Chapter 6 Translation

Just a few lines left. I’ll be done soon.

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9 Responses to Chapter 6 Translation

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

    Will wait for the released chapter and advanced
     ( ・∀・)Thanks!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year

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  2. sijnoe says:

    Thank you ! 😀


  3. Jaegarpan says:

    thanks and i am waiting


  4. ShimizuA says:

    You tease……..


  5. fatapulse says:



  6. Nezi Kaile says:

    Looking forward to it c:


  7. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


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