Vol 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ~ The Mysterious Masked Priest

I saw that Sergeant – dono is already waiting when I returned to the guild. I join him and we both get a table at the corner of the hall.

“As I’ve said before, I want you to help treating people at the shrine.”

“Um, I would like to join the defence forces instead.”

I want to gain experience point.

If I have recovery magic level 5, then maybe it will be strong enough to cure Olba’s foot.

“There is not enough Heal user in the shrine. Didn’t you just saw it?”

“Yes sir…”

There’s no way I can argue back if you said it like that. I know that the shrine is full of injured people. Well, if I can finish my work there faster then I might get to return to defence line.

“One more thing. I’m going to borrow Sati.”


“That’s right. If we have a good archer like her then it would be easier to fight defensive battle.”

To leave Sati and let her face the enemy alone?

I look at Sati. She gazed back to me.

“Of course, if you as her master give me the permission first.”

I decided…. well it’s not good even if she follows me doing the treatment. She will just idle around at best.

“Ano…isn’t it still dangerous…”

“Of course it is dangerous. However, the situation right now is still controllable. That’s why we need to gather whatever strength we have to strike.”

Come to think of it, Elizabeth looks really bad just now. I’m sure she had depleted her magical power.

“I’ll keep Sati with you. But I’ll have her escape if the situation turned to the worst.”

If Sergeant – dono with her…then will it be fine? No, I am still worried.

“Today both of you go to the clinic. It was said that the demons don’t attacked at night. I’ll let you think first, but make sure give me the answer tomorrow morning.”

“Understood, Sergeant – dono.”

We bid Sergeant – dono farewell, then we walk to the shrine.

“Masaru – sama, I’ll like to go.”


“For all this time, I’ve been told on how useless I’m, about how I’m just a waste of space. I’m happy if I can be of some use to someone else. I’m happy to be able to serve Masaru – sama.”

In this world, people treat slaves as possessions, just like other items. But I am a Japanese. There is no way I’ll have that kind of mindset. I can’t afford to tie Sati together with me forever. Sati need to grow stronger. She can’t use magic, so she need to be physically stronger than me and others. If Sati’s determined to go and fight, then I better respected her will.

“That’s why, that’s why…”

“Alright, but make sure you stick together with Sergeant – dono.”


“If you’re in danger or get hurt then make sure to flee immediately.”


“Make sure to come back and report to me every day.”


“After that…please don’t die. You want to stay with me, forever right?”

“Absolutely, Masaru – sama! Both of us will be forever together!”

I saw the one who guide me last time when I come back to the shrine, then I called him.

“Oya, aren’t you the guys from last time. Is there any other thing that I can help you with?”

“Yea. I’ve been dispatched by the adventurer guild to help as a Healing mage, call me Masaru.”

“Oh, we are saved! As you can see, there are so many patients to treat, but our magical power is already at the limit.”

He might seem bright and cheerful from the outside, but if you see carefully, there is a bag under his eyes.

“Time is wasted. Let’s get to treatment right away.”

“Um. How about me…”

“Satie will take part in defence tomorrow morning, right? You should rest for now.”

Sati also wants to help. Un. I really think that she should not join tomorrow morning.

“If that’s the case will you help me? It would be great if you can prepare drinks and meal for the already healed people.”

“If that is the case, then Sati, think about tomorrow and make sure to save your strength.”


I went after Sati who went to help other the other priest and overlook the shrine’s hall again. Many people are lying on the hall floor, and doesn’t seem to be able to move because of severe injuries. I had handled larger amounts of patients before back in Siory town, but this time they are critically injured. The hall is filled with moans and stench of bloods. Even though people are steadily being treated, there are lots more injured people coming each time. This way the treatment will take way much time.

They will never finish it if they keep treating people one by one. Area heal, I have never used it, but should I try it?

“Well, should I ask these guys to gather around here first?”

“No need, I will use Area Heal.”

“That high art!? Can you really use it?”

The shrine priests started making a ruckus when they heard that I can use Area Heal.

“They are large in numbers. Isn’t it better to use Area Heal?”

“Ju, just give me a moment please. I will gather the patients from other places as well.”

As I wait quietly, soldiers and adventurers start gathering around.

Some are being supported, but most of them are walking on their own. But if they can walk by themselves, then it can be said that their injury is light compared to the people at the hall, who have grave injuries.

Wait a sec…aren’t that too much people? Large number of peoples are gathering in the hall. Looks like even the shrine priest thinks so.

“Um, I’ve still got some more, is it okay?”

“Let’s just try it anyway … if it’s not good, then I will do it separately.”

Should I have said that this is my first time trying it? I feel uneasy.

“Actually…please don’t be angry if it doesn’t work because this is my first time attempting it.”

As expected it’s hard to guarantee the Area Heal because it’s my first try.

“Err, sure. I won’t mind it because even I’m not familiar with this magic.”

The shrine priest understands my uneasiness.

The hall of the shrine is awfully full with people now. There is no people paying attention over here. Let’s get over it now.

