Vol 3 Chapter 1

Many thanks to Prinny for helping me with the editing.

Chapter 1 ~ End of Dawn’s Battle Axe

A considerable number of Orcs wandered in front of the fortress, blocking the way. They are still far from the fortress walls but show no sign of approaching us either. Perhaps they felt threatened to be within the reach of our arrows.

I got off the stopped carriage. It seemed impossible to break through to the castle if we do not first dispatch the Orcs. The Orcs noticed us and gave a war cry. Then they started coming towards us while swinging their weapons.

I felt that there are quite a few of them. No, there really are tons of them! If we are not careful, then they might get 2 or 3 of the adventurers. I guess this can be kind of scary. I knocked an arrow to my bow and started shooting the Orcs. Once I entered within range, I started preparing my magic.

By the looks of it, the fortress seems to have noticed the movements of the monsters. I can see the fortress gate start to open and then tons of soldiers start coming out.

“We are also here!”


After the instructors raise a yell that would by no means be inferior compared to the Orcs’, the adventurers and I start charging towards the group of Orcs without slowing. My magic incantation has finished, but if I shoot it now then it will likely cause friendly fire.

By my reckoning, I determined the area where not many adventurers were fighting and I went there instead. I don’t have the courage to go straight into the group of Orcs after all and I rather guard from on the perimeter.

Adventurers and the group of demons start clashing. Then, the soldiers from the fortress rushed in, causing the battle to become more intense. Violent sounds came from the clashing of swords and the Orcs’ clubs. I also managed to defeat a few that were easy to target with my magic.

But the battle ended quickly.

The Orcs were being overwhelmed by our numbers and their formation started collapsing. I thought we would be in a difficult spot but the adventurers are simply too strong. The assault was a success and apparently, that’s the only thing I remember of the fight. I’m glad that I did not charge alongside the larger group….

“Aren’t they strong?”

“We have a lot of strong members and a larger team, that number of Orc is nothing to us.” explained Sergeant – dono who was waiting alongside me. Definitely, it was easy for the reinforcement team to break through. The annihilation was a success because our team members were excellent.

“Sati, are you really okay?”I ask as I saw her coming towards me.

“Yes, I managed to defeat lots of them.”

I take a look at Sati’s menu; she managed to level up one level. I also managed to level up once. After that, I raise Magical Power to level 3 and increase MP Recovery Power to level 3. All my points are gone now. As for Sati, I raised her Physical Strength to 3 and it consumed 5P.

Masaru level 12 skill 0 point

Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2
Presence Detection level 4 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Physical Reinforcement level 2 Shield level 3 Evade level 3
Martial Art level 1 Archer level 3 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Magical Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 3 MP Recovery level 3 Common Magic
Life Magic Recovery Magic level 4 Fire Magic level 4
Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3 Earth Magic level 3

Sati level 14 skill 1 point

Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 2 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Physical Reinforcement level 3 Evasion level 3 Shield level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Archery level 5

By the time I finished configuring skill points for both of us, the battle had completely ended. The adventurers who charged ahead of us walked towards the fortress while some of us went in with the carriages.

Gorbas Fortress is more like a fortified city than your usual fort.

Inside the fortress wall we can see the landscape of an ordinary town. However, since it is a base for defense and the use of magic, there are many institutions for safety and the military; quite a different atmosphere from Siory town.

We adventurers were guided to plazas that were considered to be training grounds within such military facilities.

“Hear me; it’s about two hours to sunset and I want the enemies around the fort to be exterminated as much as possible before the sun goes down!” Sergeant – dono declared to the adventurers that were getting off the carriage.

“Ooooh” the adventurers replied with loud voices.

The second team will arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We must ensure that no danger is present at that time. Simple units are assembled.

I was called by Sergeant – dono when I tried to sneak away with Sati.

“You are here. First we have to unload the supply goods.” is what he said.

I was carrying the goods that I had transported within my item box. Together with Sergeant – dono and Sati, we were guided by soldiers and were led to a collection area for supplies. I take out supplies at the designated place and it easily turned into a mountain.

“All this by yourself…”

” Aaah, he is our secret guy. Do not scout him.”

“I got it, Sergeant – dono. But isn’t it better to use Transfer if you are good at space magic? ”

“Unfortunately, I can’t.” (Masaru)

“Really…It will be easier to move if the number of Transfer mages increase even by one person. No, I’m sorry. Thank you for bringing us supplies. This really will help to decrease our workload.”

