Vol 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ~ Sati Training Plan part 2

I bid my farewell to the guys at the Kongo squad after Danilo dono prepared lunch in my room.

They really can drink the alcohol without any problem.

“Liquor can help restoring our magical energy, so it’s no problem to chug them as long that we don’t pass out.”

I’m not sure if they’re just making excuses. Maybe they want to enjoy drinking more. I don’t really understand it, but drinking while relaxing really boosts the MP recovery rate sometimes for me.

Because I had been eating and drinking a lot just now, I thought of declining the lunch. But seeing that those priests has cooked it, I feel bad so I stored all of it in containers and put into my Item Box.

Maybe I’ll eat it later with Sati.

I’m not eating lunch so I don’t have anything to do right now.

I don’t feel like reading books right now too. Because both of my Magical Power Enhancement and MP resilience are level 3, I will need at least 24 hour for full recovery. After all, my recovery rate increase as the skill level increase. And Magi tea can only recover limited amount at one time.

Should I learn Reduce Magic Consumption skill next? No, I should level up my Recovery Magic first. I need to have 20P to upgrade it to level 5.

Right now, the problem is with Sati. I can’t reset, not sure what happen.

First, I will raise her swordsmanship level. After raising her physical capabilities, should I raise her agility or dexterity next? Just what kind of super soldier is this…other than evade or psychic, there is still night vision. I also want to increase her Stealth, Endurance, Detection and so on. As for magic…no it’s impossible. Even after her level increase so much, her MP didn’t increase at all. Are there any ways else than growing by training?

I wonder which one I should raise first. Maybe I should consult her first before deciding. Un, I should do that. If I don’t then Sati might be disappointed, and stop talking with me.

Argh, I want to see Sati. But if I simply went back there just to see Sati then I will get scolded by Sergeant dono.

A visitor came just when I want to go out.

It’s Captain Tessian from the Kongo squad.

I greet him and give my thanks for saving me and Sati during the Harpies raid. He brushed it off just like how his subordinates did. It’s goodwill, just a job, something like that. You can literally see the radiance emitted by these people.

“This is a nice room.”

“It’s feel wasted to be used by me though.”

“There’s no need to be humble. This kind of treatment is appropriate for a high ranked magician like you. Just get used to it.”

“So, it’s something like that.”

“By the way.”

He looks at the bed and grab something.

“How is the priest cloth? Does wearing it make you feel like joining our shrine?”

“Actually, I wear the priest cloth to make my treatment session less awkward. That’s all.”

“Hou. Then what about that mask?”

“I want to hide my face because I did not want to stand out much …”

If it’s kaa chan then she will surely yell at me for leaving the clothes around like that…

Sorry kaa chan. I’m not a good son.

“By the way, I heard a story about a masked priest. If I’m not mistaken, he also appeared at Siory town.”


“The priests seem like they are shutting their mouth, but do you know anything about him Masaru dono?”

LMAO Captain Tessian, of course I know about him…

“Um, please keep this silent about this thing.”

I repeat the story that I had told the Bishop this morning.

“I see. No wonder even Bishop sama won’t tell me about this.”

“Yea, but honestly though. I’m just your everyday adventurer.”

“Well it seems that trying to persuade you more is useless. And I think that the job here is worth it, Masaru dono.” *keigo*

Somehow this person has suddenly turned polite on me. Please, stop it!

“My main magic attribute is fire though. I refused because you basically ask me to be a full-time healer. Because I can use bow, I usually unleashed the magic for a wide area blow.”

“It can’t be helped you know. Your skill right now is pretty much on par with Bishop sama. That’s why we’re scouting you. If the fortress is really falling, then we will protect you alongside Bishop sama as top priority.”

Whoa, this conversation is turning to the worst possible outcome, didn’t it?

It will be harder for me to collect experience points if I agreed though. So, I notice while I’m thinking.

Maybe they’re desperate because they’re lacking high level Healing mage.

Because a healer is valuable, they are usually protected, thus making it harder to fight in the battle and collect more experience points.

Since I’m unable to level up, my magic power will not rise, and upgrading my recovery magic is not possible too. Even if I somehow managed to level up my magic, my magical power output will still be way too less and it’s possible to faint like Bishop sama last time.

It’s said that earning experience point as Healing mage is hard. If you’re not participating in the battle, then you will get no more than zero experience. If you are participating, then you need to at least land a killing blow for hefty experience points. I know if first hand when I was fighting the dragon, before I get Sati. If I were to be a full Healing mage, it will make It harder to land a blow.