We are in the range. The concentration…well I should concentrate more since there are lots of people with bad injuries right now.

Start chanting【Area heal】—

Urgh, as expected the chanting time is long. Besides, it seems like there are circle shining under my body…

Several people seemed to notice this. Faster, faster.

ーーThe chant was completed. Activate!

The whole place is wrapped with light for a moment. It seems like it would be a success.

Oh, the one who was badly injured in the corner has also got up. It seems that it is working.

“I’m cured…” “What is…” “Priest – sama healing magic?” “The injuries are gone!”

I’m already hiding behind priest – san.

I tried not to show casting gestures too much. I also start swinging the sword to looks like an adventurer. They wouldn’t even think that the magic was done by people nearby me.

“Severe injuries are completely cured…What is this powerful sorcery…”

Priest – san told me after carefully observing the hall.

“Um, it will be kinda troublesome so please don’t tell others about this okay. Just please act like usual.”

“”Uh … *cough**cough* … Oh … That’s right! Your miraculous wounds have been healed by the miracles of God! We have God’s protection. Now, those who are cured should rest and fight again. That is the God’s will.”

“Oh!” “A miracle!” “God protect us…” “I’ll fight! Now I can fight again!” “Jingu – sama! Jingu – sama!” “Oh God!” “Thank you. Thank you.”

Everyone is giving their attention to priest – san.

I also want to join in, Jingu – sama is amazing! I sent him a look.

I’m sorry for acting conspicuous like Angela. Besides, I’m not disguised with the priest robe and mask like last time.

Should I try it another time?

“Erm, it somehow looked like the healing ended up being done by me, and it somehow feels like I stole your achievements…….”.

He muttered with a low voice.

“No, no, no it’s okay. I hate to stand out anyway. If I let it to get to me then I will lose focus and my magic will get affected. Please stay as you are, me!”

“Yes. But are you really sure about this…”

“I feel a bit tired right now. Can you give me a break?”

Is it because I used a great magic? I still have a little bit of MP left though. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been travelling for two days inside a horse carriage. I didn’t have any good sleep also.

“Ah!! I didn’t notice it. This way please.”

I look at Sati, then wondered what is she doing.

For the time being, I’ll just let Sati alone. I followed priest – san to the room.

I’ll drink some tea. Magi tea, that is.

Un, yummy.

“Anyway, that is some wonderful and powerful Healing magic just now. Even at the Great Shrine there aren’t much people who can use that.”

So, there are some people capable of it…I hope those people can come here.

“Here is a danger zone. It sure will be more difficult to go to Kingdom compared to this…”

That’s right. I also didn’t want to go there without Elizabeth.

“I’ll get better with some rest. Then let’s continue with the treatment.”

“I’ll feel a lot better once I drank some coffee”

“Is it fine? To keep using that kind of magic…”

“Well, I still have some magical power left. More importantly, can you please lend me a priest clothes? The cloth I’m wearing now is kinda…”

It will be safer for me to wear priest cloth rather than appearance of adventurer with sword.

“That’s right too. Feel free to use mine then. It looks like we have same size.”

“Thank you. Um do you also have a mask? I used to hide my face beneath a mask back when I’m doing treatment at Siory town.”

“I see. So that guy is Masaru – sama! There was a rumour! We heard that he is a travelling priest and nobody knows his real identity!”

“Uwaa, this is bad. It wasn’t supposed to be like that.

But the people from the shrine will keep this as a secret, right?

“Um, excuse me. Please keep it confidential. I told you earlier, but I don’t like to stand out.”

“Of course, nobody will know the real identity of a priest who travel and treat for free of charge. He is no Roman. No, no I get it! I’ll never tell anybody else!”

I’m depending on you…

I received the priest white robe. After thinking for a while, I decided to wear it on top of my own armour. This fort is a battlefield. It’s better if everyone is ready to fight at any time.

“It suits you well, please accept it”

“Is it alright?”

“Yes. I’m honoured that Masaru – sama is using it!”

“Um, thank you for this cloth.  I’m younger than you so it’s okay to just call me Masaru.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll call you Masaru – dono.”

“Yea. That’s good enough.”

My name is Danilo. Please call me Danilo.

“So, Danilo – san right.”

“Just Danilo.”

“Okay, Danilo – dono.”

“I’m used to your disposition now.”

So, I was given a mask. It’s the type which hide only the upper part of your face.

“Hey, why does the shrine always keep some sort of mask around?”

Even at this shrine they got keep one. I wonder if there are many people with such hobbies.

“It’s for the ritual purposes. The mask is to represent the God self.”

I see. It’s just the same as the Noh mask used by Japanese priest. I wore the mask and Priest hat.

*nod**nod* “It suit you. A priest who the identity is kept secret! This is nice. I’d love to do it, too.”

Danilo – dono give an excited look.

This fort, it looks like it will fall anytime soon, right? Doesn’t this person care…Even the situation at the shrine hall looks bad.

