Vol 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 ~ Masaru’s Battlefield

I sneaked around the backdoor while activating Stealth so to not be found out. Fortunately, everyone is busy treating the injured, so nobody realised I sneaked out.

The fortress wall is just around the corner after I leave the shrine. I can see injured persons are brought to the shrine from outside of the wall. A soldier who seems to be a gatekeeper saw me approaching, and I called out to him.

“What is the situation right now?”

“It’s a massive offensive, but we managed to somehow push them back. So, the second wall should be alright for now.”

I feel relieved after hearing that.

But where is Sati right now? Shit. I’ve got to find Sergeant dono.

On the way to the 2nd castle wall through the gate, another injured person was carried on the stretcher.

“Be strong. Just hold for it a little more. I will take you to the healer soon!”

I’m passing them when I noticed that the guy is gravely injured.

The wound looks bad, it even bleeds a lot…

“The stretcher over there please wait for a while!”

Then I grasp the shoulder of the person carrying the stretcher.

“What are you doing! Don’t disturb me!”

“I’m a healing mage. I can cure him.”

I was wondering if I should conserve my magical power, but I can’t leave anyone who is likely to die in front of me.

“Okay, I’ll leave him to you. Oi, you will be healed now! Please hold on just a little bit longer!”

I should hurry. Start chanting 【Extra Heal】ーーーActivate!

The wound start closing, and the patient breath started to relaxed.

“Amazing. That massive wound, it’s healed! Hey, you’re saved now!”

“It’s nothing much. More importantly, I’m looking for a person right now. Did you see Vauct dono and a small beast grill?”

“Sorry, I don’t know.”

At that time, I can hear loud *don* sound from the other side. My heart jumped.

“Isn’t that sound came from magic…?”

“I don’t understand. The sound might also come from battle between the monster and the mage.”

Magic? I’ve seen lots of arrow were shoot but there is no magic?! Sati!

“I need to go now. Bye!”

Looking at the 2nd castle wall, there is a place which is partly broken. The wall was in a big inverse-vertical U shape, wide enough for a passage. I heard that the dragon is big, and the size can really fit a dragon. It seems that a wooden bridge has passed over to the collapsed part of the wall and it became an instant passage.

However, there is no way to observe the current situation from under here. Sometimes, arrows fly across the wall. I can also hear the demons war cry from here. I approached the rising staircase, when another injured man was carried off.

This guy, he is burned alive?!さつきの爆発か!pg. 64

The inside of his body is charred badly and he doesn’t seem to be moving. I checked on his condition and it seems that he is barely alive. His breathing is gradually becoming weaker too…

“Stop, I’m a healing mage!”

Start chanting 【Extra Heal】ーー

His breathing is getting weaker…just a few sec, please hold it! This is not the time for you to die yet!!


The burn this guy body is slowly easing. He groaned slightly.  But, it seems like Extra Heal is not enough to completely heal this level of injury. But this should be enough to extend his life for some more time…

“Great! I thought he is done for…」

“I’m glad that I’m on time. I’m sorry, but it seems that I’ve reached the limit of my magical power. Please make sure to go to the clinic after this.”

I drank the MP potion while reminding them. It was one out of three that I bring along. These potions are expensive too. I have used up most of my MP so it’s not like a sip of it is enough.

It is hard to prepare this kind of high performance stuff. It’s too expensive after all.

“This is enough. Oi, lets hurry.”

“Wait a moment.”

I asked them about Sati and Sergeant – dono.

“I know their whereabouts. I remember because one of them are very good with hers bow. They are at the second wing side, near the collapsed tower.”

Finally, an info!

“Thanks! I’m going now!”

“Oi, be careful! The assault might have stopped, but it might continue!”

That guy warned me while I take off. Staircase found. I run up. It’s unexpectedly wide on top of the castle wall. The passage is so big, enough for five or six people to walk side by side.

I scanned my surrounding. There are numbers of soldier and knight shooting their bows. Sometimes arrows came flying towards us too, but it’s deflected by knight shield. I can also see the harpies trying to fly past the first wall. Well first, I’ll go to the collapsed castle wall at the left.

Not here. I’ll search the other part.

I’m walking slowly after passing the staircase…there! I can see Sergeant – dono besides Sati, and Elizabeth and Turks are there too. I’m glad that everyone is safe…

Everyone is holding a bow except Elizabeth. She was sitting against the wall and eating a pudding.

What are you doing here amidst the battle…?


When I ask Elizabeth about it, it seems like she and Turks went to meet Sergeant dono and Sati this morning and they joined together.

“Sergeant dono!”

“Oh Masaru. You’re done with the treatment?”

“I’m out of magical power, then I got worried and come here.”

“Masaru sama!”

“Sati, are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m fine. Sergeant dono is here to protect me. Elizabeth sama is also here.”

Sometimes there are arrows flying over, so I went and sit beside Elizabeth.

“Really, what are you doing here in the battlefield.”

I asked Elizabeth who is enjoying her pudding at the moment.

“It can’t be helped. My magical power has run out. There is nothing that I can do now except sit still and recovered.”