But why are they doing this. Is it because they want a mage that can go full defensive and full offensive in one time? To be able to use healing magic, one need to train to the fullest. That’s why people don’t usually put healing mage in danger.

However, if the young mage didn’t get experience point, then it will be impossible to level up.

“Is it rare for a Healing mage to fight in front line?”

“Of course. In our shrine, we teach all the priest basic hand to hand combat for self-defence and for battle. But if we want to make an effective attack, it’s easier to train 10 vanguard rather than letting the healer learn an offensive magic. Then they can use all their magic power to heal the vanguard.  pg. 81

I see. No wonder he wants to recruits more capable people like me or Sati.

But right now, he only sees my recovery magic at level 4. What will he if he saw me unleashed a level 5 recovery magic, I wonder.

“Anyway, please keep the thing about me confidential.”

“How surprising. Adventurers usually loves to be in the spotlight.”

“Not really, a little bit of money is enough. Also, a family a house.”

If it’s only Sati and Angela, then the current house is big enough.

“Even Masaru dono ideals is more towards that of a priest rather than an adventurer. Won’t it better if you’re staying at the shrine like this.”

Damn this guy will take anything I said as signs of shrine positive. I better keep my distance with him next time.

“I think I will remain as an adventurer for the time being, I like being free.”

After that Captain Tessian took off, and I decided to take a nap. Last night I don’t get much sleep and today I wake up earlier than normal too. Not only that, I keep casting a high ranked magic so now I’m dead tired.

I was woken up by Danilo dono.

‘I’m thinking of preparing dinner soon. Is there anything that you would like?”

“Um, I’m going to cook myself today. I always depend on you, it’s somewhat embarrassing.”

It’s not like I have anything better to do right now.

“No won’t do! I have been instructed by Bishop sama to take care of you. Besides, Masaru dono is the best healing mage here. Because of you we have less burden to take.”

I can’t huh. I thought it’ll be easier for me and Sati to do it.

“One of my companion is still at the wall defending. Is it possible for you to come back later?”

I wonder if they are all right, Sati and Elizabeth……

Danilo dono informed me that some injured people were sent just now.

“Bishop sama said he would like to join dinner with you later.”

“Well, I would like to have dinner alone with Sati today. Is it okay he come during breakfast?”

“Understood. I will inform him.”

After a while Sati come back to the room. Even Elizabeth is with her. Sergeant dono and Turks san sent them both here and went to guild later.

“Ara. Such a small room. Both you and Sati stay here? Can I stay here too?”

It seems that she wants to leave Nania san alone with Olba san. I’m also rooting for them, that’s why I allowed Elizabeth to stay here.

“I don’t mind. We have extra bed here too.”

“Then I’ll went back to my room first to inform them that I’m staying here.”

She said so and went out.

I also went out and talk with Danilo dono.

“So, she is your master. Yea no doubt. Would you like for me to prepare another room?”

“No thanks, we all are staying here. My teacher already has her own room, but since this is the first time we meet after long time, I want to have a nice talk with her.”

“I see. Then I will prepare an extra mattress.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry, but could you please prepare meals for three people.”

“Okay I got it.  We have all the meat here, even the rotten one!” pg. 84

Ah, that’s right. A rotting meat is also a thing over here. But is it that kind of meat dish?

I didn’t see any remaining of the dragon when I went to the wall earlier. Well it was said that the body was already collected.

Maybe they keep it frozen right now, and sell it to Commercial Guild later. The income can be used to repair the fort too. It’s not easy to repair the wall once it falls.

After a while they sent the meal and extra mattress.

We wait for Elizabeth while the dish is prepared.

I still can wait but Sati seems impatient. It’s okay for me because my stomach is still full, but she is really starved after all the battle just now. She will not touch the food unless after I said “Itadakimasu”. She really is a good girl.

I was wondering which one I should eat first when Elizabeth come back.

“It’s meat again……”

Of course, there are some bread and soup as side dishes, but other than that it’s all meat. As for vegetable, there are none. Ever since I come here, they only served meat dishes. Maybe because there are many defeated monsters around.

But you, didn’t you just eat fried chicken for lunch?

“Fried chicken is different!”

Is that so.

“So, how’s Nania san doing now?”

I asked her while we’re eating.