“Um, excuse me! Can you please tell me what happened inside the Starting village?” (Masaru)

“”It was destroyed.”


“Ma, Masaru – sama!”

I was supported by Sati as my feet suddenly becomes unsteady. My knees are trembling and I am shocked by the news.

“Among the people who were in Starting village, do you know the whereabouts of a party called Dawn’s Battleaxe?”

“…I heard that nearly half of those in the Starting Village are dead. Those who survived must still be fighting against those monsters. I do not know the exact details. Anyways, it’s been total chaos for several days already.”

Oh right, the Templar Knights! Those people should be fine if the strong Templar Knights are with them!

“Don’t you know where the Templar Knights are?!”

“The Templar Knights should be at their shrine. The location is…. Well, let me guide you there. I know where the shrine is located. It’s close to the guild.”

Saying that Sergeant – dono started moving.

“I intended to go to the shrine originally. There you also can take charge of treating the wounded.”

“Yes sir.”

So I answer, yet my mind is still in disarray.

Elizabeth, Elizabeth. Please be safe…

“However, if Dawn’s Battleaxe is in the Guild, you might be able to get to them. So, what will you do?”

Well, that is also true.

“Let’s go to the shrine. After that I’ll go to the Guild.”

“All right.”

Sergeant – dono and I increase our pace to the shrine. As for me, I can’t wait to get there any longer.

Soon we arrived at the shrine.

Just as I remember, the location of the shrine is the same as how it is in Siory town. It is located near the Fortress gate on the Demon World side.

The shrine hall is full of injured people and seems to be functioning as the waiting room of a clinic.

Sorry, I want to heal you guys but my first priority is Elizabeth’s whereabouts…

I heard the voice of a man who looked like the priest of the shrine treating the injured.

“Excuse me. Are you from the Kongo’s (Vajra?) squadron?”

“If you are then you should go and protect the gate you know.”

Oh shit. I was found out.

“But some people who are injured are still okay.”

“Hey can I see them?!”

“Forgive my rudeness, you are….”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Masaru, an adventurer from Siory town. People from Kongo’s squad helped to save my life before.”

I debated whether to give him the name of the head priest of the squad, but he said not to tell others about him, and this person doesn’t necessarily need to know. That’s why I am vague with the this priest.

“If that so, then let me guide you.”

We quickly left the shrine and went into another building.

“This is the dwelling place of the Order of the Shrine. Please wait a moment.”

Apart from the resident Knights, it seems that there are dedicated dormitories assigned to the Kongo squad. I was asked to wait at the entrance for a moment, then someone came out.

“Aa, I remember you Masaru – dono. Thank you for the wild rabbit meat last time.”

It seems that someone from the squad remembers me. I don’t remember him at all though. Because there are one hundred of them.

“Yes; so, I heard that Starting Village was destroyed.”

The man’s expression clouds over.

“It was a terrible fight. I managed to escape from the Starting Village but I met a large group of enemies just before I managed to enter the fort….”

“Hey, do you anything about Dawn’s Battleaxe party?”

“Well, certainly there was a master. Dawn’s Battleaxe should have escaped together. It’s just that the situation at the time was too chaotic so I can’t say for sure… If it’s the captain, then he may know something though.”

“Is that so. Was Kongo squad okay?”

“We’ve been reduced to half strength.”

“That is….”

I became speechless. No words are coming from my mouth anymore….

“It’s okay. I don’t mind. They all died honorably. We are prepared to die.”

The Kongo squad which easily repelled the Harpy attack; half of them had fallen. This really is a very fierce battle.

“Excuse me. I’m worried about Dawn’s Battleaxe members so I’m going to find them. I will come again. Really, I hope my teacher is safe.”

“Should I go and find Captain Tessian – dono?”

“No, I’m not sure where I currently am and the Guild is right ahead. Let’s go to the Guild, Sergeant – dono.”


I follow Sergeant – dono. The Guild is a short distance from the shrine, also close to the wall facing the Demon World.

A person who seemed to be a good worker greeted me when I entered the Guild. All the guild personnel were also armed with weapons. Most of the staff here are former security guards. They will fight as soon as they finish preparing, won’t they?