So that’s the case. Me too, when I run out of magical power during treatment, I will sit back and enjoy my Magi tea.

After that, Elizabeth took out a fried chicken and sauces.

Does this girl not feel any tension whatsoever…?

“More importantly, isn’t that Magi tea?”

She’s asking for what I’m drinking. So I gave her.

“Here, take this bottle.”

“Ara. Does it always taste this bad? Well, it still works so it’s fine.”

“How’s Nania san?”

“I left her at our room. Right now, she’s not in any state to fight. She’s still taken aback with what happened with Olba.”

I see. Olba san even want to invite Nania san to his hometown.

In my current state, it’s better for me to recover my magical power first. I don’t want to become a dead weight to the front liner as well. It’s better for me to hide here because it’s safe too. After my magic power is recovered, I can shoot magic as many as I want.

Sati glanced at Elizabeth fried chicken, and give Sergeant dono lunchbox that she had prepared earlier. I received two box from Sati.

“Fumu. This is good. Looks like the enemy has stopped attacking.”

“Are there any injured people. I can still use heal several times more.”

“Most of the people who are badly injured has been carried to the clinic. People around here should still be fine.”

“What actually happened?”

“The monsters were quite calm at first. Suddenly, they make an aerial attack as well from ground. The attack from sky is especially hard to fend off because it was from Wyvern and some other monsters. It really took us hard time to repel it.”

So, it was that bad…

“Sergeant dono is amazing! He managed to deal massive blow in the battle just now!”

Sati explained while making an exaggerated hand gestures.

Mu. I also want to see first-hand the real capabilities of Sergeant dono.

“Elizabeth sama magic spell is also amazing!”

“Fufun. It’s easy for me to do that thing. If you really want to see my real capabilities, then bring me a dragon!”

You sure don’t look like it though, sitting there leisurely while recovering MP.

But I’m still glad. There’s Sergeant – dono here to help. Even Elizabeth is here.

“Um, I can still use bow. You know, while I’m recovering my power.”

“It’s enough for you to heal us. If you as a healing mage got injured, then who is going to treat us then? It’s not like I don’t understand your feeling, but you belong to the clinic. After you’re done here, please go back.”

I just want some experience point, but now that Sergeant – dono has said that, I can only comply. It’s enough that I managed to ascertain everyone safety.

When I tried to get back, Sati stopped me.

“Masaru – sama. Please give me some arrows.”

“Alright. I can see that your quiver is nearly empty too.”

I’ll give her all the arrows from my Item Box for now.

“Half of it is enough. Please give the rest to others.”

“Okay. See you, Sati. Also, be careful Elizabeth. Sergeant dono and Turks san too.”

I’m on my way back to the shrine when I realized that I forgot to check Sati’s menu.

Should I go back…?

This is the time for Sati to grows more independent. I went back while thinking that.

There is quite a distance between the 2nd wall and the fortress. It’s convenient if we can setup a first aid camp near the wall, but there’s a risk of being attacked by monsters. Not only that, they actually managed to breakthrough once too…

After wearing my priest cloth and the mask, I went to see the current state inside the shrine. The hall seems to have settled down quite a bit. Then I asked Danilo – dono.

“Is there anything that I can help with?”

“No, Jingu sama work is done. Please leave the rest to us.”

I already loss most of my magical power by using Extra Heal earlier, but it’s fine since there’s nothing in the shrine right now. I’ll rest for now, at least until I’m able to use heal again.

I don’t feel like going back to my room yet, so I want to observe around here. I went to the corner and activate Stealth.

A soldier that is receiving treatment over there is missing one hand. I wonder whether he was eaten by Wyvern. I wonder if it’s possible to cure Olba foot? It will cost me 20P to learn recovery magic level 5.


Can I just secretly go to the fortress wall and earn some experience points? This mean that I’m breaking my promise with Sergeant dono…but in this situation, it’s okay, right?

I was sent here by god and given abilities. Some of the ability was given to Sati as well.

What if I used this as an excuse? Even in the story of hero, when he receives certain blessings from the goddess, he is not allowed to flee or escape, and he must fight every day until he win.

No I can’t do this. As expected, it is bad for me to break my promise.

I respect Sergeant dono from the bottom of my heart, and I trust him. But should I let my feelings interfere with my judgement right now? I don’t know. I just know that this world will be destroyed after 20 years.

2 months has passed since I come here. There is no need to rush thing yet.

Fuck. How dare she sent me to this world, that freaking Hitogami…

My mood turns worsen the more I stayed here.

That’s right. Why don’t I see how Kongo Squad is doing?

I need to tell them that I had met Elizabeth.

I went back to my room. I take off my priest cloth and equipped my sword. I always wear my casual shirt inside so there’s no need for me to change. But this is quite irritating. Is there any easier way for me to change my appearance? I’m capable of magic, so maybe I’ll try learning transformation magic next.

I went to inform Danilo dono first that I’m going to visit Kongo Squad before I exit the shrine. When I arrived at the Order place, the same person come out and greet me.

“Aa, Masaru sama. Have you found master?”

“Yea, thanks to you. Some of them are injured but overall they are fine.”

“I’m glad. If you’re free Captain Tessian would like to meet you sometimes.”