“Well since Masaru healed Olba’s wound, he has cheered up and they are hitting it right now. But he still hasn’t proposed to her…”

If he proposes, then Nania san will surely give him “yes”.

“Why? Aren’t they in love?”

“It’s because of me. Stupid. She is still worried about me more, rather than him. Why must she stick to our old promises so much…”

I thought she will continue talking about their past promise, but she just went silent.

“We should stop talking about this thing. Let’s continue eating. Olba’s doing his best comforting her, I’m sure it’ll turn okay soon. Besides that, Sati. Please scrub my back later in bath.”

“Yes, Elizabeth sama.”

“There is no bathroom back in the guild dormitory! Because of that, I need to be content with wiping my back alone. It’s totally unpleasant! The public bathhouse was closed too because the owner has already escaped.”

She’s not using magic to cleanse her body because she wants to conserve her magical power. I know that you’re struggling inside. I will put some extra.

After the meal, I’m preparing the bath.

I always do it myself, without helps from Danilo dono.

To save my magic power, I draw the bathing water from the well.

I put it into a container and carried it in my Item Box. Then I poured it inside the bathtub and heat it with fire magic. I’m taking my sweet time by pouring the magic power little by little. My magic power should recover to normal by tomorrow morning.

“Elizabeth, the bath is ready!”

No reply.

I want to return to bed and sleep. It can’t be helped. I’m deprived of magical power right now.

“Oi Elizabeth, are you not taking the bath?”

I better find and ask her.

“Un…I’m entering…Help me Sati…”

Hearing the reply, I stood up to went out. She is there taking off her black robe and start stripping…

“Sati, faster bring Elizabeth outta here!”

“Yes, Masaru sama!”

I really want to watch the whole thing, but I’m afraid of what’ll happen later.

Elizabeth punch might be gentle, but I can still remember the might of her air hammer.

After 5 minutes, Elizabeth come back inside the room.


“Not yet, Elizabeth sama!”


Elizabeth stepped inside the room naked, followed by naked Sati. She then walked toward the futon and dive in. Are you that sleepy?!

I look away and faced Sati.

“Did you bath properly?”

“Yes. But she went out right after I finished scrubbing her. Luckily, I managed to wipe her dry first. She did tell me how sleepy she is…

“Get Elizabeth out of the futon and put her some sleepwear.”

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

It’s not like I can stay and watch, so I go to take bath instead. Sati’s and Elizabeth’s clothes are scattered around in the changing room. Sati is not usually like this. Maybe she is too preoccupied by Elizabeth.

As expected she has not much chest.

Still bigger than Sati though.

I could not see much after this. . . it’s a bit disappointing. I already got a kiss from her, wonder if she will give me a chance.

I was soaking in the hot warm bathtub when Sati comes in.

“Good work, Sati.”

“Thank you.”

She washes my back as usual. We managed to do it a lot yesterday, but we’re having Elizabeth today. Elizabeth should be sound asleep by now, but I’m afraid the wall is not that thick.

I hug Sati and get ourselves soaked again in the bathtub. Then Sati said something.

“Um, compared than yesterday, I can feel that my strength is increasing…”

Sure it is.

I raised her physical strength to 3. Of course she will notice it.

But how do human usually human do it? This is like those secret evil association in story, strengthening and making people fighting without their consent. Usually, it was said that to strengthen oneself, basically one need to keep on fighting.

“Sati is not afraid of me? You know, me curing your eyes and making you good using a bow and all.”

“I’m not afraid at all!”

“I’m glad. I’m a bit worried. Because you are so good with bow, you are taken by Sergeant dono to participate in the frontline.”

“I’m afraid to fight, but not much anymore. I know that that Sergeant dono and Elizabeth sama will always watch by my side. It was much harder when I was told that it was not useful as it used to be before. Many people are complimenting me now, and it’s all thanks to Masaru sama.”

“Is that so? Then lets us works harder so more people will praise you.”


I open the menu.

There is no increase in loyalty. The number hardly increase after 80, but it still increases slowly by time. It’ll not be long before it reaches 100.

Sati managed to level up by 3. Okay now what should I do?

Sati level 17

Skill 16P

Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 2 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Physical Reinforcement level 3 Evasion level 3 Shield level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Archery level 5

“Sati, let’s say if you can get stronger, what would you like to strengthen first?”

“Um, I would like to be able to use magic like Masaru sama and Elizabeth sama.”