“Oh, instructor Vaucort. Thanks for stopping by. Are the adventurers still fighting around the fortress?”

“Yeah. Seems like you are having it rough over here too. But be calm; tomorrow new reinforcements should be coming.” (Sergeant)

“Thank god! We can’t hold out any longer…”

“You see, I am looking for a party called Dawn’s Battle Axe.” (Masaru)

“Wait a moment.”

The staff member started asking around then came back to me.

“Dawn’s Battleaxe is in the guild dormitory next-door. They are on the 2nd floor, fourth and fifth room. The fourth room is for a man.”

I was saved because Sergeant – dono was here. If it was me alone then it would have been hard to find them. Normally I wouldn’t get to experience this back where I lived.

“I still have some more work to do. Masaru, you can come back here after you meet them.”

“Yes, Sergeant – dono.”

I dashed outside and quickly found the dormitory. I found the two-story building; its right here!

It seems that the door is not locked, so I open the door without permission and look inside. Inside is a living room and I can see many staff members wandering around. The stairs are…over there!

Although the adventurers are giving me weird looks, I do not care. Elizabeth!!

I skip the stairs by one step and go up.

Fifth room, fifth room. Found it.

My heart is beating so fast right now.

*Gachan* The door opened and Nania – sans face appeared. I can see clearly that she has been crying.

Immediately, my heart started to beat faster and my pulse jumped. Don’t tell me something happened to Elizabeth….

“Masaru – dono…”

“O, oy…Elizabeth…”

Nania – san let me and Sati through the room, then immediately started crying again.

Behind Nania – san who struggles to hold back her tears, we can see Elizabeth lying on the bed.

She is still wearing her usual black robe. Her hands were folded together and lay on top of her stomach.

Her face is blue.

It is as if she is already dead.

Oi. Oi?

You’re kidding…

“Na, Nania – san, this is……”

My voice trembled.

“Eri, she……always wanted to see you Masaru – dono…….”

I come nearer to Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth…….” (Masaru)

“Elizabeth – sama?” (Sati)

I muttered in a very low voice enough to startle Sati who was next to me who then grasped my hand tightly.

I am afraid to confirm it. When I looked back at Nania – san, I can see she is weeping on the chair.

“My……it is all my fault…”

She is muttering with loud tears, putting her face on the desk. Was I too late?

Damn! I should had come here immediately by Transfer when I first heard the news!!

I should had quickly master the space magic so that I could pick her up at any time!!


With wobbly feet, I started climbing onto Elizabeth’s bed. My face is full of tears till I’m unable to see in front.



“What, why are you so noisy? Oh, isn’t it Masaru. Sati too. You guys came here after all.”

Elizabeth said while she sat up. As she does so, she cracks a huge yawn.

I’m stunned.

Huh? Dead? Huh? What are you saying now?

“Nania, are you crying again? Don’t worry too much, Olba will surely forgive you.”

“A, a, that won’t do Eri. You should still be sleeping because you used too much magic.” (Nania)

Used too much magic?

“My worries have it basis. That thick man. Masaru, do you have any Magi tea? ”

“I, I have some but…”

I take it out of the Item Box and hand it over.

Elizabeth gulped down the concentrated Magi Tea.

“This is good. This thing is as effective as ever.”

Elizabeth seemed to be doing fine. Because I also drank the concentrated Magi tea my complexion is getting better and better.

… Anyway, I am relieved.

“Hey, what actually happened to Nania…”

I can see her crying loudly.

“It happened during our withdrawal. Olba protected Nania and his leg got cut.”

Elizabeth said he was cut from his knees. Wait, Olba legs was cut!?

“You see, she thinks that it’s her fault; that’s why she keeps on crying.”

So you said…but doesn’t Elizabeth want to meet me?

This is confusing, but I won’t get angry.

“What about the others?”

“Only Olba is hurt. Leuven also has a terrible big wound but he should recover after resting for a while.”

“So how is Olba – san’s wound?”

Elizabeth shakes her head.

“Other than his legs, the rest of it is just minor injuries. However, there’s no way he can continue as an adventurer.”

“This…this is my fault. *sniff*” Nania – san fell on top of the desk and started crying again.

“There, there, Nania. It’s going to be alright. Olba has forgiven you, right? The guy whom Nania loves is not narrow-minded after all.”

