Vol 3 Chapter 3


Chapter 3 ~ The Shrine of Various Gods

My magical power almost depleted by the time I finished doing treatment at 7.

I’m soo tired. I want to get to bed fast. Overdoing the treatment is bad after all.

I was guided back to my room by the priest. I can see Sati has been sitting for a while now. She looks at me, and smile a little.

The room was spacious and there is also a big bed. It is a luxurious room with fine decorations and furniture for two persons. It looks like a hotel suite room, or even a VIP room.

“Um, I don’t need this kind of luxurious room, I’m using it to sleep just all. It’s fine for me to even sleep inside my tent, at your garden or somewhere else…”

“No way! We have prepared the best room for Masaru – dono. Please do not hesitate to use it. We have also prepared the hot water for bath, and the meal will come shortly after.”

After that, Danilo – dono slowly excused himself from our room.

Even when I was in Japan, I have never stayed in such a place like this. Even the room services. I then fall onto the bed. Yeah, it’s fluffy and feels good.

“Thank you for your hard work, Masaru – sama.”

Sati comes over and says.

“Is Sati not tired?”

“Yes, I’m still fine. I thought about calling Masaru – sama before, but you look busy with your treatment.”

I get up from bed, and hugged Sati. I stroked Sati’s hair and her ears, but the feeling is reduced because I’m still wearing my armour. Even though it’s bold, Sati get me off my armour. It makes me happy to see her taking care of it carefully.

Sometimes, there is also a moment where you are not tired even after depleting your magical power. There was nothing that I can do when we’re still travelling on the horse carriage, but now…

The door was knocked right at that time. Why must be now!

I change clothes in a hurry and have Sati greet them. The meals seem have been brought here.

Danilo – dono and a female priest are the one who are serving the meals. Somehow the female priest uniform here looks more beautiful. After she finished serving us, she said something like “I’m your fan. I’m rooting for you! Please give your best.” Just before she went out. What fan…

I ask the remaining Danilo – dono.

“Hey, what does she means by current fans…”

“That’s right. Aren’t the healing mages less known than adventurers and soldiers? So, what will you called to someone who make this healing industry famous, by aliasing himself as a travelling masked priest? A hero. It was just like an appearance of a hero. Well lots of people keep asking about this guy identity and that’s how we respond to it. Somehow the story itself gained lots of attention.”

Are you serious…

“Ano. What do you mean by lot of attention?”

“Perhaps the important figure at the central shrine already knows about you.”

While we are conversing, I also noticed there is a shark fin soup included in the meal. I’ve been healing lots of people today, moribund person, persons full of holes, just name it. Everything was done within half a day. After that, I didn’t even wait to give my name, or even to receive thank you before I fled the scene.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to even cure a moribund person, and the amount of injured person in the hall will increase soon too. It’s not like I’m doing this stuff for rewards, so then I just walked home, dried out.

I’m fortunate that my name was not found out. Once again, I give my thanks to the Priests who keep their mouth tightly shut.

“Ano! Ano! Please seriously keep the matter of me a secret! Really, like seriously!”

“I’ve got it. Don’t you worry. Your identity is safe with me.”

After saying that, Danilo – dono went out.

“For now, do you want to eat first…”


The meal consists of lots of fancy stuff and quite delicious. There are also lots of it, enough for Sati and me to eat our heart out.

Even though the bath is smaller than our room, it’s still feel quite luxurious. The bathtub is also quite big, seeing that it can contain both Sati and me without making us feel cramped.

I soaked myself as always, and let the water warm my body.

It’s early in the morning, when the sun is not out yet, that Sergeant – dono comes and take my Sati.

After I saw her off, I continue sleeping. I’m tired from lack of sleep. Besides, I’m in such a nice room right now. It’s not long that I get anxious that Sati isn’t around and I finally woke up.

I want to follow her. I wonder if I can go out and get away somewhere.

Un, let’s go after the treatment even when my magical power has run dry today.

Dawn arrive, I went into the hospital and I can already see the treatment already started. I wonder who got injured last night. I tell Danilo – dono.

“I’ll change into the priest cloth and start the treatment.”

Right now, I’m wearing my casual wear. Just to be safe, I always bring my sword along. Nobody will think I’m a healing mage just by looking at me.

“No, didn’t Masaru – dono been treating until late yesterday. Your magical power has not been recovered fully, yet right?”

I guess my MP still has about half more.

“Besides, Bishop – sama has something to talk with you, so how about we meet him after breakfast.”

Is a bishop superior to the priest? Well that’s the feeling that I’ve got.


I still haven’t recovered all my magical power too, so it can’t be helped.