“I’m sorry. With Masaru – dono here I think we will get better. That’s why I’m getting overexcited. I’m ashamed of myself, we’re even in an unstable state of situation…. Let go, I’ll show you the way to the treatment room. This way.”

Says Danilo – dono ashamed. He looks less excited.

The treatment room has similar structure. Danilo – dono is getting me ready for treatment. I’m taking care of people with grave injuries while others are taken care by the other priest.

It seems like the other Healing mage are giving their all too after seeing me cured the people at the hall. But, there are still many injured people coming in without stopping. Right now, a battle is still taking place at the fortress wall.  The person I’m treating tell me the reality of the situation outside right now.

I collected information about the frontline while healing the soldiers and the adventurer. The enemies seem consisted of normal mob such as Goblins, Trolls, Harpies, Ogre, Lizard’s men and Orcs as their vanguard. There are also some types that I haven’t heard before.

Why is there lots of types mixed together? Has anyone heard about this before? We discuss about this together.

Isn’t it because he is a normal soldier so he never heard about it? Or perhaps that this is normal?

Anyway, he told that our frontline is forced to fight a very hard battle.

Many lives were lost in the first battle, and the first wall had fell to the enemy’s hand. They managed to breach the second wall before, and I don’t know when it will happen again. I will never forgive those who had breached the second wall and still loitering around. Furthermore, their eyes can’t see during night so both side will be resting, and the battle will resume in the morning.

There are many enemies. Too many of them.

Even when we are attacking with arrow and magics, the number doesn’t seem to be decreasing. Instead, our mage magical energy is drained out. Our archer’s quivers are getting emptier too.  So, the monsters are trying to get through the wall by using a ladder and towering, but our arrows and magic managed to hit some of the flying harpies and wyvern, causing them to fall to ground enemies. But I’ll never abandon this place.

There is a vast city after the fortress wall. If the fortress wall fall then we will get overrun(蹂躙). The arrival of reinforcement adventurers is good, but our situation is still bad.

It will be few days before the arrival of reinforcements from the kingdom. We must try to preserve before that.

I should be looking weird with this mask on, but the patients don’t look particularly care.

They must have been used to it, seeing that the shrine priest always wear it during the festivals and rituals. This will prevent me from being exposed to adventurers and soldiers. I can feel that Sati has been conspicuous, that’s why I try to avoid her attention here and now. I don’t want to stand out any more than this.

But, whenever I treat from person to person, I can see some priest – san faces are glittering. Sometimes, they will speak a few words here and there. There’s nothing special though in their conversation.

How’s it going? What is his name?

In addition, whispering things such as “That is …” “The traveling priest was true …” “Superior healing art …” can be heard.

“Um, Danilo – dono. About this travelling priest identity, you keep it silent, didn’t you?”



“N, no you get it wrong! I swear I didn’t said anything! Just that, when they saw your mask and your great healing magic, they start making speculations. From here is close to Siory town after all. Because of that I’m unable to keep it a secret but I’d try to make it sound vaguely…”

“…You spilled the bean, aren’t you?”

“I have not said that! But even if I keep silent, people will still be asking and I can’t really deny it either, so…”

I see. It’s not like I can blame Danilo – dono for this.

“Well, can you try to keep it within here only? I wouldn’t want it to spread till Siory town.”

“I got it. I’ll just do exactly that!”

After I said that I can see he start treating the patient with cheerful face.

There’s no way I can keep it a secret if it was found out by the soldiers or the adventurers, but this time it is just the shrine priests. I wonder if it’s still a good thing though.

Anyways, I managed to shut the mouth of the responsible one, so I’m a bit relieved. I stop worrying and continue my treatment. This is not a situation to think about this sort of thing after all.

After a while, Danilo – dono comes and meet me.

“I’ve stopped it. Right now, this news won’t leak outside.”

Eh? Outside?

“You see. It’s very hard to contain this information from spreading outside…. but I promised that nobody will know that it is Masaru – sama.”

That is still acceptable. I’ll stand out anyways if I keep treating with this mask on. Are there any ways to make me less conspicuous?

Can I just wear a box, and start treating people?

No, no that can’t do. I might get famous again as a strange priest who treats people while wearing a box.

I wonder if I can change the way to wear a mask. You know, something like transformation, that can usually be seen in fiction story.

“The travelling priest, a mysterious person who will never abandoned people in need but ask for no rewards either. Nobody knows his identity, just know that he will continuing his journey while saving lives.”

Oi, wait a moment. You, why are you the one doing the explanation?

“Just like what I usually said.”

“You see, I’m just your average healing mage. I never travelled, usually I’m just dispatched by the guild to do odd jobs, and I do get rewarded properly.”

“This again. I rarely see healing magic this powerful. Besides, who has the virtue of hiding their face and hiding their identity, not seeking any wealth or fame? Masaru – dono really is a wonderful person after all!”

“You don’t want to give out your name either, right?”

“Aa, do that also. Priest – san.”

Something is wrong.

I thought that I managed to not stand out. But somehow, I think I’ve become more conspicuous instead. I hope the people here will keep their mouth tight…




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