Elizabeth is comforting Nania gently.


Elizabeth appealed to us, asking us to leave. So we went out to the hallway.

For now, it’s good that Elizabeth is safe. I’m seriously glad. Really, really glad.

This is bad for the heart.

Suddenly, I felt Sati holding my hands, watching me.

“I’m glad that Elizabeth is safe, really glad.”

“Me too.”

I stood outside for a while then decided to enter the next room. I want to know about Olba – san’s condition.

After knocking on the door, a member of Dawn’s Battleaxe, Takusu – san, came out.

Takusu – san’s a scout for Dawn’s Battleaxe. I do not know much about him though because we haven’t had much chance to talk before.

“Masaru, isn’t it? Please go ahead.”

On the beds, both Olba – san and Leuven – san are resting.

“Oh, if it isn’t Masaru! So, the reinforcements from Siory town have arrived.” Olba – san said as he sat up on the bed. He had bandages all over his body, but he looks fine. Leuven – san can only turn his head, so he must not be able to get up yet.

“Yeah, I came with the first team. Right now, the others are cleaning up around the fort.”

“Is that so. There should be less monsters left now.”

“Hey, about the wound…”

“I can’t walk yet, but overall I’m fine. I managed to get treated because I got there early when the Healer still had lots of magical energy. I was saved. The hospital wasn’t full either. Elizabeth can’t afford to spend any more of her magical power to protect the wall, too.”

Then Leuven – san asked me to come beside him.

“I’m sorry Masaru…*cough*. But I will not fall easily with just this kind of injury.”

Try not coughing and said that again, will ya.

No, no, no, please do not push yourself! Just get back to sleep. You are coughing pretty bad, aren’t you?

You have lots of bandages too! You are seriously injured! Like critically injured! Now! I will cure it right now!

?Extra Heal?!!

“Oh, my arm is good as new now. Thanks, Masaru.” Leuven – san got up and said thank you.

“Don’t be. Next is Olba – san.”

He showed me his leg.

His right leg is completely cut off from the knees. His leg is bandaged and doesn’t looks like it is bleeding, but I’m sure it still hurts.

Angela said that if it is completely cut off then it can’t be healed anymore. But will not it get better with extra heal?

I start chanting?Extra Heal?— Activate.

“Thank you, the wound has healed. However, my legs will not heal. That’s all there is to it.”

“Let’s do it again.”

I will double my Magic power this time. Invoke ?Extra Heal?!! But…

“One more time.”

“It’s enough, Masaru. It’s enough. Don’t waste your magical power. When it is like this, even other people won’t be able to heal it anymore.”


“What, there is nothing wrong as it is. I already earned enough money and I’m already planned to retire and do my work on the farm. It will be nice if Nania can comes along. It is a pity that I couldn’t be ranked A, but I’m good as long I’m still alive. If I can get a prosthetic leg then I can walk again.”

“What about Dawn’s Battleaxe? What about Elizabeth?”

“That’s right…Leuven or Turks. Any of you want to be a leader?”

“No, I will go back to the village with Olba.” says Turks, as he refused the leader role.

“You always want to follow me, don’t you?” (Olba)

“Well, I was always like that even from when we are kids. But our life as adventurers wasn’t that bad. Because of that you never went out with anyone before though.” (Turks)

“How about you Leuven?” (Olba)
“You know. I have always dreamed of being a great wizard. If our party is going to disband then I’ll pursue my magical study.” (Leuven)

“Oh, this is the first time I heard about it.” (Olba)

“Because it is a dream that I told no one. My affinity with magic has been investigated when I was still young but I was told that I wasn’t talented enough. However, seeing Elizabeth made me regain my long-lost passion. I’m going to chase after my dream again.” (Leuven)

“I see. It would be nice if I can become a Great Wizard, too.” (Masaru?)

After talking a little more, Sati and I returned to the Guild but I still want to hear Elizabeth’s voice.

I really wanted to talk with Elizabeth, but she was still comforting Nania – san and I’ve kept Sergeant- dono waiting for a long time now.

Dawn’s Battleaxe is going to be disbanded but seeing that everyone could live and meet again, it doesn’t matter much anyway.

They are still lucky compared to Kongo squad that got reduced to half the original amount…




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    — “Hey, what actually happened to Nania…”
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  4. seregosa says:

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