous.”

Was my story that interesting? So far, I only tell her about how I’m hunting Wild Rabbit. Other than that…I do talk about the dragon last time.

“Isn’t it dangerous to stay here too? Besides, I believe that you will worked something out, in case something happens.”

“Then what will you do if you managed to gain experience? Improve your current magic? Or try to learn something new?”

“Well, I definitely want to be able to use more powerful recovery magic. Not only that, I want to have a very large magical power reserve too.”

I open Angela menu.

Right now, Angela is level 4. Around 20P is left for her skill points.

Angela level 4 Skill 20P


Cooking Level 3 Housework Level 2 Cudgel Martial Art level 1
Magical Sensing Level 1 Recovery Magic Level 3 Water Magic Level 2


So, it’s 4P to level up Recovery Magic. Others will be Magic Power Up or MP Regeneration skills, which is good for total MP over usage ratio?

Increasing the MP Reduction to level 4 will cost around 14P, so only 2P is left. If she learned both the Magical Power Up and MP Regeneration, then it’ll be a waste I think, considering the negligible performance boost. Then I wondered and asked. Pg. 106

“You can use purification magic, right? What about Levitate, Fire or Lightning?”

“Only Purification and Fire magic. I can’t use others than that. It’s not like I’ll need them.”

Hmm. I wonder which is the best skill set would be. If you think about it, housekeeping and swordsmanship are both categorized as physical. Why must this system be so lousy? I should write this in my diary.

“Is there anything wrong?”

“Yea. If you know Levitate, then it’ll be useful in case of emergency.”

“But I don’t have much spare MP to practice it well. Usually I create ice using my extra magical power. Right now, there are two children that are capable to use recovery magic. The orphanage will do well while both are still here.”

It’s useless to raise her recovery magic level. With the amount of magical power she has right now, she will definitely collapse once she attempted to do Area Heal. Plus, she will automatically learn about the spell once her level is increased, with no way to hide it.

I wonder if I can reduce her MP consumption? No, I shouldn’t. She will get suspicious once she realized that she can spend double her normal capacity. Then she will get suspicious with me.

Well, not like there’s a way to find out.

Last time I already think about this. A way to gain point easily. Does such method exist?

But then I think again. If I used that method, maybe some trick, or any other suspicious method, won’t it bring me negative impacts?

“That reminds me. Aren’t Sati too good with her bows? When you bought her, she has bad eyesight, right? I don’t think she ever fought monster before either.”

“It’s because she is a beast man. The instructors even praised her to be a rare genius that can only be found once every one hundred years.”


Angela seems suspicious alright.

What’s with the question just now.

From now on I should be more careful…

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  2. OpenmindedReader says:

    Sentence like “because i’m japanese” piss me off a bit. It makes me wonder how weird is the education in Japan. Does they think all that because they are japanese they are special? This isn’t the first time that i read those kind of sentences in japanese novels. For me this is above narcissistic and patriotic, it gives off a feeling of discrimination against all non-japanese people.

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    • workingneet says:

      I believe the author never thought that his book will be published worldwide.

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    • Countrymage says:

      Or it’s because he knows other Japanese were recruited and given cheat abilities.

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    • asdf says:

      thank you for the translations workingneet 🙂

      @ OpenmindedReader
      well… simplified, you are correct. feel free to look up nihonjinron / nihonron if you are interested, wikipedia does have some superficial info on that topic – many Japanese are more or less convinced that they are very unique or more special compared to other cultures. that aside, the other replies are most likely correct as well.

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    • R3D4pple says:

      I think he means because he is from another world, from Japan, which only exists in his world/dimension. Since “earthling” or “world traveler” would sound unnatural as a monologue from a character as himself, he just used the term he would describe himself with, as he would do it on earth.

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    • Guy named Steve says:

      Okay good, I’m not the only one that noticed. A lot of novels do this; sometimes it can be less awkward than calling themselves earthlings but some novels (maybe just the translators) make it sound sort of racist.


    • Icy Dice says:

      he wasn’t being racist, but rather referring to the fact that hes the only one from earth and therefore the only able to use this point system. like someone said earlier the author probably didn’t expect this to be translated and therefore didn’t feel the need to be so inclusive when referring to earthlings.

      try not to get your low self esteem get the better of you. This story, out of all these dumb harem stories has been the most kind and most realistic when it has come to properly personifying every harem girl and giving each one their own background. seems weird to point out this one particular mistake.


    • CyberD. says:

      Well, Japan’s culture is a very interesting and complex subject. They did adopt for a while the racial superiority theories that led to the emergence of Nazi Germany, and they are also the only known non-Occidental country which actively colonized “inferior” people in the past (mostly Korea and parts of China). While this is a past which is long gone and left aside by the newer generations, there are still artifacts of that time present in their culture. Some members of the older generation also still glorify the “good old days” and commemorate their WW2 victories and their soldiers, particularly those who lived through the early period after it, much to the anger of Korea and China, who suffered lots of atrocities from them.


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