“I will guide you to Bishop – sama later, so please relax in the room until then.”

I wonder if I should go looking for Sati. Or maybe I can just go back to the room and read some book.

“I’ll just go back in my room and wait.”

It was when I was reading a book in my room that Danilo – dono came with an elderly person. There is also a food cart brought along with them.

“Masaru – dono, this is the Bishop – sama, Blanco.”

“Nice to meet you, Masaru. I have heard the story. I’m sorry that I didn’t come over and say hello yesterday. I’m already collapsed because I’ve been used too much magical power. You see, I have not much magical power already by this age.”

Yea, I can understand that. Bishop Blanco – sama.

“Nice to meet you too, Bishop – sama.”

“Now, now. Let’s eat our breakfast first. It’s not good to talk with an empty stomach.”

The table is surrounded by three people. The meal that we have is nothing special. Recently, it has always been Sati and me alone. I wonder if Sati is fine…

“So, how it’s going, your journey as a masked priest?”

As expected even this person knows about it.

Somehow this has become too troublesome.

“Well you see. I’m originally a fire attribute mage. Only after that I visited a nearby shrine to let me learn recovery magic.”

“I see. So, you used to be a fire mage. You’re quite versatile.”

“So to be able to learn and use recovery magic as soon as possible, I gathered people to treat as a practice. Because I have lot of magical power in reserve, I always end up treating all the patients in the clinic.”

“I see, I see.”

“After that, people keep coming and coming. The shrine hall started to get full. I actually hate to stand out…and that’s where the mask and priest cloth some.”

それから治療のときの話も詳しく再現する。尾ひれがついたままの話を信じていられるのは嫌だからね。(I have no idea L)

“So, it’s not like I’m actually a devoted shrine priest who are in journey to treat people. I’m sorry. I just decided to do those stuffs out of my own convenience.”

“No, no, that’s fine. What you have done has really give our shrine good name. I’m the one that should feel thankful to you.”

“As I said, I did it as part of the training for my healing magic.”

“How about you truly becoming a priest. With my approval, you can become one right away. “

Am I getting scouted again. All these priests sure have the same thought. It’s not like I have faith. Isn’t it better for me to join as Templar Knight.

“Thank you for your offer, but I really think that adventurers suit me more.”

“You can still continue to become an adventurer. For your information, there are lots of our priest who works as an adventurer right now. It’s not like you are bounded to the shrine just because you have become an adventurer.”

Even if I’m allowed to become an adventurer, there is just no advantages. Even now I can simply enter the shrine whenever I want to.

“Do you know the role of this shrine to our Gods?”

“To pray to God?”

“That is just one part of it. Of course, the faith towards our Gods from around the Razgarde World is important. But one of its main function is to develop and made survival in this world possible.”

Right now, I’m in a place called Razgarde World. I heard about this place for first time when I’m applying for the job.

I thought that this world God used this name to make it easier for me.

In the first place, when I first saw the job, even I think that there is no such thing.

It feels like years since I last went to Hello Work. Actually, not even two months has passed. It can be lonely sometimes when I remembered Japan, and I wondered what will happen from now on.

“When Gods created this world, They ordered us people of the shrine to overseer this world in shadows as They silently watch from above.”

“In shadows?”

“That’s right. We only watch silently in the shadow. We’re not involved in politics or any secular power. We only help in a form of an Order, as Treatment Centre, and as orphanage. Iya, it’s obvious that we’re doing our job like this. We just help a little bit, though. Even in our shrine, we’re serving various Gods. What Masaru – dono doing right now is also one of the Gods wills.”

Is it really Gods wills? I wonder what is Gods thinking by sending me to this world.

Isn’t it more like a test play(テストプレイ) where the scene is destruction of this world and I’m supposed to save it, plus it’s not like I have a choice too. Moreover, I will never answer any such expectation in the first place.

But this shrine is quite different from the one in my world. Is it because here has a real Gods. Back in Japan, a religion is always associated with ceremonial occasions or event like Christmas. It’s not like this shrine is that bad though.


And the bishop continues.

“There are many shrines scattered throughout this world. I’m sure there are lots of benefit to be associated with our shrine.”

It’s the same as what Tessian – san from the Order said.

Un, I have heard about the same thing before. It should be more than last month since I’ve heard about the same thing.

I already knew about it so it kinda become boring to hear it so many times.

“Iya, I’m sorry for talking about this thing for a long time. Let’s continue our conversation next time.”

The story about the shrine is interesting, but I had enough of this talk about solicitation…I wonder if this world is in bad state. Or is the demand for healing mage just that high?

“But that Robert. How dare him not telling me about this. I’ll have a nice long talk the next time I meet him.”

