Vol 3 Prologue


The carriages which are housing all adventurers are running toward the Gorbas Fortress for reinforcement. Sometimes, we passed along the evacuees who escaped from the fortress.  From the information gained by those who has evacuated, for the moment the fort is still safe. However, it will just be for a brief of time because it was said that a great army of demons was flooding in. 最後の転移術師による急報では魔物側に大型のドラゴンが存在したという報告もあった。( Not sure about this sentence, but I think the author is trying to convey a message of a large dragon emerged from 転移 and it was reported by some special art user.) Knowing that, both sergeant and adventurers have uniformly severed expression. Elizabeth is deeper inside the fort, where she is in the starting village of the demon. (so, I checked the meaning of 開拓 = pioneer, which I take it as start). So far there are still no new information regarding the current situation in the starting village.

While the carriage is shaking, I open the menu. I have just a remaining 10 points. I already had it reset last week. I had 2 option for skills. First is fire magic to level 5 is 10 points. Second is MP consumption reduction, or magical power boost, any two of the MP recovery up skills. I will use the remaining 10 points for 1 skill.  少し考えて魔力増強、MP 回復力アップに振った。(he thought for a moment then he chooses the magical power boost as MP recovery up skills, I guess.) I don’t know what type of magic is fire magic level 5. As in now there is just not enough time for me to practice.

Masaru level 11 skill 0 point

Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2
Presence Detection level 4 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Physical Reinforcement level 2 Shield level 3 Evade level 3
Martial Art level 1 Archer level 3 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Magical Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 1 MP 回復力アップレベル1 Common Magic
Life Magic Recovery Magic level 4 Fire Magic level 4
Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3 Earth Magic level 3


The magical power enhancement seems to increase base MP by 50% at level 1. This makes it difficult for MP to run out even in long-term battles. I should consider how to earn experience points now. I was satisfied with this, wrapped myself in a blanket with Sati and closed my eyes. I did not sleep so much, but I have to keep my strength to prepare for the upcoming battle.

The horse-drawn ran through the road to the fort all night. Then the night turn to dawn.



I muttered that the sergeant was weird when we are taking a light breakfast during a small break.

“The evacuating peoples from yesterday who passed by that way were stopped. Something must have happened at the fortress.”

“What something……”

“Either they have fought back the enemy and the fight has ended or it was besieged enough that they are unable to escape.”

Or the fort may have fallen already…

Soon after the carriage advanced, new information was brought in. It was from a group of evacuating people that came from the fortress. Some people were still in good condition when they arrived, but still many people were injured.

“Hey, what happen at the fortress!?”

“It was broken down to the 2nd castle wall… now the monsters are overflowing around the fortress front entrance.”

Fortress Gorbas first wall are bordering with the demon, the second wall separates the first and the fortress, and third are the wall of the fortress itself. It sums as protective defensive wall of three levels. In other words, it means that two of the three defences were already broken.

While we’re listening to the story, some adventurers are treating the people who were injured.

“I do not know anything further. I was desperately pursued by a monster. As for the guy who are late for escape…….”

“Let’s proceed as it is, but first we must scout.”

After consulting with others adventurers, a little, the sergeant decided so.

“Get close to see clearer and observe the situation.”

After that we still pass by people who were fled away. They all are in very bad shape. Sometimes I stop for a while to treat the injured. There is very few new information. Some people were aided by the preceding scouts. There seem to be a few monsters that have flown after a few people, following them.

Later that afternoon, the scout group returned. We are listening together behind the sergeant while the reports are being presented.

“It seems that they succeeded in recapturing the second wall by pushing back the enemies. However, the monsters that broke through have been wandering around, and the fortress side cannot afford to deal with it. By the looks of it, they might want us to do something.”

It seems that adventurers who can use the levitation flew to the inside of the fortress during danger.

“How big is the enemy at the outside?”

“There are a lot of them. If we want to breakthrough alone then for our strength it is easy. Although it is also possible to kill them, I think it will take a lot amount of time.”

“Let’s break through. We can kill them monster once we managed to enter the fortress. Are there any message from the fortress?”

“Oh, they are going to open the gate when we come.”

We go through the forest and enter the prairie. It seems that we will arrive at the fortress soon after passing the prairie. The horse carriage speeds up. At first, we are aiming to defeat the enemy with a bow and magic while moving, but if a large number of monster arrives, we will get off the horse carriage and open the path with close combat.

“I saw it, it’s an Orc!”

Sati reports to us. The Orc seems to be far in front of the carriage, and I cannot see it yet with my eyes. Damn Hawk’s eyes skill, I also want it.

“Can you aim while on the moving carriage?”

Our carriage is moving near the middle of others. It is supposed to be the carriage at the front near the monster that has to dealt with it, but it would be better if we can deal with it even here.

“I do not know but I will try it.”

After a while I saw several Orcs are coming closer to me. Sati holds the bow and releases it. It seemed that one of the Orcs, which seemed to be far and as tiny as rice grain, fell down. Apparently, she seems to have hit it.

Ooo, the cheers are raised from the adventurers. Long shoot from a moving carriage. It is not a distance that would normally be hit. Other instructors also seemed to try and shoot, but they were all miss.

“Good, faster!”

“Yes sir!”

We should leave it to Sati for the left side. I moved to the right side by having adventure substitute my previous position.

The enemy on the right side cannot be seen yet. The leading carriage dropped its pace. Apparently, the enemy is coming from behind. I thought for a while and went to the first carriage. The instructors suddenly jumped into the carriage from behind, which startled me but they eagerly said that it was a wizard and opened the front of the carriage. I get on the side of the adventurers, ready to shoot the bow.

Is it Orc again?

[Girls] Casting – Activate!

I’m drawing arrows and knocked it down to hit the approaching Orc. Even though it is swaying on a carriage, magic sighting skill seems to have no problem. So, for now, I could eliminate all enemies on the track. I will just leave the corpse. It’s a waste but it cannot be helped.

There is no evacuating people since we entered the grassland. Only the demons are coming out. As I proceeded while defeating the monsters that sometimes appeared, I could see the fortress in my view. It seems like I can arrive there safely.




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