Sorry. That is impossible, your magical power is just too low…

“Any others? Increasing your swordsmanship abilities or maybe to see better at night. After that I can increase yours evade ability and agility. Or, do you want to improve your ears or nose better?”

Sati thought for a while, then she said she wants to be like Sergeant dono.

Sergeant dono is a man who emphasis speed in his swordsmanship, unlike Lazard san. So, it’s level 5 on swordsmanship right, not dexterity? Since Sati is lightweight and all, maybe it’s right choice to raise her speed so she can avoid attacks better.

“Then let’s increase your Swordsmanship level. In higher level, you can use Mind Eyes.”

Maybe I should improve her evade ability first before agility. She is dealing with lots of arrows after all.

“Okay. But is it that easily done?”

“Sati already defeats lots of foes, right? Usually your strength will increase per how many foes you already take down.”

Do the concept of experiences points applied on this world? Next time when I’m free then maybe I’ll explain then. A simple explanation is enough for now.

“Then I’ll defeat a whole lot tomorrow!”

“Un. But don’t endanger yourself kay.”


I used 10P for swordsmanship level 5, and 5P for Mind Eyes skill.

Sati level 17 Skill 1P

Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 2 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Physical Reinforcement level 3 Evasion level 3 Shield level 2
Swordsmanship level 5 Archery level 5 Mind Eye

The swordsmanship has reached the limit, becoming the highest level possible for human. Now that I have increased her level this much, is it possible that she is stronger than Sergeant dono right? But if it’s for me, I’ll never fight as a vanguard. After all it’s better for me to stay behind and shoot my magic.

“Alright. I already raised it. I already improved your Swordsmanship and evasion technique.”

“……I don’t understand.”

Sati said while making cute gesture (subject to change).

“It’s not like you can straightway used it. Just like your eyes, you need to practice it first, right?”

Usually for magic skill, we can feel the knowledge surged throughout our body. But it’s not the same case for swordsmanship.

“That’s true.”

“Like I have told before, please keep all this a secret. If this goes out, then someone from the shrine might arrest me.”

“Yes. I’ll absolutely keep it a secret.”

“It’s getting hot inside here, should we get out?”

“Yes. Um, Masaru sama. Thank you very much. I will do my best even more in the future.”

“Un, I’m counting on you, Sati.”


Good. This kid is reliable. I’m glad that Sati is very brave right now. If it’s me, I can never do things like this.

After I got out of the bath, I got to sleep after asking Satie a little about today.

Sati will join the frontline tomorrow too. Knowing that both Sergeant dono and Elizabeth are with her, I should not be worried, right?




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  1. ebolove says:

    I’m finding it really frustrating that the main character is being left in the dust and just isn’t getting any stronger.

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  3. bellcross13 says:

    I think he should change his equipment into wizard. It’s embarrassing for him to wear armor and use sword if he’s such a pussy about fighting in close distance.


  4. Fuxy says:

    This MC is a chronic looser. It’s about time he put his foot down and refused to do things detrimental to his growth but I seriously doubt he is not just using this situation as a excuse.

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    • Holow says:

      Sorry but he isn’t some kind of hero , he is strong enough to survive


      • Zach Saturday says:

        why do u always defend the mc are u his assistant or something.

        The thing is that he knows he is weak and he need to get stronger yet he always enjoys himself at his house like a pussy. I m not saying that he should be some kind of hero or risk his life for exp but he could have leveled up more if he had spent more time in the forest hunting easy opponents like orcs.
        His is not serious about anything he just fucks his girls all day. If he was really serious and a tiny bit motivated then he could have at least spent more time in the forest not just the morning but till noon or till evening but no he is busy with the girls. He neary got killed so many times and yet he thinks that training once and twice a week is good enough wtf!! he is spineless as fuck not even my little brother is this spineless.

        Really he is annoying as fuck i get more interested in other sides stories and other person pov than his main story. Yet i will continue reading this because i m free.

        And you my friend holow please stop defending him and get a life instead.
        I m really pissed off right now.

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        • Holow says:

          Dude this story isn’t the type you want , what i Say is just enjoy the story .

          Is what we have since the begining and i’m fine with it


  5. ChiefGamer says:

    God this is so annoying!!!!! Why doesn’t he just go and fought at the Frontlines? When this arc started I was excited that there will be many level ups and we’ll get to see new skills. This is so annoying that even Elizabeth feels more annoying than usual with her haughty attitude. I really hope it improves.


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