I’m certain that Shinsai – sama back in my town is called Bert – san.

“Do you know Shinsai – sama?”

“The town of Siory has the same parish as here. That Bert guy used to be my subordinate.”

So, he is Shinsai – sama boss. Not someone I should anger anytime soon.

“Well, I’ve been taken care by that Shinsai – sama, plus I’m the one who asked for help, so please don’t scold him.”

“I see. He’s a dutiful guy. I promised I’ll not scold him, if that’s your wish. I’ll not interrogating him either.”

“If I’m not mistaken, I heard that some priests will also tag along with the second team. If they didn’t come today, then they will come tomorrow.”

“Oh. Hey, hey, did you know? When Robert was still here long time ago…”

Just when I was listening to the Bishop – sama interesting story, suddenly the door was opened violently.

“What is it, so noisy.”

I wonder what. We all are in the mood to be talking already.

“Bishop – sama! There are massive people injured! We already tried our best, but us alone are not enough!”

Sati?! My heart is about to pop out. I immediately drink Magi tea and wear the mask and priest cloth which I left on the bed.

“What is the current situation?”

“For now, we still managed to stop the demons at the second wall of the fortress…”

“If necessary call the Templar Knight to help protect the second wall.”

“But their force is already…”

There are many healing mage inside the Order of the Shrine, and most of them are versatile unit that can both battle and support. But they are aa exclusive force to the shrine so their battle prowess is precious. It’s not a good choice to let them participate in the frontline and reduce the shrine battle power.

“There will be neither us nor children if the second wall falls.”

“I understand, Bishop – sama.”

The messenger priest go out.

“Let’s go! I will use Area Heal if there are too many injured people.”

Shit. Is Sati okay?

That’s right, Sergeant – dono! I’m sure she is always with Sergeant – dono. There’s no way anything can happen to her. I won’t accept it if it does.

The shrine hall looks exactly like a pandemonium right now.

There are many people crying and injured. They all grab the priests and plead for treatment. To make it worse, right now, there are more injured people coming than leaving.

Oi. That person over there, he looks like he’s already…I try to avoid my gaze from him.

“Jingu – dono, what should we do now?”

“Eh? A, aa…”

Danilo – dono shocked me from my daydream. I must start treating now.

Fortunately, Sati is not amongst them. She should be safe. It’s okay. Even Sergeant – dono is around to protect her.

I should focus on the disaster in front of me first.

“I’ll start preparing for Area Heal. Please gather all the injured nearby me.”


I check my MP. I already recovered a lot by sleeping overnight yesterday. If it only once, then there is no trouble to even invoked Area Heal at the same scale like yesterday.

I took the Magi tea out of my Item Box and drink it. Urgh, taste as bad as ever. But, I should not be concerned with the taste right now. I should focus on treating first.

New injured people keep on being brought in.

“We’ll begin the treatment soon! Please wait for a while! The treatment will start shortly!”

One of the priest announce so. Danilo – dono comes to me soon after.

“Jingu – dono, we are all set. Please.”

Start chanting【Area heal】ーーー

It is somewhat very hard to focus my mind due to the horrible sight in front of me. That’s not good. I need to concentrate. More!

Casting complete. Activate!

The hall is wrapped with light for a moment, after that all the noises stopped.

I overused my magical power. I’m now on the floor, nearly fainted.

“Hey, you okay?”

Danilo – dono anxiously supported me. Other priests also start gathering around me.

“Yea, I still have some magical power left. Let’s continue with the treatment.”

I have about 10% MP left. It’s okay if I only normal Heal next.

It’s not like I can only use Area Heal. If it’s only minor injury, then it can be completely recovered. Even if it’s a major injury, then they can be recovered to the point they can move a bit. My normal heal should be as powerful as Mid Heal.

もっとも込める魔力増やせばリ アにエクストフヒールかけられるだろっけど、満タン状態でもMPがもになかもしれな。(wait, what?)

“Please leave the remaining to us and rest.”


Many new patient coming in while we’re talking.

“Currently, there are only two people who can use Area Heal, Bishop – sama and Jingu – dono. Thanks to Jingu – dono, our works have lessened a lot. Please leave it to us now.”

Certainly, Area Heal is more efficient than casting Heal separately.

“Thank you so much. Danilo – dono.”

The priests each went to give treatment. I guess I’ll just heed the advice and stay obediently over here.

Besides, I am concerned about the situation at the wall. I’d like to go check out how Sati is doing.

“I’m returning to my room.”

I went back to my room. There, I changed my priest cloth to adventurer outfit. For now, I only have a little bit of magical power left. I should not waste any time.

Hang on, Sati. I will go now so please wait!




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