“I’m helping at the shrines clinic right now. This dormitory is also within the shrine area, so I will come whenever I’m free.”

“Then if you come again, please let me know.”

I take the alcohol from my Item Box and gave it to the people of the Order. Although they are still under treatment, most of the injuries are already healed, so some alcohol won’t hurt.

“Sorry to trouble you. Since the supply has stopped, the price of alcohol has gone sky high. There is no way for us to import it here right now too.”

I’m glad that this cheap sake is something new to them.

“That’s right. How about we enjoy it together. I’m currently free right now, just staying here. And I’ve been told to not exercise too.”

Should I accept the offer? It’s not like I can do anything while I’m waiting for my MP to recover. Besides, I have not been drinking for a while now.

As I entered inside I was introduced to another four guys.

I sit down on the sofa. Everyone offer the prayer to the gods and hit their glasses. I brought out some food from my Item Box. A lunchbox and skewered rabbit meat. I get this from the stall nearby before.

First, I need to be thankful to them for saving me from those harpies. I have never give my thanks properly before.

They said before that it’s not unnecessary because they’re just doing their job. But I’m sure that they are risking their life too. I still shuddered thinking what will happen if they didn’t come in time that day.

“It’s God will that Masaru sama was saved that day.”

“We only head there because we saw the fire pillar that Masaru sama had released. We could see it clearly even from the town. I’m envious that you’re capable of both fire magic and recovery magic. If we can use recovery magic, then there’s no need for us to get stuck inside here.”

“If that’s the case, why don’t the knight squad trains their magic more?”

“No, it’s better for us to sharpened our swords and bows skills instead.”

“If we’re training in both arts, then we won’t get enough time to sleep.”

“Plus, it’ll interfere with our normal job…”

While we’re having the talk, the topic steered to what happened in Pioneering village. I listened quietly while they’re talking about it.

“At first I thought it was just some boring mission. We’re just helping with the construction of the fort before we got the warning from the adventurers. Before that, everyone is talking about how easy is this task, and the adventurers are providing us meat everyday too.”

“The first message simply stated that a group of monster appeared. They appeared quite far from the fortress and can’t be detected by magic yet. Not long after they went to scout Gorbas Fortress. Moreover, they only move in a squad. Although we’re thinking to dispatch, we can see that some adventurers have not returned yet so we didn’t leave the Pioneering village. So, I sent a messenger to Gorbas Fortress to ask what’s going on.

“But we should have gone there at that time. We only get to know it later.”

“Nobody knows that the scouting corps are just part of the larger forces.

“Afterwards we receive some reports form the returning adventurers. It’s only now that we decided to dispatch because their forces are much larger than expected.”

“The raid began while we’re are preparing to dispatch. We left the adventurers at the back and start taking the charges head on. At that time, there’s no doubt that we can win. There are lots of high level adventurers around, even the army and we are here. It was just a group of Orcs at that time, so it is easy. In fact, the attack at Pioneering village was easily repelled.”

“On the way to the fort, we tried to avoid battle as best as we can. Thanks to that, we managed to reduce the number of unnecessary battle. However, we encountered the main forces of the enemy near the fortress.”

“It was then when the mess began.”

“There are about half of us who managed to take refugee inside the fort after all those battles.”

“I’m glad that half of us still survive. We’re against two Ground Dragon at that time. If the dragons are serious, we would’ve been gone. Luckily the dragons are occupied with destroying the first wall and the second wall. I heard about it when I was being carried to the clinic.”

“The survivor when back and joined the defence, but many of them lose their life after the intense attack. I saw the dragon attack with my own eyes, and I can say that it’s my worst nightmare ever…”

They couldn’t stop the dragons rush with their arrow and magic on time, so the first wall is easily gone. They did manage to defeat one of it in between the first wall and the second wall, but the second dragon went ahead and bust the second wall in the meantime.

After that, the monsters took the opportunity to get inside while they are slaying the dragon. Because of that many of the soldiers were forced into a continuous battle and many lives were lost.

Then is it us who arrived after that?

“Was this attacked triggered by the construction of the Pioneering village?”

“There’s no attack at this scale within this 10 years. Maybe something is triggering it.”

“That’s it. We are just unprepared because it has been 10 years before this attack happen.”

“So, what should we do about the construction of the Pioneering village now?”

“It should be hard to continue it right now…”

“The situation up there is still bad…”

I began thinking after hearing their story.

A massive invasion from the demon. This seems to have happened every few years since long ago. The demons from the other side used to cross the border and cause havoc. In the past, lots of countries were destroyed by them.

“Only few days more. We should be patient while waiting for the Imperial army to come. They should be gathering strength now at the border.”

We have an alliance with the empire. If the situation becomes uncontrollable, the Imperial Army will immediately cross the border and support this fortress.

“We really are in a bad spot right now…”

One of the man in the Order then said, as if he knows it from the bottom of his heart.

“ーーIt’s only a matter of time before this fort fall.”

The Imperial Knights will always put the kingdom safety as their top priority. As for this place and Siory town, they hold not much value compared to the kingdom.

We talked no more, and drink silently.




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